Director’s Wife Is Getting A Divorce

[CDAN] Apparently the Director’s Wife is separated and in the process of getting a divorce. It started months ago when her husband was dropped from a couple of projects. He directed a hit movie and now has nothing lined up and nothing down the pipeline. It might even have something to do with what he had his wife do to secure him that directing job. Meanwhile our actress has been taking “meetings” in NY and has a couple lined up in L.A.

Last week our actress had a major meltdown during a sitdown for a monthly magazine that your parents probably read but you have never opened yourself because she was prodded about “internet rumors.” Those rumors included why she had to go to a network and discuss her involvement there with a former President of the network.

Once those questions were asked, our actress and her publicist went ballistic and another interviewer was brought in to finish the interview. Despite our actress and the Director showing up at an event together, our actress had confided to a makeup artist at the magazine interview that she was not sure if her husband would be there or not.

Out in Los Angeles during Emmy week, our actress did not wear her wedding ring and told this B- list actress/Emmy nominee/one of my favorite people who is finally getting the love she deserves on a hit network show that she’s about to be back on the market. At a party during that week, our actress was the focus of attention from a long line of guys who wanted to meet her. I bet that is not all they wanted.

The Director has moved out and has another apartment close to the one he shared with our actress.

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