Her Ex Just Bought Her A Mansion


[CDAN] I guess this actress is a B list by name recognition, but if we are going by acting talent it would be a Z. OK, maybe that is an exaggeration. How about an S. Anyway, she also does some other things that make her some money, and she is probably more well known for them than her acting. Our actress recently bought a huge mansion with a really large price tag. Living large right? Well, it turns out that our actress got most of the money for the purchase from an A list ex. He is guaranteeing the loan and also put up most of the down payment. The ex was thrilled that she bought a place so close to his. I think he is expecting way more than for her to repay him the money.


It’s Jennifer Lopez, whose new mansion was financed by Sean Combs P Diddy Puff Daddy! Source: CDAN

FYI, Jennifer Lopez’s new house is 14,000 square feet and cost $18 million. It is located in the Water Mill area of The Hamptons, not far from Diddy’s estate.

Why would Jennifer, who has plenty of money, want or need Diddy to finance her house? Is it some kind of legal/financial maneuver to separate this asset from those that she’ll be splitting with Marc Anthony in the divorce? And what will she now owe Diddy… besides money?

Congratulations to Andromeda, who had the first completely correct guess!

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