Franchise Actor Gets Fatter

[LaineyGossip] He showed up the first time fit and fine but this time around he was rather round about the tum. The director noticed and was not happy, fearing for the consistency of the franchise. When asked to slim down, the slightly schlumpy star responded, “This movie isn’t worth it.” The trim-down request was rejected, and the show went on, but feelings were sore and things were a bit stiff until Sir Portly finished his scenes.

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47 comments to Franchise Actor Gets Fatter

  • Hugginkiss

    Sir Ian McKellen??

  • acerbicnymph

    Jason Biggs

  • melmac

    Tommy Lee Jones / MIB

  • ClueMeIn

    “..but this time around he was rather round about the tum.”


    “..but feelings were sore and things were a bit stiff until Sir Portly finished his scenes.”

    I think these are clues, but my brain is on standby right now.

  • yepimbored

    Could be Alan Rickman. If you look at him throughout the movies, he has a tendency to lose and gain weight. The Half-Blood Prince premiere was during the filming of DH and Alan’s stomach was huge. He couldn’t even tuck his shirt in.

    • lindseyann

      I can’t see Alan Rickman saying, “this movie isn’t worth it.” He’s always been very positive about the Potter movies and has always been very invested in his character’s story.

      • yepimbored

        That doesn’t mean he didn’t say it. He’s the only British guy that fits. Michael Caine was pretty big in the first Batman movie so “showing the first time fit and fine” doesn’t fit. I googled recent pics of Sir Ian and he looks to be in pretty good shape. Alan is the only one who was slender in the first movie, but not in the last. And “fearing for the consistency of the franchise” also fits because Snape is describe as a “thin” man.

      • ou812

        I agree w/ yepimbored. Snape was much rounder on the last HP. You could tell even thru his robes.

  • No Kidding

    I think it’s definitely a British actor, since no way is “Sir” Portly an accident, so it’s someone who has been knighted. Alan Rickman hasn’t had that honour, and while Ian McKellen is knighted, I can’t see him saying something like that to Peter Jackson (The Hobbit). And, McKellan is naturally slender.

    I think Sir Michael Caine might be it. He is currently filming The Dark Knight Rises, and I can definitely see him saying something like that. Plus, he tends to the portly side.

    • raslebol

      Nolan didn’t ask Leo Dicaprio to slim down for INCEPTION so i don’t see him to ask it Michael Caine(78 years old)with who he worked 5 times: honestly who cares Alfred is fat?

      yet he’s not Bale or Jude Law or RDJ

      no idea

      • anotherlibby

        Agree. Michael Caine is a living legend, beyond nit-picking about a little weight. He adds gravitas and heart to Nolan’s Batman movies.

        And he’s always had a GREAT work ethic. In fact, he was known for a long time to take ANYTHING.

    • yepimbored

      Caine was big in the first new Batman movie in 2005. And as raslebol said, who cares if Alfred is fat? Severus Snape on the other hand is describe as a “thin” man. Plus Alan had more screen time in DH and had to play a 20 year old. McKellan has robes to cover him up, so I doubt it could be him.

  • raslebol

    maybe Chris Evans? i remember a Lainey article about him and he’s working on THE AVENGERS

  • fromatoznyc

    Stiff was definitely a clue: Stiffler from American Pie. Seann William Scott

  • apple martini

    If it’s not a British actor — I thought it might be RPattz, seeing as he said the film “wasn’t worth it” and Breaking Dawn relies heavily on Edward getting shirtless, and “tum” and “Sir Portly” point to a Brit — then I’m on board with an American Pie guy.

  • dee123

    Someone from the American Pie films.

  • echinada

    Probably is Pattinson

  • petunya

    I think it is Peter Facinelli who played Carlisle Cullen in Twilight. In the last Breaking Dawn films, look at his face in the trailer he looks really fat.

  • 718mom

    Peter Favinelli did look fat in the trailer, I can see him saying the movie isn’t worth it

    • yepimbored

      It’s not him. From the video he filmed a few days before BD wrapped up, he only had a little pouch. Nothing the director would be complaining about. Plus, a few of the big clues point to someone who is most likely a Brit.

  • cosmicgirl

    Just picking up on algernon’s mention of Orlando Bloom, wasn’t there some controversy regarding his role in The Hobbit? His appearance is supposed to be two minutes long and yet he’s being paid $1million? Maybe the two minutes screen time explains the “this movie is not worth it” comment?

    • yepimbored

      I read about that. But OB is more muscular these days than fat. The fact he’s getting paid 500k a minute, I can’t see him saying it’s not worth it.

  • Bigmama

    Clearly the person is British. However, I can not see Sir Ian saying this or anyone associated with The Hobbit. They fought too long to get this made.

    I will go with M. Cain because he is known to be a bit of a prat.

  • LiamForeman

    Pretty sure it’s Seann William Scott. He’s gained a ton of weight, went to rehab for something or another, and just looks bad. Stiff/Stifler, the pie. He’s my pick.

  • lonnie golightly

    Matt Damon?

  • Sanguine

    This is Michael Sheen. He’s in the new Twilight movie…. and I seriously love him for saying that Twilight isn’t worth it.

    • yepimbored

      He’s not a major character in BD, so I doubt the director would make a big fuss over his weight. He did gain some weight, but you wouldn’t have noticed unless you were looking hard enough.

      • Sanguine

        lol I actually know for a fact this is Michael Sheen, it’s not a guess. I know someone on the Twilight set.

  • bonou2

    I think it’s Jason Biggs from American Pie