Actor’s Manuscript Details His Wild Life

[CDAN] This is one of my favorite blind items in awhile. Anyway, there is a manuscript that is floating around town that was written by a former almost A lister. I mean he was close. Starred in a set of franchise films but after those went by the wayside he has pretty much stayed with television. Been on two very big hit shows in the last few years, but probably just a B- lister and that is only because so many people would know our actor’s name when you here [sic] it. In the manuscript our actor writes about how he and this almost A list television actress on a very hit network show who was a B lister back in the day when this happened, used massive amounts of c*caine and through c*caine is how he got our actress into some very k*nky sex. Our actor was into watching our actress with other men. He wrote about how she did not want to do this but he used drugs and manipulation to get her to do this. He admits that he was not in his right mind while using and is regretful about his behavior back then and was very controlling of her but he didn’t have a problem recounting the details in this manuscript.

Once our actor had a male acquaintance come over to our actor’s New York apartment. They were c*ked up. Our actress came home and was upset with our actor about something he was supposed to do but he didn’t. He couldn’t recount what she was upset about. He talked our actress into sitting down with them and to snort some c*caine and calm down. Our actress was still mad at our actor and began flirting heavily with he friend. Our actor wrote that after a little while he looked up and our actress and the friend were kissing in front of him. The friend began kissing her neck while our actress stared at our actor. Both of them were turned on. Our actor describes that he watched in silence as our actress orally serviced the friend while she was still staring at our actor. The friend finished and left and our actor began yelling at our actress. Huge argument that led to sex on the floor of his apartment. That was the first of many stories of the two in the one section of the book where he talks about their life together. There are others including several arguments our actor had with our actress and the makeup sex they would have. Very detailed. Infidelities on both of their parts and how our actor made our actress describe exactly what she did sexually with other men while they were high. Very intense sexual relationship that led to an engagement but fizzled when our actress wanted a different lifestyle. Pretty crazy chapter. The only good one in the whole manuscript.

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136 comments to Actor’s Manuscript Details His Wild Life

  • raslebol

    Jeff Goldblum and Kristin Davis?
    Michael Keaton and Courtney Cox?
    Dominic Monaghan and Evangeline Lily?

  • melmac

    It can’t be Michael J Fox?

    • Summer70

      Yes, it can and probably is. I am thinking Nancy MkKeon from Facts of Life as the girlfriend. Alledgedly MJ Fox was a major coke head back in the day. He led his hard partying lifestyle under the radar. Remember when Justin Timblerlake admitted to doing coke but he said he would do it at friends homes etc.. Fox the same thing.

      • amagod121

        Am I nuts or have I read recently that doing lots of coke can increase your chances of getting Parksinson’s? Hmmmmmm…never thought of MJF this way before but maybe these pieces all do fit.
        PS: Nope, I’m not nuts. Just googled it and there is a link between cocaine use and developing Parkinson’s. Interesting “coincidence” perhaps with MJF.

      • amagod121

        Am I nuts or have I read recently that doing lots of coke can increase your chances of getting Parksinson’s? Hmmmmmm…never thought of MJF this way before but maybe these pieces all do fit.

        Clue: “here” (sic) –
        1980 Here’s Boomer


        PS: Nope, I’m not nuts. Just Googled it and there is a link between cocaine use and Parkinson’s. Interesting “coincidence” perhaps with MJF.

    • LolaVee

      Absolutely not. You can argue whether or not he was ever capable of this kind of behavior, but he is wayyyy too much of a family man and class act to reveal the details of it now. I’ve read both of his autobiographies, and he’s quick to insult himself, but he wouldn’t give this info about somebody else. No way. Plus, I’m thinking the female in question is much more famous than Nancy McKeon.

  • Mipippin

    courtney cox and david arquette?

  • shelaur22

    Ted Danson? He was in those 3 Men and a Baby/Little Lady films as well as Cheers. Could be “almost A List” back in the day. Has he been on tv lately? The network actress? No clue.

    • KatarinaJ

      Ted did DAMAGES for a season or more and he is on BORED TO DEATH on premium cable right now.

    • Munchkin

      Back in the Cheers days Ted was A list.

    • SouthJerseyGirl

      Ted Danson just started on CSI this season.

      • MzHall414

        True! He just started on CSI and was A-list during “Cheers”. I like this guess.

      • Dana5570

        Ted Danson is more than B- right now I would say. Also, he was married for many years, had that little crazy blip with Whoppi Goldberg, but then has been married to Mary S. for a long time now. I don’t remember ever hearing him date any actresses from network shows.

  • meggiep

    Charlie Sheen and ???

    • auntmidgee

      Wouldn’t it be awesome if the gal was Gwyneth? The clues don’t even come close to supporting that but the thought makes me giggle delightfully.

    • lyrelove

      Sheen certainly matches the actor… Franchise being Major League, star of 2 hit TV shows- 2 1/2 Men & Spin City… He was briefly engaged to Kelly Preston (who could be A List by her marraige to John Travolta)… But really not sure on the woman.

  • kmddje

    I love the Ted Dansen guess but he is not a NYer. This must be a NY based celeb.

  • kmddje

    Michael Keaton and Courtney Cox? He did Batman but I am not sure if any TV since then. They were a NY based couple.

    • kmddje

      Not Michael Keaton. I just looked him up. He only did a guest appearance on 30 Rock.

      • boomboompow

        Actually, he was on Fraiser. I’m going with Michael Keeton and Courteney.

      • lindseyann

        He was on Fraiser for one episode.

        Besides, the blind does say: “Been on two very big hit shows in the last few years.” The only TV Keaton’s done in the last few years has been 30 Rock, which was this year.

  • KatarinaJ

    Any of these ringing any bells with anyone?

    The only one I know who fits the bill somewhat is Michael Chiklis? FANTASTIC FOUR movies and did THE COMMISH, THE SHIELD and his new super hero family series, but Michael was more known for TV than films on the whole and has been happily married a long time.

  • amapola

    Rob Lowe, he did The Austin Powers movies and he has done a lot of TV since then.

    Laurence Fishburn was in the Matrix trilogy and he has done a lot of TV since then, but I don’t know who the actress could be.

    No idea who the woman could be.

    • wastedmondo

      Rob Lowe definitely fits this one…. He was in a bunch of movies within the last 10 years and was on the West Wing, Brothers & Sisters, Parks & Recreation, Californication etc…..

      But the woman he dated?

      Also… Rob Lowe already wrote a book. It’s called “Storied I Only Tell My Friends.” So unless this is an older blind and this story just didn’t make it into the book, it’s not him.

      • gypjet

        No, Rob Lowe does not fit any of this blind. He has been married forever, just released a book about his life, and he is a good dad and a good husband.

    • KatarinaJ

      Lowe could be it. Also did WAYNE’S WORLD so if set meets two different franchises rather than 2 actual franchise movies only, it would also work. PARKS & REC, WEST WING, BROTHERS & SISTERS so many shows like a guest stint several ep arc on CALIFORNICATION. And he was known for heavy recreational drug use in the 90s til he sobered up. Can’t figure the girlfriend for the life of me though. He was with Melissa Gilbert, Princess Stephanie, Nastassia Kinski….lots of high profile women that don’t fit this bill.

    • dee123

      Yep. Agree Rob Lowe was the 1st name that came to mind about halfway though reading it.

    • Outlineboy

      Nah… hasn’t he been married for a really long time now?

      Plus he hasn’t starred in a set of franchise films. He really doesn’t fit any of this.

      • KatarinaJ

        Franchise films were listed. AUSTIN POWERS & WAYNE’S WORLD. In fact those were what sorta brought him back to life, although they constitute cameos more than starring roles.

        And he has also been accused of cheating over and over in the press.

  • UncleEntity

    I don’t see where it says they are NY based. It just says that that particular incident happened at the actor’s NY apt. Doesn’t mean that’s where they’re based.

  • KatarinaJ

    Patrick Dempsey did appear in TRANSFORMERS and SCREAM 3, so could those count as a set of franchises. Still, only see him in GA and having done guests on PRIVATE PRACTICE and THE PRACTICE recently.

    • LolaVee

      Patrick Dempsey actually became more famous on televison than he ever was on film, and I don’t know who the female would be…

  • kangaroov

    I’m going Michael J Fox and Nancy McKeon.
    Him in Back to the Future movies, her on Facts of Life.

    ‘Back in the day’ makes me feel like it’s a while ago, and it might be a reference to ‘Back to the Future’…

    Don’t have a clue on the other actor.

    • KatarinaJ

      But says woman is a hit actress NOW on a VERY HIT NETWORK series.

      • kangaroov


      • AKM75

        It actually doesn’t say “now.” It reads:

        “this almost A list television actress on a very hit network show who was a B lister back in the day when this happened”

        That COULD mean that she was on a very hit network show, say, ten years ago, but that they were together and she was a B-lister “back in the day,” which could be 15-20 years ago.

        I like the Rob Lowe/Melissa Gilbert guess. She’s already detailed their relationship and substance use in HER book, so I think it fits.

  • PoniTayl

    sounds like Jeff Goldblum stuff…He’s been with Gina Gershon, Laura Dern, Gina Davis and more….sorry for spelling, my cat is trying to lay down on the keyboard

    • FamousPeopleDoStupidThings

      Cute! :)

      I don’t have an educated guess on this one but because this sort of news is celebrated, the manuscript will probably be published at one point and unlike most blinds, this one will be revealed.

    • apple martini

      I also agree that it sounds like Goldblum, with the first two Jurassic Park films being the franchise films and L&O: CI being one of the TV shows.

  • davieexp

    Has that Kermit and Miss Piggy all over it.

  • escape2

    This one is sooooooooooo hard!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Doesn’t fit all the clues exactly but maybe

    Jeff Goldblum (Jurasic Park franchise)and recently on Law and Order &
    Laura Dern – engaged for a few years 95-97.

  • malkatz

    Maaaaajor case of tl;dr. Anyone care to summarize?

  • oh baby

    Charlie Sheen – Major League, Hot Shots, Young Guns.

    The Woman… Heather Locklear!

  • Iocaine

    Was Seth Green engaged to anyone besides his new wife?

  • Junior Mint

    Chris O’Donnell and…?

  • oh baby

    Okay…. How about Charlie Sheen – Young Guns, Hot Shots, Major League


    Kelly Preston!

  • PoniTayl

    Another big clue…..the rambling on & on of the clue….Jeff Goldblum rambles and rambles and rambles….which one his earlier conquests……ramble ramble ramble….the only other rambler (who actually makes sense for rambling is Dennis Leary, and this doesn’t fit him)…ramble ramble Jeff, Jeff, ramble…

  • iheartthisstuff

    Julie Bowen & Davd Spade?? Although I read that she wears a pacemaker, so it’s hard to believe she’d do tons of coke. Everything else seems to fit, right?

  • ashlielnr

    My first thought for male was Laurence Fishburne b/c of the Matrix and then CSI.Maybe b/c of his strong character in Matrix, I always felt he was A list and was surprised when he went to CSI. Doubt he would write this type of manuscript though since he was upset at his daughter for doing x rated stuff. IDK who the female would be either???

  • GingerNaps

    Clearly the “when you here (sic) it” is a clue. I think it points to Rob Lowe, who lost his “hearing” in one ear when he was “sick” with a viral infection as a baby.

    • Camembert

      “Sic” is *not* a clue. It is a literary device to denote that a quoted text has a misspelling or incorrect word.

      • GingerNaps

        Actually I too know the meaning of ‘sic,’ but there is no point in misspelling a word in this Blind, then indicating it’s mispelled using ‘sic,’ other than as a clue. If not a clue, why bother?

      • RedScience

        yes, I think the point is that leaving it in as opposed to correcting it is a clue.

      • boomboompow

        “when you here (sic) it”
        Hear is the correct word for this sentence. CDAN used “here”. BG corrected it with the literary device of sic which is Latin for something but basically means “the previous word or phrase is incorrect but since it’s a quote from another source I’m not changing it.” The use of the word has nothing to do with anyone being sick – as in unwell – or sick – as in “Yo. That movie was dope, yo. It was sick. It be illin’.” (For you young uns, that’s ’80s speak.)
        You’re welcome.
        The Grammar Cop

        PS. It’s not Rob Lowe. Sure, he was in Wayne’s World and Austin Powers, but he fits no other clue. For one thing, he has been on more than just two tv shows – Parks, West Wing, Brothers and Sisters, Lyon’s Den- for another, he’s married to a make up artist. For another, he already his book come out; his manuscript would have been circulated a while back. Also, CDAN gave another clue today; he said all the guesses from yesterday weren’t even close and that the actor in the blind was the star of the franchise. Rob Lowe may think he’s the star or Austin Powers and Wayne’s World, but Mike Myers would disagree.

    • GingerNaps

      Another clue could be their ‘makeup sex.’ Melissa Gilbert peddled Sheer Cover mineral makeup on an infomercial.

    • Stinkweed

      “Sic” was not in the original blind at CDAN. It’s something that BG put in, so that people would understand that s/he didn’t misspell the word when putting the blind onto this space.

      Not a clue.

  • KatarinaJ

    But what show is Melissa Gilbert on now?

    • KWDragon

      Could this also relate to the recent break-up of her marriage? Maybe her husband did not want to be with her when word got out.

      • GingerNaps

        Apparently Rob and Melissa were engaged….except, as Katarina points out, she’s not currently on a hit show (nor anywhere near A list). According to Mr. Google, Lowe also dated Sarah Jessica, but she’s not presently on a hit show either.

      • GingerNaps

        I just remembered that Lowe’s wife is a makeup artist…maybe makeup is another clue pointing to Lowe? But who would the ex-fiancée be?

      • GingerNaps

        This is a longshot, but how about Rob Lowe and Marlee Matlin? She’s on a hit ACB Family Channel show, they dated, she went to rehab for cocaine abuse, one could argue that she’s close to A list (won Academy Award, didn’t she?), clues could be: “he watched in silence” (her deafness, his deafness in one ear), “recount” used twice (she played a pollster on West Wing), “fizzled” (she apparently co-wrote a kids’ show starring Ms Frizzle). Hey, I said it was a longshot!

      • Stinkweed

        Not a bad guess. She’s been very open about the abuse she suffered as a child leading to her drug use and to an abusive relationship with William Hurt. It could fit that she allowed herself to be used in such a way in that pattern of self-abuse.

        At the same time, as open as she’s been, she probably would have spilled the beans about this herself.

      • wykkyd

        Ginger, you are really good at this stuff. You have a talent for ferreting out clues that just go way over my head.

        I think you’re on to something with the Marlee Matlin guess, although, I would be more inclined to believe that it was William Hurt who subjected her to that behavior. Like Stinkweed said, Marlee has been very forthcoming about his abuse, and this might be his way of getting back at her.

        Hurt has done some notable TV work recently even though he still works pretty steadily in film. So, do “The Incredible Hulk” and “Robin Hood” count as franchises?

      • GingerNaps

        wykkyd, that’s v generous of you to say (and I think poking for clues is just an extension of my job of copywriter, where we spend most of our time thinking of how to use words to manipulate people!). I forgot about William Hurt – a very interesting guess. Hurt has certainly dropped down in status, and the name Hurt is if course very memorable. This could be his time to tell his side of the story.

  • KatarinaJ

    But again what very hit network show is she on? Her last tv credit is 2007 on IMDB, a guest star role.
    Okay maybe we can figure it out by VERY hit network female star who was once B back in the day. Work back from there. Jane Krakowski on 30 ROCK and once ALLY MCBEAL?
    Think Gray’s Anatomy, Desperate Housewives, CSI shows? Law & Order SVU, Modern Family (Julie Bowen? Once did ED and now bigger star?) THE Office, Parks & Rec, The Good Wife (JM- did ER way back when but would see her as A list with emmy wins then) Criminal Minds, The Middle, Private Practice.

    Anything ringing any bells now?

  • KatarinaJ

    And HIS two big hit shows don’t differentiate network which brings HBO, Showtime, FX, AMC all that into play. Other hits would be DEXTER, CALIFORNICATION, BOARDWALK EMPIRE, HUNG, MAD MEN, BREAKING BAD….

    SEX AND THE CITY – Chris Noth did L&O and this show AND movie franchise (of which he was in more than 1)

  • KatarinaJ

    Still stumped on network show but THIS
    Article has Melissa Gilbert confessing to sleeping with John Cusack, at the time, LOWE’S BEST FRIEND, to get back at him. Sounds like their relationship was tumultuous. I just don’t think Melissa is A list now and what B list back on LITTLE HOUSE’s height of popularity.?

  • Hampton

    uma thurman and timothy hutton
    uma thurman and ethan hawke
    uma thurman and andre balsaz
    matt dillon and….
    johnny depp and
    leo, toby and the yale glee club

  • seventeen

    Hayden Christensen and Rachel Bilson

  • gmaven

    I feel like this is someone from the 80s: Kiefer Sutherland and Julia Roberts? Robert Downey Jr. and Sarah Jessica Parker?

  • Ameski

    OK… Ted Danson and Whoopie Goldberg?
    They were engaged…
    His franchise was Three Men (as said above), shows were Cheers, Becker (some people watched it), Bored to Death and now CSI.
    She, of course, is now on The View.

    • iammeme

      she was as big a star (or bigger) when they were together and oscar = a-list?

      • KatarinaJ

        I don’t think The View qualifies her as Almost A list, does it?
        And don’t you think back then she would have been HIGHER listed. THEN A B when she has movie franchises, GHOST OSCAR, but NOW an A? Doesn’t seem to fit for me.

    • GingerNaps

      Totes forgot they were ever a couple!

    • Snooglies

      Not buying the Whoopi involvement. Not only does the career history not match, but I find it incredibly hard to imagine a woman as self-possessed as Whoopi stooping to such a level of self-debasement for any man.

      Also, I couldn’t help but laugh at the blind saying, “He talked our actress into sitting down with them and to snort some c*caine and calm down.” Lol, yes, because when I need to chill out, cocaine is the first thing I think of.

  • The Divine Miss N

    I don’t know why but I thought of them too and it would fit. I’m on board with this guess.

  • 718mom

    Random but Dennis Leary and Maura Tierney?

  • 718mom

    Another random one: Grag Kinnear and Amy Poehler?

  • tawse57

    This reads to me like something from the late 70s through 80s so what movie franchises were big back then?

    Star Wars
    Indiana Jones
    Back to the Future
    Mad Max
    Ghostbusters (well, it had a sequel)
    The Conan the Barbarian films
    Gremlins (it had a sequel)
    Evil Dead films
    Nightmare on Elm Street
    Beverly Hills Cops
    Naked Gun
    James Bond
    Terminator began in 1994, sequel in 1990 I think?
    Batman (first film end of 80s)
    Die Hard started in 88

    I think that was it for the big movie franchise. This doesn’t read like a movie franchise from the last 10 years.

  • fourofme

    not sure about her personal past, or who the actor could be, but julianna margulies is on a very hit show right now.

  • forthewin

    First time poster-long time lurker. What about Jamie Kennedy and Jennifer Love Hewitt?

  • tkw1955

    Agree with Ted Danson and Whoppi. The clue that everyone would know his name here(sic), seems to be the theme song from Cheers!

  • 718mom

    But wouldn’t they have written “heer? :)

  • 718mom

    Whoopi was A list back in the day, she had total name recognition

  • pookie

    Just because I could see him doing something like this – David Spade and Julie Bowen.

  • cookiepie1

    There was an update this morning that said nobody had guessed it yet which takes most of the guesses wrong.

    For a minute I thought it might be Andrew McCarthy since he was in the Bernie movies and had done a lot of tv over the last few years and is writing a biography. But he was into drinking and never dated anyone famous.

    • tkw1955

      Cookie, where did you find the update? I love BG. Thanks!

      • cookiepie1

        This was his update from yesterday.

        “I have always said I have the best readers who can figure out every blind item, no matter how obscure the clues. It is uncanny, but invariably someone usually gets it right. Now, granted I do not read all the guesses everyday, but because yesterday was a big head scratcher and had a lot of guesses, I wanted to see how many people got it right. As of about 7:30 this morning which is the last time I looked, no one had got it right and no one had even sniffed it. So here a couple of hints. The manuscript is circulating and has not been published. He was the star of the franchise.”

  • cookiepie1

    that should be, makes most of the guesses wrong. Oops.

  • Simpatico

    Chris O’Donnell. He played Robin in the Batman film and is on that show with LL Cool J…..

  • gigglefluff

    Maybe Bill Shatner and Kirstie Alley, but she may have been more A list in the cheers days.

  • boomboompow

    Peter Wellers (Robocop) and Sela Ward (Sisters, Once and Again, CSI) . Makes sense and the best one I’ve heard yet. He did a few guest turns on 24 and … something else.

  • Junior Mint

    Kyle Maclachlan works really well for the guy. He was engaged to Linda Evangelista, but she does’t quite work, right?

  • richie

    Robert Downey Jr. and Sarah Jessica Parker

  • GingerNaps

    Thanks to Stinkweed and wykkyd, I’m now convinced this is William Hurt, probably with Marlee Matlin…but even possibly with Glenn Close? On top of their reasons listed above, the Blind refers to “floating around town”: his movie “Altered Stated” was about weird flotation devices. It refers to “his wild life” (was in the movie “Into the Wild”), talks about kiss on the neck (“Kiss of the Spiderman” had a neck focus), and it says “he was close” (Glenn Close, his former girlfriend, costar in The Big Chill, and they’ve starred together on Damages). I’m still leaning toward Matlin, though, because of the silence/’here’ references. Stinkweed FTW!

  • tkw1955

    I’m obsessed with this blind! Now I’m leaning towards John Heard (Home Alone franchise); know his name when you hear/here it. I got nothing on the actress (he has a child with Melissa Leo, but it’s not her).

  • Mermaid

    Can’t see this being Rob Lowe & Melissa Gilbert. She’s on record saying they broke up because she got pregnant and he dumped her. So, the end of the relationship wasn’t her choice.

    Also can’t see this being Ted Danson and anyone. Most people who talk of him refer to him as a very nice guy. Truly a good soul. That someone like him had a relationship with Whoopi for so long makes him seem almost saintly, IMO, LOL. Also, I can’t see Ted peddling this kind of smut (if what everyone says about him is true).

    How about I throw this guess out there: Corey Feldman and someone? It’s a stretch to call him B-list but he’s dated some pretty impressive women and I could totally see him being “remorseful” yet have no problems writing about it/talking about it. He was the same way with Corey Haim’s death. He also fits the first part of the blind. Was he ever based in NY?

    If not him, I’m thinking another one of these 80’s stars. Like what about someone from the “brat pack”? From that whole “sixteen candles”, “st. elmo’s fire”, “breakfast club” franchise.

  • Lynne_in_UK

    Okay, I think I have got it, but I wanted to give credit to a poster here, tawse57, who got me thinking of the franchises back in 1980s.

    Okay, I think it is Steve Guttenburg who had two (set of) franchises: ‘Police Academy’ and ‘3 men and a baby’ franchises.

    The actress, I believe, is Kim Cattrall who also started in ‘Police Academy’, and who is definitely ‘A-List’ now, and, who, of course, played Samatha on ‘Sex in the City’.

    My comment on this is that Steve Guttenburg is probably broke/skint and needs the money.

  • tkw1955

    I’m obsessed with this blind! I’m now leaning towards John Heard – he was in 2 of the Home Alone movies (a set), he appeared in Entourage and the Sopranos, many people would know his name if the “hear/here” it. However, I don’t know who the actress would be. I know that he has a son with Melissa Leo, but she’s not on network tv.

  • Hugginkiss

    I still feel like this could be Jeff Goldblum, but I have no idea who the actress would be…

  • laili6

    Maybe it’s John Heard and Mellisa Leo, and the network TV comment is meant to throw it a bit. Leo is almost A list right now due to her award noms and critical acclaim in film… She was on All my Children and the Homicide series’.

  • CurlEgirl

    Trivia:In March 1997, ex-boyfriend John Heard was charged with harassing Melissa Leo via telephone misuse and trespassing. See more trivia »