China Girl Is Being Blackmailed

[CDAN] This actress is A++ list in China. She is actually more popular than the actresses from China who have made it big internationally. This actress wants nothing more than to finally make a movie outside of China, but her manager/controllers do not want to see her go fearing they would lose their gravy train. So, they blackmail her into staying. Several years ago they forced her to perform in a s*x video with them and taped the entire thing. They promise to release it if she ever tries to leave and go out on her own.

这个女演员是在中国A + +的清单。她实际上是比它大国际的女演员来自中国的更受欢迎。这个女演员要多,终于使中国以外的的电影的,但她的经理/控制器不想看到她去担心他们将失去 他们的肉汁列车。因此,他们勒索她住。几年前,他们强迫她来执行在与他们的性爱录像和录音的整个事情。他们承诺将它释放,如果她试图离开,自己出去。

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