Drinking And Hoovering

[CDAN] Last Friday, this tool of a father who happens to have some celebrity offspring and I use the term celebrity very lightly. I mean, if you don’t act for a few years then you lose the right to call yourself an actor/actress? Drop down to a celebrity? Anyway, the dad, supposedly s*ber to the world was sucking down booze poolside at a hotel. Oh, and what was his offspring hoovering up at Chateau Marmont one night earlier?

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40 comments to Drinking And Hoovering

  • cocobeannns

    Michael Lohan.

    • 4sixx2

      Seriously. How completely disfunctional is this “family”. Have you seen Ali, apparently “Starving” herself to gain some of her own attention? She’s 17 and looks at least 45. Ugh. Pathetic.

      • Lozza2

        I am honestly sick of the sight of them all. The parents are a totally disgrace and it’s no wonder the kids have no education, careers or future with them as role models.

      • raslebol

        Ali is model now :she needs to be skinny but did you see her new lips? awful

      • cocobeannns

        Ali does not need to be THAT skinny. It’s completey unhealthy. She can be a model with some meat on her bones.

      • melina

        She also got cheekbones implants, just like Lindsay did a few years ago.

      • Snooglies

        I actually don’t think she got cheek implants. Nose job, possibly. Lip injections, definitely. I think the cheeks being more pronounced is simply the effect of her obviously severe anorexia.

        Beyond that little 2 cents I just inserted, I totally agree with the Michael Lohan guess!

      • FamousPeopleDoStupidThings

        Agreed, Raslebol. Disgusting!

      • cocobeannns

        Yes. She looks horrible, hard to believe she’s only 17. Looks like she’s had alot of plastic surgery done too.

      • ohhaiHolli

        I’m pretty sure saying she looks horrible won’t make her feel like she doesn’t need to do this supposed plastic surgery.. And it definitely won’t make her feel better about herself. She’s still a child, sheesh. So harsh.

    • bluecoral

      none other!

  • farleece

    Michael Lohan right out of Celebrity Rehab.

  • next please

    Milo of course, and the offspring would be hoovering up *cocaine*

  • digitallyspeaking

    Yup, they both were in LA last week and he was papped at the Chateau Marmont. There’s a rumor that he’s dating Kim G from RHONJ too, haha.

  • SayItAintSo


  • Seanx40

    And speaking of bad Lohan parenting…have you seen recent pics of the little Lohan girl? Loads of plastic surgery, and scary skinny. Why hasn’t a child protection agency looked into these people. There is still a boy around the house…assuming Lindsay didn’t sell him off for blow money

  • jeannie

    I think we all know the answer to this. We all know she’s not sober, is it any surprise her father isn’t either? Who would have guessed his stint on Celebrity Rehab was for money/publicity and not a genuine desire for sobriety? Oh those Lohans!

  • Mooky

    Michael Lohan-but not for the win.

  • ImThinking

    Ryan and Tatum O’Neal.

  • foofoogirl

    MiLo, I love it! Have not read that one before. Will put it in the vocab bank.

  • Mmmmyeahyouwantme

    This family is just a mess. No two ways about it.

  • lezgurl79

    Michael Lohan and Lindsay.

  • amagod121

    Stop stop stop. I knew who it was as soon as you said, “this tool of a father.” Nice example of “sobriety” that the resident hypocrite Michael Lohan gives to his family. No wonder they don’t have a clue.

    So I guess that Lilo is back to snorting? Guess this is why she (and Ali) has been losing weight lately. I’ve been saying for quite a while now that I found it alarming that Ali was hanging around with Lindsay and thought she was picking up her older sister’s bad habits. Looks like I was right.

  • lindseyann

    Michael Lohan.

  • karaduff

    Clearly people should be placing their bets now on how much longer Lindsay has on earth. It’s like watching a train wreck. I know it happens, but I just can’t get my head around HOW these “parents” can allow this to happen to their kids!! * Fame *! This should be a crime.

  • dee123

    Daughter to father, daughter to father.

  • jokerjim65

    perhaps the most despicable family on the planet. They make it easy for the Kardaskanians to move up in the world.

  • cosmicgirl

    I agree with the general sentiments on the Lohans but my only problem with this guess is that although Lindsay is no longer KNOWN for her work, she has been working in the last five years. Her imdb profile lists 8 movies, 1 recurring tv role, 1 post production and 1 announced projects which doesn’t seem to fit with the blind.

    2011 Mob Street (announced)
    2011 Underground Comedy (post-production)
    2010 Machete
    2009 Labor Pains
    2008 Ugly Berry
    2007 I Know Who Killed Me
    2007 Georgia Rule
    2007 Chapter 27
    2006 Bobby
    2006 Just My Luck
    2006 A Prairie Home Companion

    • next please

      MILO and LILO do fit this blind.

      A couple of years = 2 years

      I would not consider Underground Comedy “acting” it is comedy skit. Shooting a commercial in your living room for an internet gambling site is not “acting” either, nor is shooting a skit for the Jimmy Kimmel Show “acting”.

      Although Machete was released in 2010, Lindsay actually shot her very small role in 3 days, 2 in August, and 1 in September of 2009. Two years ago.

      Pre production changes constantly and is not work done.

  • LA1975

    this reeeeks Micheal Lohan..what’s sad is you KNOW he just went on celebrity rehab for the money and face time..he had NO intention of being sober, plus HEY he might get ask back on again like Steven Adler….

  • waxDiva

    Michael Lohan… pathetic. He was a real drama queen on Celebrity Rehab…

  • seashore

    The parents are despictable…but the kids??! What chance did they have with a couple of fame seeking planks like that as parents! Tragic.

  • gippercat

    Didn’t need to read beyond “tool of a father” to sniff out Daddy Blohan for this.

  • therock

    Milo DOESN’T drink! FACTOID!

  • KikiA

    David Hasselhoff?

  • BitterBlondin

    This was also revealed on CDAN. It’s Michael Lohan.