Sponsor Says She’s No Longer Worth It

[PopBitch] Which well-known face could find themselves dropped from a rather lucrative ad campaign if rumours turn out to be true that they turned up to a sponsor’s event dr*nk off their t*ts, and consequently proceeded to offend pretty much everyone there? Perhaps they are no longer worth it.

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  1. alicethegoon says

    Andy McDowell? Who else does those haircolor commercials and says “Because I’m worth it”?

    • anglonoir says

      I was going to say Lindsey Lohan, but with the catch phrase it does make me think Andy McDowell. The nasty attitude and such seems to echo Lindsey, though.

  2. gmaven says

    Recent L’Oreal spokespeople are Jennifer Lopez, Gwen Stefani, Eva Longoria, Beyonce, Penelope Cruz. Truthfully, I can’t see any of these people acting drunk and out of control.

  3. belaine says

    Evangeline Lilly’s still listed as a spokesperson for L’Oreal. Didn’t she have some problems with the drink in the past?

    • MECBCN says

      No way it’s Cheryl Cole. Cheryl has not been in a L’Oreal event since May and she hardly drinks or goes to parties. We have news of all the later events she attended, she didn’t stay for long and she was completely sober in all of them because she did various interviews where she was absolutely fine.

      • MichelleFrom Amsterdam says

        When I see posts like this on here, I can’t help but wonder if it’s a publicist or something like that. I mean, how would you know all that? Or say all that except when to defend someone you know in a certain way?

        And I have no guess for the blind

      • MECBCN says

        No, I’m not a publicist or something like that lol. You just need to follow that person a bit (even if she put an injunction on us a couple of months ago) to know she has rarely been partying at all in the last 3 years.

        Her last event for L’Oreal was 4 months ago at the Cannes Film Festival


        She looks good, and yes, she looks completely sober, she only stayed for 40 minutes and went back to her hotel because she needed to catch an early fly to Chicago the next day.

      • MECBCN says

        And by the way, don’t doubt that if Cheryl goes to a L’Oreal event drunk then it would be splashed all over the tabloids the next day, yesterday she left a party drunk for the first time in months and it’s eveywhere, imagine if she turned drunk to an event from her sponsor.

  4. auntmidgee says

    I’ll throw out Kate Moss since PopB is British. She’s been around for a while – perhaps that’s the reference to “no longer worth it”.

  5. callmedave says

    It’s Cheryl Cole of course – and if she loses the L’Oréal gig will that make her officially unemployed?

  6. ecksor says

    Does the original Popbitch’s headline specify it was a “she”? “Drunk of one’s tits” could pertain to a man too.

    My fantasies of uninhibited and highly offensive Hugh Laurie sure need feeding, you know.

    • sshins says

      I’m with you immediately thought of Hugh. And it struck me that it’s about the only Loreal ad when the we’re/i’m worth it is not used.

  7. WheresMyHalo says

    Evangeline just had a baby 5 months ago, and all the pictures I’ve seen of her preggers and afterwards showed her looking very glowy and healthy (of course you never know).

    Here is a picture of her at a recent press event:

    This is a real puzzle – none of their current spokespersons seem like they would have this problem.

  8. amagod121 says

    Since Cheryl Cole’s desperate to break into Hollywood, I’d be surprised if she did this.

    How about Katie Price – aka Jordan – for this one? Not too well known here but huge in GB. Just broke up with her boytoy and was out partying, so the timeline and lifestyle fits.

    I’d love for it to be Lohan but she hasn’t any lucrative ad campaigns, has she?

  9. amagod121 says

    Hmmmmm…another English person who could fit the answer could be Kerry Katona IF she has any high paying jobs anymore. She seems to struggle with sobriety and partying too hard…and losing gigs as a result.

    • becky12 says

      She was in Big Brother so I’d guess Channel 5 are still paying her, she was on the spin off show last night and didn’t look like a trainwreck

    • next please says

      I like Lindsay for this, perhaps she has already blown her modeling gig for Phillip P?
      She is known to be offensive when drunk and has been on a roll for awhile.
      That is a bottle of Grey Goose in the picture……her favorite……

  10. Creamsoda says

    because im worth it makes me think its someone that endorses Maybelline?! Uhmm not sure who the hot mess is?

  11. ethel skinner says

    “Because we’re worth it” is the L’Oreal tagline, used on all their UK adverts. The only British people I can think of who advertise L’Oreal are Cheryl Cole and Hugh Laurie. I also wondered if Hugh was the answer to the ‘cocktails in the morning’ blind from a week or so ago, which would tie in nicely. Also “drunk off their tits” doesn’t necessarily mean female, it’s just a turn of phrase here. The original popbitch blind doesn’t state ‘she’, that’s just BG’s title

    • seashore says

      Yep…Hugh Laurie. Ties in rather well with the cocktail blind. I’m tempted to ask you how your little Willie is, ethel.

  12. ChristineNYC says

    What about Kim Delaney from Army Wives? I don’t know what she would be the rep of… Only thing I could find was Ultima II and that was years ago, not sure if she still is…