Kevin Bacon On The East Coast Evacuation

Hello, Blinders!

We know that many of you were caught by surprise by The Earthquake and are now bracing for The Hurricane.

Need help getting prepared? Here are a few sites we recommend:

National Hurricane Center

BG has a Go Bag. Do you?

Love, BG


Forget the preparedness stuff. Just get the F out of there!


Kevin Bacon has asked BG to provide our readers with his personal thoughts on the East Coast evacuation:


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31 comments to Kevin Bacon On The East Coast Evacuation

  • pixiedust

    Stay safe BG!

  • 4sixx2

    Thanks, BG, stay dry!! Love! <3

  • pixiedust

    Pixie is roasting on the West Coast. Thanks BG!

  • Ralphie

    Good to go here in Jersey, BG…but was supposed to be heading to OBX tomorrow.

    Oh well. Safety first. Just hope NC is ok…such a beautiful place w the nicest people.

  • PugletGirl

    The wind is picking up here in eastern NC! Should get fully impact tomorrow…

  • Arcadia

    I am being evacuated. I live less than 1 mile from the Atlantic Ocean. It is CHAOS going on right now! They are telling us we have to leave starting at 8AM tomorrow. This is a mandatory evacuation and the police are knocking on doors.

    Thanks BG for your concern!!

  • stanton

    I lost my home in 2005 and again in 2008 because of Hurricanes. PLEASE PEOPLE EVACUATE. I am glad we did. I know 3 people who lost their lives in Katrina because they did not evacuate. Trust me you can replace your “stuff” but nobody can replace “YOU”

  • Iwonder

    A humble request to all you evacuees:


    My thoughts and prayers are with you, be safe.

  • VinylDestination

    That’s so sweet of you BG!

  • Arcadia


    I agree!!

    There is a special shelter that is accommodating PETS ONLY for those undergoing mandatory evacuation. I think it is wonderful that this was set up!

    • soahs

      One of my online friends said she will not evacuate because pets would not be allowed. If this becomes mandatory then I don’t know what will happen. It would be wonderful if there are shelters for pets BEFORE things get hit. But will there be enough and in all states? I thought this problem was dealt with after the little boy was forced to leave the Superdome and seperated from his dog “Snowball” and was crying. Many other residents stayed behind because they would not leave their pets only to be forced to later.

      I thought this problem was dealt with!

      • Arcadia

        This is the Robo call I just received:

        8/26/2011 10:04:12 PM EST – This is the Suffolk County Office of Emergency Management calling with an important message. Effective 8:00 am Saturday August 27, 2011 Emergency Officials have ordered a mandatory evacuation in your area. Please gather just those belongings necessary for shelter during a period of approximately 72 hours. Proceed to a friend or family member’s house located outside the evacuation area or to the nearest open shelter as soon as possible.
        For further information and shelter locations go to

        The shelter for “pets only” is The Brentwood Recreation Center. Phone number (631) 436-6070.

  • ahorsenamedbill

    BG, thanks for the good prayers for all that are in the hurricane’s path.
    I agree, everyone, please, evacuate if your area is suggesting to do so.
    Be Safe Not Sorry.
    We were planning a getaway trip to St. John, USVI’s and had to cancel because of the rain and hurricane warning. Booooooo
    Thanks for the laughs, everyone!/k

  • jokerjim65

    I have a small barrier beach separating me from the ocean, hope it stays put. Waves as high as 24′ and I live in a heavily wooded area. Exactlu the way I did NOT want to spend my weekend.
    Good luck to everyone else in the way of the storm.

  • slimfast10

    Thanks for your concern BG, live here on the South Shore of Long Island, two weeks ago we had 11 inches of rain and major flooding. This week the 5.8 earthquake and now Irene with just announced mandatory evacuations. I think God is messing with us, hope we all ride it out with little or no damage. Fingers crossed….

  • seashore

    All the best to everyone from me in Paris France – prenez soin de vous memes!

  • Tru Tru2

    Everyone be safe and careful please!!

  • wubbzy

    Yes, BG readers, it’s always better to be safe than sorry! I live in Alaska, but my thoughts are still with you all on the east coast!

  • SayItAintSo

    Stay safe BG and everyone. :)

  • wfreshie

    stay well bg, thanks for posting the safety stuff.

    The kevin bacon clip was funny, we need that at times like this!

  • Bubbles

    It’s easy to remember people: run from water, hide from wind.

    And if you are in a mandatory evacuation zone and decide to stay, write your social security number in indelible ink on your arm to better identify you. We had folks who ignored the evaucation order and remain unidentified after Hurricane Ike three years ago.

  • Evelyn

    Love the video BG, it’s very reassuring! Although, so also reassuring are the thousands of miles between the hurricane and me here in the UK.

  • NYtoLA

    Had to evacuate my apt in nyc, my flight to lax was canceled, now hunkered down at the jersey shore :/

    Thanks for peoples thoughts!

    Ps: shelters are taking pets…..a lot of shelters are filling up, but there are plenty out there still!

  • next please

    Prayers for the east coast from Seattle