China Girl Is Being Blackmailed

[CDAN] This actress is A++ list in China. She is actually more popular than the actresses from China who have made it big internationally. This actress wants nothing more than to finally make a movie outside of China, but her manager/controllers do not want to see her go fearing they would lose their gravy train. So, they blackmail her into staying. Several years ago they forced her to perform in a s*x video with them and taped the entire thing. They promise to release it if she ever tries to leave and go out on her own.

这个女演员是在中国A + +的清单。她实际上是比它大国际的女演员来自中国的更受欢迎。这个女演员要多,终于使中国以外的的电影的,但她的经理/控制器不想看到她去担心他们将失去 他们的肉汁列车。因此,他们勒索她住。几年前,他们强迫她来执行在与他们的性爱录像和录音的整个事情。他们承诺将它释放,如果她试图离开,自己出去。

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24 comments to China Girl Is Being Blackmailed

  • shelaur22

    The only one I can think of, Gong Li, has made a movie or two outside of China and has dual citizenship in Singapore as well. But she’s like an Angelina Jolie meets Meryl Streep in China, apparently.

    • raslebol

      she worked in several hollywood movies like MIAMI VICE, HANNIBAL,BLONDE GEISHA….so it’s not her (and in more she had a long affair with Zhang Yimou in 80’s-90’s before her marriage with a chinese business man)

  • Outlineboy

    So is this someone we’ve supposedly heard of here in the States?

    • raslebol

      she’s hugely famous in China and never worked outside China but if you’re interested by international movies,you can know her

  • PoniTayl

    Zhang Ziyi?

    • AriiEcho

      I highly doubt it’s her.. She’s been nominated for a Golden Globe and had quite the success with Memoirs of a Geisha.

  • Katmandu

    I don’t doubt this for a second. During the Olympics the Chinese athletes always look stressed, as if their masters are holding their families hostage. (That is a lovely picture up there, by the way.)

  • Calamity Jane

    Girl, you need to get out anyway. Don’t let them hold you back. America doesn’t care much anymore about “scandals”, in my opinion. My question is, will China itself let her go?

    • Calamity Jane

      of that sort of caliber, I should say.

      • FenPhen

        Honor is paramount in many Asian cultures. The release of a sex tape would bring incredible shame and dishonor upon her family. That is what she cares about – not an American scandal.

        If she were concerned about her career in the states, she’d “accidentally” leak the tape herself. A sex tape would undoubtedly increase her American success, because who the hell cares about shame or honor here? We like scandals.

  • blackcurrant

    Blackmailed girl – Fan Bingbing
    International actress – Zhang Ziyi

  • luvprue1

    They never said that the actress is actual from China, she apparently is more famous than the actress who are from China. So could out actress be from the U.S and made movies in China?

    • pookie

      Then she would know that many careers are launched here by sex videos – Paris and Kim K. The Chinese control their elite performers and atheletes. How sad.

      • amagod121

        But maybe she has family in China and this would shame her in front of them? What an ugly situation. Poor girl.

      • La Llorona

        Uh, slut shaming isn’t something that’s restricted to Asia, we’re definitely guilty of it here in the ol’ US of A too.

  • tienboi

    Yao Chen

    Reason 1: A++ actress. Won 2010’s Golden Eagle Award for Best Actress. Equivalent of winning an Emmy.

    Reason 2: “She is actually more popular than the actresses from China who have made it big internationally. ” She has more followers on twitter than Obama (only 2nd to Gaga and Beiber), thus making her more popular than other Chinese actresses like Gong Li, Cecilia Cheung, Zhang Ziyi, Joan Chen, etc.

    Reason 3: She’s relatively young enough (32) and definitely has enough fans to potentially make it big internationally.

  • I KNOW

    I have no idea who this is, but this isn’t a Chinese person by the wording of the BI. Generally, I guess a South Korean native who’s made it big in China. Korean stars are known for having extremely ruthless and controlling management. Several Korean stars have committed suicide and I believe one said in her suicide note that she was forced to sexually service her management team. So sad.

    • I KNOW

      Ok, re-reading it, it could be a Chinese actress. I hate CDAN’s writing style! Why couldn’t he just say a superstar Chinese actress?

    • oreily85

      That is soo sad :(

      Oh and I have no idea who this is either but feel sorry for her!

  • Outlineboy

    I’m amazed how many people know so much about Chinese cinema! After Bruce Lee and Jackie Chan I’m at a total loss!

  • katgirl476

    Fan Bingbing is a Chinese actress. Here is her wikipedia page. It sounds like she could definitely be to woman in the blind.