She Faked At Least One Pregnancy

[BuzzFoto] This older actress who was really popular on film ten years ago, is married with children and living a healthy life. About six years ago things were different. The actress joined a new-age group, got pregnant by the group leader and had a dangerous ab*rtion that almost cost her life. It has prevented her from having children but she was so upset over the incident, she faked at least one of her pregnancies to her extended family. 624

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56 comments to She Faked At Least One Pregnancy

  • anglonoir

    I’m not sure why, but Jamie Lee Curtis came to mind. (Not sure about her work timeline, though.)

    • Megley

      It’s no secret that Jamie Lee’s two kids are adopted.

      • anglonoir

        I know she has adopted kids. I was reading it as someone who had children (birthed or adopted) and then became accidentally pregnant. The wording on the ending of that BI gives me a headache.

    • buttercup

      Jamie Lee Curtis has a genetic issue which prevents her from having children. Not her.

    • Reader

      Not Jaime Lee Curtis – she was born a hermaphrodite. Can’t have kids. Ever

  • Spanx101

    I thought Helen Hunt but i don’t think she’s married.

  • stolidog

    I think this pretty much has to be Nicole Kidman. It was widely speculated that she was faking her first pregnancy and she was open about using a surrogate for her second child…and the dates add up well…she married in 2006.
    Well, whoever it is, I feel badly for them….

  • kitchenangel

    But nicole has reverted to Catholicism since her divorce. Can’t see this as her…..

    • ChristineNYC

      Blind item doesn’t say she’s still with that Spiritual Group, heck I would’ve left after that… I could see this being Nicole.

  • smd1004p

    kelly preston

    • FamousPeopleDoStupidThings

      First thought but David Miscavage doesn’t approve of his cult adherents having children. Nevermind- he’ll do anything for positive publicly.

  • bedeilas

    I still think this is Nicole Kidman. Jamie Lynn Curtis has a condition she was born with that prevents her from having children.

    • bedeilas

      I meant Jamie Lee

    • amagod121

      Was she in a new aged group six years ago? I thought she was with Keith by then. Mind you, I’m not disagreeing with you so much as puzzling through this.

      Whoever it is, what a sad outcome to an attempt at a lifestyle change. :-(

    • dumpsterbaby

      You mean the fact that she’s a hermaphrodite?

    • the great chrysanthemum

      I don’t think Jamie Lee Curtis was born an hermaphrodite (two sets of sex organs) I always thought that she suffers/suffered from a rare hormonal condition (male levels of testosterone) which prevented the normal development of a womb and thus prevents her having children. I don’t think she has hidden the fact though, not over the last few years at least.

  • definitely

    I’m going with Nicole Kidman as well. The phrase “she faked at least one of her pregnancies” stuck out to me. She revealed she had miscarried right around the time of her and tom’s divorce and once early in their marriage. So since those 2 pregnancies didn’t work she could definitely faked it with Sunday roast (typo stays).

  • Oliver Tweets

    This is Nicole Kidman.
    Her sister is said to have carried her first “natural” child. And the second was known to be a surrogate.

    • Munchkin

      Which is utter BS, Antonia was all over TV when she would have been pregnant. The show she was presenting was even about pregnancy.

      • Miss Chernobyl 2011

        I agree with you Munchkin. I have a friend who worked closely with Nicole Kidman at that time and swears the pregnancy with Sunday Rose was real. I can see the miscarriage with Tom Cruise being the faked one though.

    • the great chrysanthemum

      No it was just gossip about the sister, she was frequently seen in Australia, her normal slim self when Nichole was pregnant. Not saying she really was pregnant though, slim as a rake in tight white pants barely two weeks after she was supposed to have given birth not very likely.

  • hazel

    I think Nicole Kidman is a good guess. And yes, this is very, very sad.

    But I’m a little confused. Was her life-threatening ab*rtion the “miscarriage” she had about the time she split from Cruise? Is the new-age group be Scientology? Or was she trying to break out of Scientology through this new-age group?

  • Layale

    This does seem a lot like Nicole K…but only 6 years ago. Hummm. How long ago did she marry Keith Urban? The timing is the only thing that keeps me from saying for sure it’s NK.

  • NeedNoStinkinBadges

    I wonder if this means she didn’t have a monitored, medical ab*rtion that should be relatively safe if performed by qualified medical professionals. Would she have compromised safety because of a need for discretion? Or because of pressure from the group/group leader?

  • Iocaine

    Julia Roberts.

  • SophT

    i agree with the kelly preston guess

  • BitterBlondin

    Is “popular on film ten years ago” a clue? Which films were popular 2001?

    I think Nicole Kidmans “The Others” came out 2001 but she met Keith already in 2005 so can’t be her…

  • Ralphie

    Nicole Kidman isn’t old enough to be considered an older actress, IMO. She’s been pretty candid about pregnancy issues too.

    Has to be someone with little kids if the 2005/06 incident left her infertile…

    Holly Hunter? She’s had some messy issues in her life…but I don’t know if she’s currently married.

  • kangaroov

    Nicole Kidman. Timing fits (isn’t 2005 six years ago? It’s not like a fake marriage needs bonding time…)

    The first pregnancy looked odd in the extreme, though the surrogate couldn’t have been her sister. She was on air on australian tv and has five of her own kids.

    There are odd new age Catholic groups…

  • NiceVixen

    Sharon Stone has adopted all her children, and she is what I would call an older actress.
    She converted to Buddhism, from Scientology, so what that make the Dalia Lama the birthfather of the baby she aborted?
    I don’t think the timeline adds up though…

  • sweeeeet

    Was Nicole Kidman ever a Scientologist? I thought she was always Catholic, and didn’t think she ever joined a new age group.

  • KatarinaJ

    I don’t understand. Cruise and Kidman I think divorced in 2001 which was well over the 6 years ago so how can she be the answer? They divorced 10 years ago so how could she have had an abortion 6 years ago or have been a Scientology member? Unless this is an old blind.

  • KatarinaJ

    PS And if she did pull an ‘implentation of L. Ron Hubbard’s sperm’ as has been conjectured ala Cruise being a fanatic/discussions of Suri, then WHY would she then have an abortion? It sounds to me like someone who had a fling with the new age group leader and ended UP pregnant, doesn’t it?

  • phyllis

    Definitely Kelly Preston with David Miscarriage.

  • AnnieGrey

    I felt Nicole Kidman faked the first pregnancy.

  • dee123

    Not Kidman the clues don’t fit. Right off from the 1st sentence.
    My guess is Carrie-Anne Moss.

  • seashore

    Oh man. Scientology conspiracy overload. Bearding conspiracy overload. How about this. Cruise is a straight nutcase. Rogers, Kidman, Cruz and Holmes all got together with him because he’s an attractive hugely wealthy Hollywood film star. 3 of them left because he’s also a nutcase. Kidman struggled to get pregnant. Holmes did not. My guess for this blind is Julia Roberts.

  • Jane

    Nicole Kidman.

  • CurlEgirl

    Meg Ryan