Film Hunk Is Crushing on a Gay Activist

[NationalEnquirer] Which young film hunk has a HUGE crush on gay activist/actor James Duke Mason – the 19-year-old openly gay son of Go-Go’s singer Belinda Carlisle? This star won’t be coming out of the closet anytime soon, but he and James are quickly becoming BFFs!

[EOnline] We love a juicy Blind Vice as much as the next gossip-monger.

Which is why we’ve been tres captivated with The National Enquirer’s mysterious mention of a hunky film star who’s been seriously (but secretly) crushing on out and proud actor and activist James Duke Mason.

Now we know the Enquirer isn’t always a beacon of reliability, but we gotta wonder: There’s no way it’s one of our favorite stars, right? Could it be

 Jake Gyllenhaal, who’s certainly considered hunky, what with his buffed up Prince of Persia muscles and boyishly charming smile? And while Jake’s currently single, he’s just recently been linked up with Anna Kendrick and Rashida Jones. There’s no way he’s burned through all of T-town’s babes already, right?

Or maybe it’s the equally scrumptious and single…

 Zac Efron, who’s got the biceps and abs to rival any hottie in H’wood—with a very successful big screen career, to boot. Zacky and former flame Vanessa Hudgens parted ways and he’s been flying solo since then, but those strip-club trips weren’t a cover for a blossoming boy-on-boy relaysh, were they?

Say it ain’t so!. Or could it be K.Stew’s boyfriend…

Robert Pattinson, who is one of the hottest young actors in the world and headlining the biggest fanged franchise, like, ever. But he’s happily in love with costar Kristen Stewart and just jet-setted to see her in London, right? He wouldn’t possibly sneak around on his very own Bella Swan with a boy-toy, would he?

And what about Rob’s Twilight cohort…

Taylor Lautner, whose werewolf six pack has earned him quite the fan club. And James himself sent a mysterious tweet saying the Blind Vicer could “ABDUCT” him any day—could this be a clue to Tay’s film Abduction or just a clever red herring? ‘Cause certainly he wasn’t faking it with cutie costar Lily Collins, was he?

Or maybe it’s not any of the folks mentioned above? There are a lot of hot guys in this town…

Who the hell is it, then? ‘Cause when it’s really worth it, we like diggin’ in other folks’ Blind Gossip, too.

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34 comments to Film Hunk Is Crushing on a Gay Activist

  • MPaige

    SO Taylor Lautner! James tweeted him saying Taylor could abduct him any day.

  • TheYellowDart

    I think the “abduct” might be a clue – and I like Lautner for this!

  • GyThanksGd

    I was leaning towards Taylor Lautner, but I am not as sure anymore.

    • GyThanksGd

      I think JDM would be more tactful, so I have doubts about his Tweet clue.

      The Trailblazer Campaign is probably already a tough sell, so “outing” actors is hardly going to change that fact.

      Plus, assuming this is true, TL’s handlers are not going to let them hang out anymore.

  • Mia444

    I don’t know who it is, but I think that was Ted’s not-so-subtle way of outing all four of those actors, widely presumed to be gay by those in the know (us Blinders, right?). 😉

  • iammeme

    Tay Tay… Isn’t he not crazy about having to have a beard?

  • ladymarmalade

    People rip on the Enquirer for being inaccurate, but they have broken a lot of very big celeb scandal stories in the last few years.

    Anyway, I say it Taylor Lautner, too. I may be naive, but I don’t believe Robert Pattinson is 100% gay. I’m not a Twiloony. I just don’t see it.

  • Yuolala

    It’s Taylor Lautner.

    James Duke Mason posted the NE article on his twitter and he hinted the word “abduct”

  • lezgurl79

    All of these actors are gay but I really think Taylor might pull ahead in this blind!

  • cocobeannns

    I’m going with Taylor on this one, if not for anything else but the picture… It just screams Jacob Black to me. The shirt, the pose, the hair (after it’s cut of course).

  • funnygirl23

    I’m going with Taylor Lautner just because of that tweet!

  • PandoraWolf

    My first guess was the same as everyone else’s right off the bat, but there has to be some kind of “outing etiquette” that has been breached here: IF it’s Taylor, and he’s trying NOT to be publicly outed, and James IS publicly out and has some organization trying to convince people to come out, isn’t this outing someone against their will?

    That said, they’ed be a damn hot couple.

  • dee123

    Hmm… He’s kind of playing with fire there.

  • Stackhouse

    Haha! Taylor indeed.

    I’m not too sure Robert has a homosexual preference, though. I certainly didn’t get the vibe from Jake either, but then again, I believe we all have bisexual tendencies – so anything is possible.

  • ugkman702

    taylor lautner. his upcoming movie is titled ABDUCTED!!

  • ImThinking

    Ryan Phillips

  • redstilettos

    Keep in mind, I take Ted with a grain of salt. He posts whatever will bring visits to his column. He jumped on the Twilight bandwagon when his column was almost canceled. Taylor and Kristen should beard for each other if they want to hide their sexual preferences.

  • abby

    Definitely Taylor Lautner, since the crushee even outed him via Twitter! He must have made quite a pest of himself.

  • maggie

    Taylor Lautner
    but all the actors listed are gay.

  • nikki23

    It’s Taylor Lautner. I agree with a poster above that Gyllenhaal, Efron, Lautner and Pattinson are gay

  • ItsSoColdinTheD

    One zillion percent Taylor Lautner