Reality Star Ticks Off In Laws

[Downfront2] This Reality Star is not making friends with her in laws. She is getting the major magazine covers without her husband…almost as if who cares about him it’s all about you!


It’s Kim Kardashian! Source: BG

This shouldn’t surprise anyone. Everything is all about Kim, 24/7. Kris Humphries should have seen the signs. She wouldn’t pose with him for magazine covers (90% of the wedding covers were solo photos of her). She planned her own proposal. She couldn’t be bothered to attend his sister’s fashion show. She planned for limos for her own family – but not for Kris’ family – for the day of the wedding. She taped scripted conversations about her doubts about the marriage and then tried to pass them off as having happened months ago to try to make herself look better.

Kim cares about Kim and only Kim. Kris Humphries’ family realized that early on and tried to warn him, but it took a while for Kris himself to accept it as fact. He was lucky to get out of that marriage so early. Credit to his parents and siblings for helping him see the light.


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34 comments to Reality Star Ticks Off In Laws

  • Ralphie

    Could it be anyone but Kim Kardashian? Gross.

    • RUKidding

      Kim Kardashian is a good guess, but he might not have agreed to join the constant publicity exposure that she enjoys; just minor/occasional publicity.

      It’s easy to tick of in-laws.

      • Ralphie

        I’ve already read that Kris Humphries parents and his dad’s relatives were appalled by the cameras everywhere. Downfront is an African-American blog, and Humphries is of mixed race. The poor guy doesn’t realize he is being used.

        I felt bad for his sisters…they were bridesmaids too but only the Kartrashians made the pic of the “bridal party.”

      • somethingoriginal

        kartrashians. gold.

      • FenPhen

        “The poor guy doesn’t realize he is being used.” Sweet, gullible Ralphie. That’s a laugh.

        What kind of person marries a notorious fame w.hore within six months of meeting them? A fellow fame w.hore!! He is loving the attention. Notice how he always seems so stoked to be photographed? Definitely no shrinking violet. He knew exactly what he was getting into – providing the means for Kim and P.imp Mama Kris to segue Kim’s career focus from sexpot to wife and mother.

        On a snarky side note, did the people who write Downfront get past third grade? They make Ted C’s posts look like Pulitzer-level writing.

      • bluecoral

        If the in laws were appalled at the cameras then that would mean that they are not publicity hounds. Therefore, they would have no reason to care that their son isn’t showing up on the cover of magazines…in fact, it sounds like they would be pleased. I just dont think it’s Kim K.

    • akajenb

      Who else but kim k, her marriage won’t last her mom is a pimp.

  • Mmmmyeahyouwantme

    I think it’s K. Kartrashian too…I mean, look at the cover of People about THEIR wedding. The cover was all about HER. Where was he?? Exactly. The deal this family made with the Devil musta been a whopper.

  • Sugar Cookie

    Kimmie K all the way! Is Kris Humphries and his family really that naive?

  • lindseyann

    Kim Kardashian.

  • lizzylee

    There was recently a report about Kim getting mad she was alone on a cover about their wedding when they took photos of both of them at the shoot. Definitely Kim and Kris. The report is probably fake though, I’m sure she’s fine being alone on the cover.

    • Ralphie

      I’ll bet momager/pimp Kris Jenner planted that story if it even existed.

      The only person who loves Kim more than herself is..,well, no one.

  • yinyang

    I’ll say Kendra!

  • GooglyMoogly

    am I the only one who wishes the Kardashian creeps would go away. Who watches their shows? Who buys their clothes at their stores? Who are the morons keeping these people relevant? Stop feeding the beast!

    • Ralphie

      No! In fact, I don’t know a single person who actually watches their show, buys their crap or likes them! Where are these people that DO support them?

    • bluecoral

      No you are certainly not. They are boring, narcissistic and overly made-up. Please tell me who would buy any of their cheap clothing.


      God you took the words rightout of my mouth. I mean Kim is a human urinal, Khloe is the product of sasquatch mating, the mother is probably the worst of them all. Please make them go away we did it for Paris lets do it for them

    • Sugar Cookie

      I actually saw someone in Boston wearing a Dash t-shirt. She was not a fashion-y type. So maybe this woman was wearing to be mocking ironic-cool. IDK. But when I first saw it, I nearly choked on my margarita.

    • akajenb

      Blame Ryan seacrest fvor thisw dumb show.

  • bluecoral

    I’d go with Bethenny. She has always had issues with her in-laws and they seem to be the type who might take offense to something like this.

  • redtape09

    It’s sad that he lets himself get used like that.

  • cocobeannns

    Who else, but Kim. Like Ralphie said, his entire family was appalled by the media circus that was their “wedding”. I give their relationship a year tops.

    • Ralphie

      You have to give it long enough for Kim to get pregnant, have the baby, then divorce him for her inevitable reality show as a single mother.

      I don’t think Kris the Hubby is a media w*…I think he’s a few brain cells short of a brain and is truly too dumb to know he’s being used!

  • Nichole

    I agree with Kim K and Kris. The People cover for their wedding was just a picture of Kim.

  • Tru Tru2

    Kim Cumbucket

  • blahblah

    KIM Kardash who else….is sooo gross the way this guy is grabbing her butt and glaring at her breasts every time they are seen together…..oy egad please make them GO AWAY. It’ll be sad day for him when he wakes up from the you know what whippin he’s been receiving.. there’ll be nothing left.

    Totally agree – who the hell is buying their crap and watching the shows???? It’s got to be either middle america or over seas….maybe it’s the entire armenian population that’s supporting them cuz i don’t get it and disgusted by all.

  • Bunnyface

    Wow, does this Downfront2 have an editor who went beyond fourth grade? The last sentence and random capitals are ridiculous.

  • Whatzmyname

    Kris Humphries is a meathead and deserves whatever he is going to get! A guy who proposes to a * is an undercover *. They dont even have anything in common.

  • Opulent57

    Kim Kardashian hands down!

  • BitterBlondin

    God, I really cannot stand her. She’s an even less talented, more irritating bad version of Paris hilton.