Singer Interrupted

[CDAN] What young, foreign born singer who is A list and a big winner in her country and a B here disappeared for about a month. Most people would suspect r*hab, but in this case, it was actually a nervous breakdown. Apparently she was discovered frozen in place in her hotel room and doctors said she needed a break. She spent a month away being treated and is back out in public, but still looks like she could crack any second.

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65 comments to Singer Interrupted

  • stolidog

    Leona Lewis

    • jeannie

      My guess too, the clue being “winner”. Makes it sound like the singer in this blind started out by winning a singing competition, like Leona did.

    • callmedave

      I saw Leona Lewis singing live last Saturday at G-A-Y in London. She sang well enough, but was rather unemotional and didn’t seem very expressive on stage. Perhaps that’s just her style, but I wouldn’t be surprised if this was her.

  • EvaDiva

    Leona Lewis is my guess. But is she even considered B-list here??

    Also, the “frozen” reference could be from the ‘Bleeding Love’ lyric “Time starts to pass, before you know it you’re frozen”.

  • Spanx101

    Adele cancelled a few gigs I’m going to guess her.

    • maybeormaybenot

      I’m with Spanx101. Adele has been very outspoken about her anxiety and having problems with breakdowns even right before gigs. I hope she gets over this and it doesn’t ruin her, love her music.

    • EvaDiva

      Adele couldn’t disappear if she tried.

      • Evil Gracie Taylor

        lol right? There is no way in hell that Adele is anything but A list in the States. Her CD is one of like 5 that has actually sold well the last few years. RITD is EVERYWHERE and she just stole the VMAs!

        I’m on board the Leona guess. She was won X-Factor, but outside of “Bleeding Love” has sort of been a flop here.

    • lolaV

      She is undoubtedly as much of a “winning A-lister” here as she is in the UK.

  • dingopop

    Does Cheryl Cole qualify for B list here? Probably not, huh.
    Adele seems to be the only fit then.

    • MissTearsForFears

      I put Cheryl as less than C list in North America. If I didn’t have a habit of reading the Daily Mail website, I would have no clue who she is.

      • ThinkerBelle

        I’m with you MissTearsForFears. Addicted to Daily Mail. I wouldn’t know Cheryl, Liz’s cricketer make-over and the newest info from the US (odd but very true). Now if someone would please proof their articles before they print. Oy!

  • LA1975

    Sooo Adele! If any indication by the girl in the pic Adele wore her hair combed neatly off to the side like that in several performances…. And she looked so uncomfortable when they showed her @MTV music awards.

    Love this site BG…First time posting but long time reader!!!!

    • Summer70

      I agree with the fore mentioned, Adele is A-list. I didn’t know Leona is B_ list though. LL reminds me of the right singer at the wrong time. The stage was set for her to be Mariah’s heir apparent, but music tastes changed and the Diva baladeers phased out. LL had a great start but fizzeled . LL is lucky, she is even C list, here. She is, at best a one hit wonder.

  • cocobeannns

    Why would anyone suspect rehab for Adele? That’s the last thing I woould suspect she would disappear for…

  • No Kidding

    I think this is Adele as well, although I wouldn’t expect rehab with her. She is *sick* a lot though which is normally a euphemism for rehab. Poor girl. I hope she’s able to over come her anxiety battles because she is a very talented young singer.

  • shelaur22

    I think Adele is A List everywhere.

  • Raccoon

    Just as a different guess, Florence welch from Florence and the machine? X

  • Brightonrock

    I think it may be Katie Melua. I’m sure I read she was reported to have had a nervous breakdown :(

  • royal eduardo

    I like both the Adele guess (though right now isn’t she more A?) and The Leona Lewis Guess, however I am going with someone completely different

    Kylie Minogue

  • Raccoon

    Singer “missing”… MIA = missing in action
    Foreign born, Sri Lanka/England

  • cocobeannns

    Is CDAN in Canada?

    If so, I’ll go with Alanis Morrisette or Avril Lavigne.

  • jacqueline

    Leona Lewis, she’s English and is a ‘big winner’ in the UK where she won The X Factor a few years back. Also, her tour was called Labyrinth, loose connection with the puzzle image maybe…?

  • wpolochick

    Leona Lewis. “Winner” is the clue – she won X Factor or some other game show there. I think.

    • Sanguine

      Agree with the Leona Lewis guess. The blind states that the subject is a “big winner” in her country, and Leona won the UK X-Factor. She went from an average girl to a superstar overnight, which had to be overwhelming.

  • Stackhouse

    Adele or Leona. Whomever it is, I hope she will get better, poor girl.

  • lolo

    No way is Adele anything but A-list. Multiple grammys, best-selling album of the year, etc etc.

  • ItReallyDoesGetBetter

    My guess would be Leona Lewis.

    Slightly off topic:

    Does anyone have any general guidelines as to what makes someone “A”, “B”, “C” or “D” list? I know that it must be mostly subjective but I always considered “A” list to require widespread mainstream name recognition. I know that Adele has sold millions of records and has won multiple grammes. I was checking her before she hit it big, but is she a household name? My 73 year old mother would probably recognize the names Justin Bieber or Lil Wayne, even if she had no idea who they were. I doubt if she or most people over the age of 40 in the US have heard of Adele. And that’s not necessarily a bad thing…

    • Sweetie Pie

      Her not having heard of Adele is “not necessarily a bad thing”?! Unbelievable.

    • Outlineboy

      ReallyDoes, I totally agree with you. I’m a few years over 40 and barely know Adele. I can’t name any of her songs. It’s funny, I use the “grandma test” as well to judge if someone is THAT well known. I guarantee she has never heard of Adele.

      BTW, I have no idea who Leona Lewis is either.

  • libby480

    I agree with ItReallyDoesGetBetter. Adele is not widely know to the older crowd-or they may have just found out about her at the Grammy awards. She is B+ here in the States. Leona Lewis is maybe B here. Could be either of them-but guessing Leona.

  • yepimbored

    Definitely Leona. Adele is pretty much A-list here.

  • cocobeannns

    I’m in the US and I wouldn’t consider Adele A list YET. She’s a relatively new artist and is putting out her first album. I would guess she’s probably a B right now at best, maybe a B+.

    • Camembert

      Funny. I’ll allow that Adele is “relatively new” although 21 is actually her second album. Her first, 19, sold decently in the US but was not the runaway hit 21 is, however I agree that’s closer to B+. If she can keep herself together, she could be A.

      In any event, this is Leona Lewis since Leona won a British reality show, or at least was definitely on one. X Factor, I think? She’s kind of a cold fish to me anyway.

      • CoCoJo

        I totally think Adele is A list and I am well over 40. She’s almost as A list as Norah Jones was at her height. And if you’re asking who Norah Jones is, it is not because she wasn’t A list.

        I don’t know if Leona is fully B list in the US. Kylie, although not old in my book, no longer qualities as a ‘still young’ singer.

        What about Nelly Furtado? I was thinking about her the other day. She seems to have disappeared.

      • Sanguine

        Nelly Furtado is married and has a child – she’s not in the media all the time because she’s raising her daughter. She also has an album due out in 2012.

      • cocobeannns

        Sorry, I wasn’t aware that Adele had put out a previous album…

  • ImThinking

    Leona Lewis, maybe that punch to the head Lewis received at a book signing from a crazy fun gave her some issues.

  • lezgurl79

    I am going to say Susan Boyle. Don’t know why but she is the first person that came to mind for me!

  • ThinkerBelle

    I’m with you MissTearsForFears. Addicted to Daily Mail. I wouldn’t know Cheryl, Liz’s cricketer make-over and the newest info from the US (odd but very true). Now if someone would please proof their articles before they print. Oy!

    And the Leona Lewis guess sounds good. Apparently, she was punched by a crazy fan at a book signing in 2009. Awful. And earlier this month she freaked out when fans started noticing her and she ran out the back of a restaurant. How horrible. I hope she found some ways to help her get by day to day.

  • vandra

    Adele? She had to cancel some gigs. There was a quote in a magazine recently where she admitted she gets so nervous before gigs she gets sick. Plus, the girl is e’rywhere these days.

  • apple martini

    I think it’s Leona Lewis. She won a singing competition (“winner”) and she’s not nearly as big in the U.S. as she is in Britain, whereas Adele is pretty much A-list on both sides of the ocean these days.

  • seashore

    If Adele isn’t A list with the rate she shifts units in the States…who is?! I suppose it’s Leona. She was painfully shy when on the X factor UK and had some unpleasant break up from her ex recently…she seems fairly fragile.

  • bette

    Leona hasn’t been missing though.. Maybe in the US but here shes releasing a new album and single, and been in the news a bit cos she was accused of plagiarism.. Saying that I’ve no idea!

    And please, please STOP reading the daily mail! It’s a disgusting, misogynistic, xenophobic, agist, homophobic and all round hateful newspaper! I realise this might not come across when you’re just reading bits online but honestly it’s awful!

  • Ruby Tuesday

    The Daily Mail IS truly awful, and yet I cannot stop myself from reading it. Every frikking day. So much gossip, constantly updated, and the comments are in turn hilarious and depressing.

    I’ll go with Cheryl Cole, even though America doesn’t really seem to know who she is. Leona Lewis doesn’t seem all that fragile, and whoever brought Adele into this is just plain crazy.

    • Ruby Tuesday

      Because I read the DM and other British gossip, I am able to point out that
      a) Cheryl also won some UK singing show (Popstars – the rivals?) with Girls Aloud
      b) she disappeared for about 30 or 40 days after she was dumped as a judge from the US xfactor
      c) there’ve been lots of stories about her feeling stressed and fragile and not wanting to leave her hotel room even beforehand

      Now if only America would consider her a B, she would fit perfectly!