Unsure Of The Daddy

[BuzzFoto] These celebrity friends, one a B list musician, one an actress have been hanging out more and more. Recently one of them discovered that she was pregnant and wasn’t sure who the father was. In reality, the husband is her friend’s husband. 618

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  1. Shouldbeworking says

    If the woman isn’t sure, how is a gossip site? Sounds like they’ve decided as much purely on the grounds that it’s the juiciest possibility.

      • yinyang says

        Love your comment! So true! This comment made me laugh so hard! Funny how gossip sites know but yet baby mama doesn’t even know! They twist everything! It will probably be in a tabloid mag this week as im noticing some of these blinds appear in magazines the next week! U can usually figure it out after reading a mag& go back to BG& re read blinds& u can get most of answers from mag!

  2. acerbicnymph says

    I think the friend is just telling the wife she doesn’t know who the father is.

    Still no clue, though.

    • Shouldbeworking says

      You’re probably right; I’m just skeptical of the way the gossip site words it.

      Love your screen name!

  3. Camembert says

    These two celebrities are friends and female; one is a B-list musician and the other an actress. One of them just found out she is pregnant and she told her friend she is unsure who the father is. But actually, she knows it’s her friend’s husband.

      • GoesInCircles says

        Right…there is a typo in the blind…”the husband is the friend’s husband” should probably read “the father is the friend’s husband.”
        Dunno who it might be tho…

      • Lozza2 says

        Yep – Camembert – that’s how I read it. Could Katy Perry be the B-list musician? With Russell Brand as the hubby. Does she have any new zeleb friends?

  4. Outlineboy says

    Are they implying that the musician and actress who have been hanging out more and more are romantically involved? If not, then what does he care? Or is the musician a “she”? What does it mean “one of them discovered…”? Is the writer making a joke or did the musician find out while the pregnant actress doesn’t know, which is stupid.

    Is the father the husband of the actress’ friend or of the musician’s friend?

  5. goldieb says

    Friend 1 = B musician.

    Friend 2 = actress.

    One of them is pregnant. The child’s father is the husband of the pregnant woman’s afore-mentioned friend.

  6. pookie says

    Maybe the blind is written correctly. Is the baby daddy married to one women and playing the other women’s (actress) husband on TV or in a movie?

  7. EvaDiva says

    What about pregnant Christina Aguilera knocked up by Nicole Ritchie’s hubby, if she is to be considered an “actress”?