She Hired Paparazzi To Look Important

[CDAN] This huge celebrity in England is visiting the US. When she heard that no one cared about her here or even knew who she was, she hired 10 paps to meet her at the airport and to cause a scene. She wants to be noticed and has the money to make it happen.

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56 comments to She Hired Paparazzi To Look Important

  • malkatz

    Cher Lloyd or that Cheryl whatever? I’m not sure I even got their names right… which proves my theory. (I’m American.)

    • JamesAA

      Not Cheryl Cole. She’s been hiding from the press for months.

      When she’s in LA she barely leaves the hotel and we haven’t gotten any pictures of her at LAX since she left the X Factor in May. Plus she already knows she’s not that well known in the US, she’s practically been living in LA since February and this is not the first time she visits the States.

      My Guess is Petra Ecclestone, she’s all over the news since she landed in LA.

  • malkatz

    Or Jordan/Katie Price.

  • jackedup

    That Katie Price chick? Blech.

  • malkatz

    Or Katie Price/Jordan.

  • blahblah

    Petra *….whatever her russian last name is – one who bought candy spelling place…she and sister hiring paps to follow them around b/c no one cares. paris hilton got them into it.

    • goldieb

      “Ecclestone” is as British as they get. Old Man Bernie owns F1.

    • gippercat

      Yep, she’s the one I thought of. Positioning herself to inherit the Paris Hilton heiress-socialite-media * apparatus. She and her sister call their paps when their fancy cars are delivered, when they arrive at LAX, when they go shopping.

  • blissfulight

    She’s right. I don’t even care enough to guess.

  • tamagotchi

    I think “has the money” points to Petra Ecclestone.

    • Ralphie

      I like this guess but I wouldn’t consider her visiting the US now that she bought Candy Spellings house.

    • tinker

      There’s one problem with that, problem being that Petra Ecclestone is not a “huge celebrity” over here in the UK.

      Sadly, although it seems way too easy an answer, this item is probably about one of the usual suspects i.e. Jordan, Cheryl Cole etc.

  • Shouldbeworking

    Carla Bruni?

  • malkatz

    Maybe Susan Boyle, who was recently on America’s Got Talent for a performance? I would disagree with whoever said she is not known here, though.

  • rayodeplata

    I’d say it’s Cheryl Cole, for some reason I think she 1) made a lot of money with her “music”?, or 2) married someone with a lot of money.

    • seashore

      Made a lot of money from L’Oreal shampoo ads and the Xfactor UK. And some from the noise which she makes in a recording booth into a mike from time to time.

  • SayItAintSo

    I’m going with petra’s sister Tamara Ecclestone. I read she wants a reality tv show and they were photographed while they were shopping.

    • the great chrysanthemum

      I think your right, she is also about to launch a fashion line so she is probably trying to drum up some interest in the US. Buying the Spelling house was probably just another way of making a splash in the mags. She’s just another spoilt little rich girl who thinks she has talent because her daddy told her she did.

      • SayItAintSo

        Her sister petra bought the house but I did see a couple pics with her and her sister. After reading she wants a reality show in the us it makes you wonder. I am sure they are “big” in the UK and want to be in the us lol

  • dee123

    I would love to have as much money as the Ecclestones and nobody knew who i was, you could do anything.

  • lisi

    peaches geldof?

  • ClueMeIn

    I don’t know, and kinda don’t care.

  • RexDeus

    Petra and Tamara Ecclestone are absolutely not “huge” celebrities here in the UK though. They’re known by name only (ie. daughters of F1 boss, Bernie Ecclestone) and the occasional tabloid picture. No TV, radio or other media coverage for either of them.

  • jaa1169

    kerry katona

  • seashore

    ”Huge celebrity” in England completely rules out these Ecclestone try-hards. It’s either Cole or Price aka Jordan. Cole is, as someone points out above v reclusive since her embarrassing chop from X Factor US. Price is desperately trying to keep the creaking jalopy that is her career on the road. She’s loaded. She’s trying to get gigs on US TV.It’s her.

    • seashore

      ..and anyways…few celebs are beneath this trick. It’s a standard PR stunt these days no? Many agnecies have photographers on staff who will play the part of ”unwanted” paparazzi for the agencies clients.

      • gippercat

        I didn’t know about this, intriguing! I wonder if the celebs have to play pissed off with these “paps” to keep up the charade/get their money’s worth from their agency’s fees.

  • Chocadoodledoo

    I’m guessing with Cheryl. The Ecclestone girls aren’t huge celebs in Britain and it was well publicised that Cole got to keep her huge salary even though she was kicked off US X Factor. :)

  • Emmelina

    I think it’s Tamara Ecclestone. Clearly loaded, pops up in the media as a “socialite” etc

  • mitfordsisters

    Huge celebrity in the UK with money and who wants to break the US but isn’t known there = Cheryl Cole or Katie Price.

    I vote Cheryl because it’s widely known that she’s in the US right now.

    For those thinking it’s Tamara or Petra Ecclestone, 100% not because they aren’t huge in the UK.. I don’t even know what either of them look like and I follow gossip and am British.

  • RedPeggy

    Okay I’m English! Plus I read all the rubbish gossip mags (the shame). It’s Cheryl Cole. She’s so naff!

    Yes, as someone mentioned she went into hiding after getting fired because she was humiliated – but I think she is trying to prove herself by breaking America (even though know one konws or cares who she is) so she is trying to suddenly leap back onto the scene – this is exactly the sort of thing she’d do.

    Word of advice America: Cheryl Cole is a rubbish singer who has only got this far because she was lucky enough to get some serious backing from people who can turn a pig’s ear into a silk purse. If I were you I’d keep blissfully ignorant of her existance.

  • JamesAA

    Cheryl Cole didn’t wake up one morning and said “Oh, I’m not that well known in the US, let’s call the paparazzi”. She doesn’t need to call the paps, they’re already waiting for her, do you know how much a picture of her sells in the UK? that’s how US paps make the money, luckily for her she knows how to ditch the press.

    • NeedNoStinkinBadges

      James, do you work for her?

      I’m sure she knows how to ditch them, but prefers not to. AS IF.

      • JamesAA

        No, I don’t work for her, I just use my brain. Where are the pictures and the scene?

        And it’s not Katie Price either, first she’s been in Spain and now she’s back in London.

      • RedPeggy

        I thought the same thing! (as NeedNoStinkin) Was just about to ask!

  • Opulent57

    Katie Price with the orange tan

  • georgiamommy

    Katie Price – she seems to thrive on attention.

  • LeahMichelle

    Katie Price would be my first guess.

    TMZ has been following one of the Ecclestone’s for the past month or so, with numerous posts about her new house/car/etc. not to mention, I wouldn’t say either Ecclestone daughter is particularly famous. They’re rich, but they’re not celebrities. They’re socialites. I only know of them ‘cos of their dad.

  • redtape09

    PIPPA Middleton

    • gippercat

      I like her. I hope it’s not her. I don’t think she’s in the US right now AND People & US Magazine run stories about her every single day, so Americans do know who she is. I think those Ecclestones or Katie Price or Cheryl Cole are more likely… especially the Ecclestones because they’re suddenly all over TMZ. Cheryl Cole was only relevant while she was getting fired from X Factor and I don’t think she’s ever going to “happen” in the US, ditto for Jordan.

  • Chosen

    It’s not Cheryl, she’s not there at the moment. She went over there last week to film that cameo but she wasn’t papped at the airport and she hasn’t been papped at an airport since the beginning of July and although she isn’t known widely, she is known because of the X Factor debacle so has to be someone else. Is Katie Price over there? She would fit the bill. Can’t think of anyone else that desperate.

  • Tru Tru2

    Elizabeth Cannalis–Clooney’s EX

    she a big deal oveer there, I’ve been told.
    even though I don’t see it.

    • seashore

      This isn’t truw TruTru, she’s not any kind of deal in the UK she’s totally unknown except to hard core George watchers

  • lezgurl79

    Cheryl Cole.

  • linzwoodsgirl

    Petra Eccelstone

  • saucykitty

    I’m casting a vote for Katie Price; she’s been in the States this week.


    Cheryl Cole would not need to pay paps to do that. Even though the local LA paps wouldn’t be able to make much money selling pics to U.S tabs, they would make mucho dollars selling to UK tabs. And of course they know this. I think it’s Katie Price.