Singing Star Smacked Down At The Mall


[CDAN] You know, it has been awhile since I have had a jack*ss blind. Not that most of the people are not jack*sses or have jackholian behavior to get them in here, but this is just a straight up, I am better than you, do you know who I am kind of situation that begs for the additional specificity of calling it a jack*ss blind. Do you like that word jackholian? It is kind of my tribute to Beavis and Butthead. I am Cornholio.

About a week or two ago, this unfortunately B list R&B singer who I wish desperately was a F or even lower was in a city for a concert. Because it was not the largest city, of course our singer thought he was the most important person in the city. Prior to the concert, the singer went to a store in a mall and was throwing merchandise around, making a mess, being loud and obnoxious (every other word from his mouth was an f-bomb). One of the workers in the store was following behind to clean up after the mess but was too intimidated to say anything to him.

So then the manager comes out and asks the singer to stop being so destructive and to relax and for he and his friends to please stop making a mess in the store. He had brought three other guys with him and according to rumor they were probably just not hanging out if you know what I mean. The singer then asked for the manager. Unfortunately for him, the woman he was addressing was the manager and told him. He then said, “Don’t you know who I am?” No, I mean seriously he actually said those words. He then said he could buy out the entire store if he wanted. Here is a quote from the manager in the store which I love. “I was so thrilled when I got to tell him that yes, I knew who he was but didn’t care, and that he needed to stop acting like a disrespectful jerk. I actually laughed when he said “Don’t you know who I am?”

At that point, the singer walked out.


It’s Chris Brown! Source: CDAN

Is anyone really surprised when Chris Brown acts like a jerk? Then again, anyone who uses the “Don’t you know who I am?” line probably fits in that category. Add in the immature destruction of the property of others, and you’ve got a bona fide jackass.

Congrats to Maybemaybenot for being first with the correct answer!

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56 comments to Singing Star Smacked Down At The Mall

  • maybeormaybenot

    Chris Brown

    • akajenb
      just glad the manager of the store wasn’t intimidated.

      • seashore

        Well. It seems she and head office were sufficiently intimdated not to release the cctv footage to the media and / or press charges for criminal damage..

  • grovegirl

    Sounds like Chris Brown to me!

  • cocobeannns

    Sounds like Brown.

  • malkatz

    Drake? The (poorly-written) blind hints that the singer has gay rumors following him, and I don’t think I’ve heard any for Chris Brown.

  • amagod121

    Chris Brown, and LOL to the manager! /9Wish she could also give the same response to Ms. Lohan.)

  • amagod121

    PS: What’s the interpretation of this line: He had brought three other guys with him and according to rumor they were probably just not hanging out if you know what I mean.

    Is that employing that they were there to do each other later? Or were there to help steal? I’m clueless on the innuendo here, please help!

    • malkatz

      The singer is rumored to fool around with other men.

      • amagod121

        Thank you! I guess I’m getting old, as I don’t always get the innuendos anymore.

        Also, I’d have paid good money to have seen the singer’s face when the manager answered him! Worthy of a realty show – the manager who stops tantrums.

  • ZuzuBee

    Chris Brown! I think “Smacked Down” is a reference to his incident with Rihanna.

  • Marina

    Except Chris Brown is A-list.

    • roxxx

      Chris Brown A-list is the funniest thing I have heard all day!!!

      • torontostaar

        Sorry to break it to ya..even though it pains me..Chris Brown is far…faaaaaaar from B list, despite his ahem “incident” he still sells out stadiums and has legions of loony fans, I would say this person is Trey songs..and let’s be honest.. The way Chris B attracts bad press, you think the manager wouldn’t out him? The media loves putting him on blast for his antics on twitter, the GMA chair throwing…I doubt they’d let him off if this was him

      • Miss Chernobyl 2011

        Ok I just found out that Trey Songz had a concert in the Monroeville Convention Center. It’s a small city outside of Pittsburgh and there are two malls right near the convention center. I’ll go with him too.

      • Miss Chernobyl 2011

        Forgot to mention the concert was a little over a week ago.

      • Miss Chernobyl 2011

        I agree with Marina and torontostaar…it wouldn’t be a stretch to call him an A-list star. While I think “unfortunately B” could fit someone’s idea of Chris Brown’s status, I think torontostaar is right…this probably would have made news if this were him. I’m not familiar with R&B stars cuz I don’t listen to that kind of music but that’s why I think that CB is A list..cuz I’ve heard of him and see his face…ALOT.

    • MzHall414

      He is A-list in the Pop/R&B world… unless BG made a mistake? this is not Chris Brown. He is on tour right now, however???

      The arrogance sounds more like Trey Songz? The Dream? or Ray-J? though.

  • bestofme11

    I want to say Chris Brown, but I’m going to go with Trey Songz. There have been a lot of people that have come out say that he is on the downlow. Plus there have been some complaints about his ego getting big becuase he has worked with some other artists and has some of songs crossed over to the pop charts. And my second guess would be Tyrese.

  • Smokey

    Kanye or Lil Wayne were my 1st thoughts but Chris Brown makes perfect sense!

    • luvprue1

      Lil Wayne is not consider a R&B singer, he is consider a rapper, so it not about him. I know there has been rumors about Kanye West,and he use to be A list, but might have slip down to B list since he recent incident.

  • bigtexashair

    Ray j… Totally sounds like him

  • Syd Wishes

    Yeah, looks like Chris Brown had a concert in Raleigh, NC on Oct. 1st.

    ~Are you threatening me?~

  • ClueMeIn

    Ugh. Sounds like Chris Brown, but I have never heard of “those type” of rumors about him. Not sure..

  • rayodeplata

    If it’s Chris Brown, I’m thinking that “F list” is a clue for “felony”?

  • DesertGhost

    Chris Brown. (Wasn’t there a Twitter going around where he claimed he trashed the store AFTER the manager “talked trash” to him?

  • pj77777


  • Arcadia

    Out of curiosity I checked his tour dates with Jay Z (I don’t think it’s him):

    9/27/11 East Rutherford, N.J., Izod Center

    9/28/11 East Rutherford, N.J. Izod Center

    9/29/11 Washington, Verizon Center

  • stolidog

    John Mayer

  • fourofme

    Chris brown. I just replayed the interview of him on gma to remind myself just what a *pleasant* guy he can be.

  • stanton


  • amloba

    Chris Brown was in the Towson Town Center in Towson, MD last week on Tuesday .. I wish I was a fly on the wall in that store!

  • lindseyann

    Definitely Chris Brown.

  • Katmandu

    I don’t know R&B singers but must just comment here that the only thing BETTER in response to “don’t you know who I am???” would be to say: “no, who are you?” and after hearing their name, to say “I never heard of you. Knock it off or I’m calling security.”

    • CoCoJo

      I love this game! What do we all wish we could have said?

      Me: Do you think you are special? Do you think God (they are all God freaks) or your mother would appreciate this kind of behaviour? Next time you want to claim to be a humble, down-to-earth guy who remembers his roots, remember how you behaved in this store today (pointing to the mess). Now pick up after yourself.

      And as he walks away: The only thing special about you is your big, f-ing ego.

      Of course, I would then get beat up, but that would only back up my POV!

  • BackinStOlaf

    Does this hat have any sense at all? I think I just answered my own question. Everything that is negative happening to him is because he’s a nasty to people. If he learned how to treat people (especially woman), these bad things and bad publicity would probably stop.

  • bojuma

    I dunno….I think maybe Kanye fits this better than Chris Brown.

  • FornitSomeFornus

    The “R&B” thing is killing me too, because I would love to say The Game. He played in Manhattan, KS, this week (known as “the Little Apple”). The thing about “Cornholio” makes me think it’s somewhere very midwestern US, too. But if the blind would distinguish between R&B and rap, then it’s probably not him.

  • KWDragon

    This part is strangely worded: “asks the singer to stop being so destructive and to relax and for he and his friends to please stop making a mess in the store.” That “to relax” feels so random as to be a clue. I don’t listen to CB or TS. Does this ring a bell for anyone?

    • GingerNaps

      Really good point. I also wonder if someone named Jack is involved, with all the jack*ss references.

  • sweeeeet

    this sounds really familiar, like I’d heard news about it recently on the Hollywood Sleaze Report on one of the morning radio shows. Wish I could remember who it was…… like Will.i.a.m or 50 Cent….definitely wasn’t Chris Brown