How To Stay On A Reality Show

[CDAN] This well known former reality show contestant is shopping a story to the tabloids and to book publishers that she and other female contestants on her season and other seasons of the show were forced to have sex with this A+ name recognition reality show host if they wanted to remain on the show. At least twice, the host brought another woman with him and made the participants engage in a thr*esome.

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54 comments to How To Stay On A Reality Show

  • Tracy511

    Oh, this has to be Survivor, right? Jeff Probst… what about that Jessica that was just on Celebrity Rehab?

  • ClueMeIn

    I’m gonna say Probst too. That or the host for The Bachelor (mind has gone blank).

  • malkatz

    But is the story TRUE?

    • PandoraWolf

      I second this: if this has been happening for SEASONS, I wonder why there has been no whiff of it leaked by someone prior.

      Although it’s HOLLYWOOD, so why would this even be a shock? It’s just the casting couch AFTER being hired.

      • amagod121

        Yeah but these people aren’t actresses, they’re just reality tv cast members. It’ gross that someone would coerce them into having sex to keep the job (sexual harrassment, anyone?) Hope this jerk gets outed and loses the gig.

      • SallytheSnoop

        They may not be actresses but they DO want “fame” and to be labeled “celebrities”.

        And I’m on board with Probst

  • shelaur22

    Well we can eliminate Seacrest because the item says female contestants.

  • Sterling

    Donald Trump, but no idea for the woman, have to think about it.

  • Camembert

    Omarosa and Trump!

  • Alllie

    Jeff Probst and Susan Hawk haaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

  • Outlineboy

    It can’t be Probst. That would mean he would be taking them away from their tribes to have the liasons while the game was in play. Plus, he doesn’t have any direct influence on who gets voted off. He doesn’t fit. Plus, who is the “well-known” female contestant from the show? None of the Survivor women have really hit it big in the name recognition department other than Elizabeth Hasselback.

    • CoCoJo

      Can you imagine Elizabeth Hasselback keeping quiet about something like this? I wish it was her, because I’d love to watch her take him down! (I do NOT mean that as a double-entendre)

      • SallytheSnoop

        Elizabeth would be the LAST person to divulge such information about something she definitely partook in. She wouldn’t be able to stay on top of that high horse of hers.

      • Stinkweed

        Contestants have to agree to pay $5 million for each breach of their confidentiality agreement. That would keep her mouth shut.

  • amagod121

    Simon Cowell and Kellie Pickler?

  • KimDealrules

    Brett Michaels?

  • lyrelove

    Vienna and Chris Harrison… HAH

  • GoesInCircles

    Chris Harrison

  • Summer70

    Julie Chen

  • Katmandu

    Whenever I hear something like this, I idly wonder…what happens if the man says, no, I’m not giving you the gig I promised, even though you did indulge me, nyah-ha-ha! What recourse does she have? She can’t sue him!

  • RedPeggy

    Kat! I ALWAYS think that too!
    If a person is unscrupulous enough to get a person to sleep with them on the promise of a job…what would stop them going back on the deal afterwards? And what would the sleepee do about it?!
    I bet it’s happened lots.
    I also wonder how people who have slept their way to the top feel about it, when friends and family (and their PARENTS!) are proud of their success – doesn’t it eat them alive?

  • pookie

    If America’s Got Talent is considered a Reality Show – I’ll go with Howie Mandel. He was hitting on Lys on national TV and the looks they exchanged when she was voted off were very interesting.

  • Ralphie

    This cannot be Probst. Too many people have a hand in eliminating contestants on Survivor. There is no way he could single-handedly keep a contestant on there without eyebrows being raised. this must be a host of a show where one person has the power of elimination…

    So im with Chris Harrison of the Bachelor and the gal being a former contestant, perhaps a Bachelorette herself and maybe even on Bachelor Pad. That said I don’t watch the show so I’m only familiar with a few names. That stupid Melissa Rycroft? She may have a Hubby and kid now but she will do anything to stay relevant.

    • PandoraWolf

      So did she have sex with Bruno Toliono to stay on Dancing with the Stars? : )

    • Outlineboy

      I don’t think Melissa Rycroft is “stupid”. And we haven’t seen in her quite a while. If she’s doing anything to stay relevant she isn’t doing a very good job. I would much rather it was her co-hosting DWTS than Brooke Burke, who has the personality of a slab of sheetrock.

    • irishmarty

      Also I wouldn’t consider Probst A+ material.

    • Rock90210

      Yeah, no need to call out Melissa like that especially if you “don’t watch the show”. That’s pretty classless.

  • SnugBug

    Scratch my other guess. I am going with Making the Band and P Diddy. It has to be an all girl show, I think. Otherwise, it would be too obvious if an imbalance of females wining and/or staying on longer than the male contestants.

    Or Simon Cowell from AI.

    • Hugginkiss

      Im on board with the P. Diddy guess. Everyone recognizes his name and Aubrey O’Day seems like she would be the one to write the book.

  • acerbicnymph

    I think P Diddy is a great guess!!!

  • irishmarty

    Simon Cowell?

  • ivyleaguer

    the host from survivor is A+ in name recognition??? Most people just know him as that host from Survivor. The only A list name hosts(not judges) I can think of are Tyra Banks and Ryan Seacrest. And it’s neither of the two. Simon Cowell is not a host. He’s a judge.

    • hollyjane

      I agree with Tyra being A List, as well as Heidi Klum. However, it does say the host is a man.

      At least twice, the host brought another woman with him and made the participants engage in a thr*esome.

  • VeronicaMarsBars

    I think Chris Harrison is a really good guess. The picture even seems like a scene from The Bachelor or Bachelor Pad when the ladies are lounging around the pool or hanging off the Bachelor or other men.
    Remember when Roz from Jake’s season accused Chris of hitting on a married producer’s wife?

    • GoesInCircles

      Right…the hot tub is synonymous with “The Bachelor”

      If it were P Diddy, I am sure the blind would say that he is more than a host and a producer of reality tv, which he most certainly is.

  • honoraryorange

    Did anyone else notice this? “thr*esome”

    That’s got to be a clue, right? The star between r and e. No reason to asterisk out thr*esome.

  • CrossingTheLine

    Hugh Hefner on The Girls Next Door. Kendra has a book coming out.

    • Rednfreckled

      Um, working in the playboy mansion means you will have to do this anyway. Cameras or no cameras. I’m definitely going with the Trump guess.

  • Serendipity7

    What about the “Real World/ Road Rules Challenges” shows?? It’s all about strategy and who helps you through to the finale to win the money. Seems like you have to sleep around to stay in the game, IMO.

  • newsjunkie

    I don’t believe anything CDAN claims…be careful readers