Actress Tells Interviewer To F Off


[BlindGossip] This actress on an acclaimed television show had a pre-Emmy photo shoot and interview scheduled with a magazine last week. In general, when a journalist conducts an interview for a magazine, it’s a puff piece, and things go pretty smoothly. If the actress doesn’t like a question, the publicist usually intervenes, the matter is settled amicably, and the interview continues. Not in this case.

The journalist began to probe some areas of the actress’ life outside of her current project. More specifically, she asked the actress to address a Blind Gossip item that implied that the actress may have been awarded some roles for talents having to do with something other than acting. Uh-oh. The stunned actress glared at the journalist, and then sarcastically replied, “Sure. Right after you tell me which guys you slept with to get your job. Then we can compare.”

The journalist then asked if the actress was going to be deposed in a legal proceeding against an entertainment executive who was allegedly fired over inappropriate relationships with some of the talent – our actress included.

The agitated actress leapt out of her chair and started screaming at both the journalist and the publicist. “This is bullsh*t! I’m sick of these f*cking rumors!” The publicist was unable to calm her down, and the argument escalated, with everyone pointing fingers and screaming at each other. The entire crew stood around uncomfortably, not knowing what to do. The actress couldn’t care less that she had a big audience.

“F*ck off! All of you!” she finally screamed, and stormed out of the room.

After a few phone calls by her publicist and a twenty-minute walk to cool down, the actress returned. To her credit, she did walk up to each photographer, stylist, and crew member, and apologize for her behavior. A new journalist was brought in, and the interview and photo shoot continued.

Oh, and about that fired entertainment executive: We’ll leave it up to you to figure out who he is, and which role our actress received after allegedly sleeping with him.

gretchen mol 3SOLVED!

It’s Gretchen Mol! Source:

This drama all went down on the set of Boardwalk Empire last year, right in front of the entire crew!

Since it is the celebrity that is the focus of this story, we’ll decline to name the magazine. The magazine is a big name, though, and it shouldn’t be hard to figure out which one it is.

However, the executive that the journalist was asking about was Steve McPherson of ABC. He was an executive at ABC at the time that Gretchen Mol was cast on “Life on Mars”. There is a separate blind item (TV Exec Fired Over Casting Couch) that we are concurrently solving that discusses him and his situation.

For those of you who don’t know, Gretchen Mol came to prominence in 1998 when she was an unknown actress featured on the cover of Vanity Fair magazine as the “It Girl of the Nineties”. There was talk at the time that she landed both the title and the cover because she was allegedly in a relationship with alleged p*ssy hound Harvey Weinstein at the alleged time, and Weinstein allegedly asked Vanity Fair’s Graydon Carter to put Mol on the cover. Allegedly. (Try to sue us over that sentence, Harvey!)

Those  stories about her and Weinstein and other men in power in the entertainment industry have followed Mol her around for years. Of course, she would rather be known for her acting. She is married and has two young children, she has been in more than 30 feature films, she did a stint on Broadway last year in “The Good Mother”, and she is in a regular role on an acclaimed television series.  If she could figure out a way to deal more gracefully with her past, she is more likely to continue to be a working actress for many years to come. A good starting point might be to stop screaming at journalists to “F*ck off!” any time they ask her about her relationships with people in the industry.

Lost of you got this one right. Elizabethakexandra was first!

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  1. chandler02 says

    Um…If she was innocent of these allegations, I could still see her blowing up and getting mad. They accused her of being a prostitute, who wouldn’t be offended by that?

    • raslebol says

      She recognizes one error (Weinstein) after the rest is all rumors ( last year or 2 years ago,she gave an interview with a co-star for the french Premiere mag and they talked in off sexual harrassement and rumors and she said she had some jobs by a producer and since she regulary was harrassed.At a point,she almost did a breakdown then she did 2 movies where everyone praised her professionalism ,she met her husband who didn’t care about the rumours and she even made peace with Weinstein and Ferrara)

  2. KathyPacific says

    After lurking for, hmm, maybe a couple of years, I registered to comment on this solve. I love BE and that set must be the craziest (or else most sets are crazy and we just don’t know it).

    BE had Paz’s nutjob behavior as suggested by blinds she was the favorite guess for (e.g., the tampon blind) and the evidence of how she behaved when doing any press for the show. Oh, and she was written out.

    Then there was Michael Pitt who was fired, let go, written out, whatever, amid rumors he was drunk, on drugs and/or just plain super difficult to work with. I tend to believe those rumors b/c there were so many of them, and he lost his agent at the same time and has done almost nothing since. Plus the on-screen evidence that he looked like crap in the second season — bloodshot eyes, etc, though that worked for the character’s disintegration too.

    And now we hear that the thankfully still employed Gretchen Mol had this on-set meltdown (and I don’t blame her). So my conclusion is the BE set is a hoppin’ place.

    Thanks and keep the good stuff comin’, Ace! Maybe I’ll actually venture a guess now and then since I’m finally registered. :)