She’s Afraid For Herself And The Cat

[CDAN] Kind of obscure, but shocking. Really shocking. I actually thought about making this not a blind item, but then decided the woman is entitled to her privacy. The story should come out in the next few days and there will be enough detail for everyone to know I was first, but I just can’t be the first to give the woman’s name. Anyway, this D lister who has been in one documentary in which he starred and has had several appearances on television as his character is getting divorced. So, where is the shock? Well, the shock is that his soon to be ex says that he r*ped her and also fears for her life and the life of their cat when he is around.

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75 comments to She’s Afraid For Herself And The Cat

  • tonyc1

    David “Silly Billy” Friedman? That’s the only thing that came to mind. Is he married?

    • tonyc1

      I’ll also throw out the Rev Billy, but I haven’t seen him on reality TV.

    • CatGrant

      I don’t know but I HATE that dude. And he clearly has issues with females. And morals.

    • jeannie

      Has he ever done television appearances as Silly Billy? If so that makes this a really good guess.

      • tonyc1

        Definitely. He was on a VH1 reality show where he taught magic to D list celebrities. He also appears on one of those comment shows (think Best Week Ever). In both cases he appears as Silly Billy and not David Friedman (or Kaye).

        If you haven’t seen Capturing the Friedman’s, I would highly recommend it.

      • jeannie

        I just downloaded the movie after reading this guess for the blind! And thanks for mentioning his tv appearances. I had looked him up on and saw nothing under either David Friedman or David Kaye for television. Now that I know “Silly Billy” has been on television all of the clues fit! I think you’ve got this one right.

  • Ralphie

    I don’t even want to guess…I have a suspicion, but i just don’t want to put it in writing. The wording of the vice is weird but I think it refers to a “mockumentary,” hence the actor’s “character”

    I’d hate to be right and I’d feel absolutely awful guessing a name if it’s wrong.

    • jeannie

      I’m really curious who you have in mind. You said below it’s not the guy that plays Borat (and I agree this is definitely not about him), but I can’t think of anyone else who starred in a mockumentary and also made television appearances as that character.

      • Ralphie

        Someone has since posted the mockumentary that I was thinking of…but not the particular actor of whom I was thinking.

    • La Llorona

      I had a hunch it might have been one of the Jackass Crew.

      • PandoraWolf

        A piercer chick at a shop I had work done at was (allegedly) formerly married to the little one, who (allegedly) beat the crap out of her.

        And they did do some freaky animal related crap on that show.

  • PandoraWolf

    I was thinking ‘mock’umentary as well but only one comes to mind and it (and presumably it’s characters) are above D list.

  • gumbii2662

    What about Christopher Knight? He’s divorcing Adrianne Curry. *shrugs* They were in what I suppose could be construed as a documentary, “The Surreal Life,” and I think his Brady Bunch character did some cameos in other tv shows.

    • khaki

      I think you’ve got it (unfortunately). They had their reality show (documentary) and there have been several Brady shows/specials. In addition, I see they were interviewed by Cat Fancy and they have cats.

      • GoesInCircles

        I just can’t see Christopher Knight being a rapist or being violent. But I have been surprised before.

  • Alllie

    confusing. Did he play a character in the documentary and then have several tv appearances as that character, if so I have to say Borat/ Sasha B. Cohen

    • gippercat

      Can’t be, SB Cohen is at least B list, he’s had several mockumentaries and characters, and his wife (the lovely Isla Fisher) would be worried for their two daughters, not just herself and her cat.

      • Alllie

        good point, kids are higher up than cats. haaaaaaaaaa I keep laughing at her being “worried for the cat”, I cant be the only one thinking bad thoughts of “worried he’s gonna do what to the cat?!”

      • gippercat

        I like to think someone with kids and a cat in this situation would worry about both. I come from the pets-are-family school of thought and I don’t doubt a horrible abusive human would kill a beloved pet to “teach that b* a lesson”.

  • CindyBman

    What about Joaquin (I don’t know how to spell it) Phoenix? Isn’t he married to Casey Affleck’s sister?

  • Syd Wishes

    TonyC1, you nailed it. It’s David Kaye (David Freidman). I feel terrible for the poor wife.

  • dee123

    The wife & the kitty need to get out of there.

  • Spanx101

    Andrew Dice Clay

  • skimpypants

    Agree with this guess

  • CoCoJo

    I am so confused! Somebody please help me figure this blind out.

  • Stackhouse

    Whomever it is, this made me sick to my stomach. Rape is such a vile and heinous act, someone who is capable of doing something so truly sadistic, is capable of anything. Rapists and pedophiles, whom are often antisocials and narcissists, are humans at their worst form. I feel so incredibly sorry for whomever it is that had to go through this trauma, I hope she will get the help and support that she needs – and never fall for the same type again.

    • Outlineboy

      Wait, time out, Stackhouse. According to the blind she only “says” that he did it. If they’re divorcing there could be a lot of angry words being thrown around. Let’s give him the benefit of the doubt until some proof is produced.

      • Syd Wishes

        Isn’t there a site where contrarians are appreciated that you might prefer to here? It’s like being stuck with a first-year law student, you argue every point. Please, BASTA!

    • michaelboston80

      Relax! This is a fun gossip website, no need to stress about serious topis or bring your issues into it; just name your guess and let it go.

      • pookie

        The blind is about rape. Do you really consider that fun gossip?

      • Stackhouse

        Apparently he does, Pookie.

      • Stackhouse

        It’s wonderful that you can feel no empathy for others, Michael, but unfortunately – I can’t. You see, when I hear about something serious – and especially something as grave as rape – that affects someone else, I usually feel for them. It might seem alien to you, but if you google it (“empathy definition”), it might enlighten you.

    • Rock90210

      Can we please get over the pontificating on this site about things we all agree are bad? Enough already.

    • La Llorona

      Uh…wow, you got some weird comments down there.

      I just wanted to say that I agree with you wholeheartedly, although I’ll say that rapists come in all forms and sizes. Not the most comforting thought, I know :(

  • jokerjim65

    This is confusing. He was in a documentary AND several appearances on television as his character is getting divorced. Does that mean the character in the documentary is crossed over to a tv show or is it two separate unrelated characters??
    Can’t see it being Christopher Knight. Adrienne tweets about everything and no issues with being personal, plus she kickboxes and is in crazy good shape. I would think she would get the better of Chris.
    Are the Real Housewives documentary?

  • wfreshie

    this is horrible, I don’t even want to guess.

    hope she gets the support and help she needs

  • wfreshie

    I have a question? the way it is wrote sounds like his character is getting divorced

    and he is getting divorced in real life as well?

    • jeannie

      The wording is a little confusing because I think there’s a couple of commas missing. It should read as “this d lister, who has been in one documentary in which he starred and has had several appearances on television as his character, is getting divorced”.

      • CoCoJo

        Oooh, thanks, that would make it a little clearer.

        For all those who think grammar, punctuation and diction are unimportant, check this link out Taylor Mali’s Typography poem on YouTube.

        Don’t know if this post will be accepted as is.

  • gippercat

    Nah he’s had at least one other documentary (Pom Wonderful Presents this year). And he doesn’t seem hateful to women and animals.

  • Outlineboy

    Just thought I would throw out there that another reason CDAN shouldn’t name the people involved is that this woman “SAYS” that he raped her, etc. Angry people “say” a lot of things when they’re going through divorces, etc.

    Not saying he didn’t do it, but come on!

    • Reader

      hate to sound like a misogynist but totally agree with outlineboy. both men and women going through a divorce say a lot of cr*p. the boy who claimed michael jackson raped him – well that all came out during the divorce of his parents. and mothers have been done to even accuse their former husbands of pedophilia and incest to get back at their husbands … just saying – it’s an easier accusation for women to make than men. not saying that’s it not true. just saying that maybe judgment should be withheld until the *facts* are better known. like the infamous mcmartin preschool alleged pedophilia case which turned out to be…. who knows now

    • Stackhouse

      There are people who would use it to harm another person, yes, but it is not a common lie. And the people who would lie about it, are usually as disturbed as those who would commit such a crime.

    • PandoraWolf

      If the wife is serious about the allegations, then I hope she files charges.

      If she is NOT and IS just saying it for sympathy, I hope that karma whoops her in the ass for it. It’s not a word to throw around casually just to get your way.

    • CheshireKitty

      Well I just think I should point out that due to the fact that legal types love to imply that marriage equals consent forever, so lie down woman and take it, many survivors of spousal sexual assault don’t press charges or are reluctant to.

      Also, rape isn’t a common lie at all; that’s yet another myth thrown around by the patriarchy to dismiss our ‘hysteria’.

  • Summer70

    I go with the Christopher Knight guess but was Bruce Boxleitner in a mocumentary?

  • SheilaK

    A Really out there guess: Jamie Lee Curtis husband was in the mocumentary Spinal Tap, and it seems like he has been seen as that character but I can’t remember when.

  • sinamin

    Michael Moore? Crocodile Hunter? Spike Lee?

    • tonyc1

      Lol. Michael Moore can’t find his penis although he could get hungry and eat the cat. The Crocadile Hunter was buried in Pet Semetary and now has risen from the dead.

      Spike Lee? He’s only made one documentary but continues to appear on reality TV as his character, Flavor Flav.

  • seashore

    Christopher Guest is Nigel Tufnell and he’s appeared as that character loads of times on chat shows, in concert etc. But I bloody hope it isn’t him

  • seashore

    …there’s no way it’s him actually. All the films he’s directed are in that vein – mockumentary. The blind refers to one documentary

  • myleatherjacket

    This my be severely reaching, and I am not sure if they are even cat owners, but maybe Heidi and Spencer? He now says that the “villain” he played on The Hills was not actually him, but the character he created for the show. And it sounds like that was the same way he behaved on I’m A Celebrity, Get Me Out of Here, as well as both of them making a cameo on a sitcom (maybe How I Met Your Mother, but not positive). And I feel like reality shows could technically fall into the documentary category. Plus I really do think he is crazy, not just “acting”.

  • ToadKisser

    David Friedman is the only one who could possibly fit. He appeared as himself in Capturing the Friedmans and on TV as his character, Silly Billy. He lost his successful business as a children’s party clown after the movie came out

    • ToadKisser

      and comes from a seriously dysfunctional family with a history of sexual abuse charges and convictions. He filmed a good amount of the footage for the documentary and offered it to the filmmaker who started out just making a film about party clowns but uncovered the dark story of the Friedman family.

  • La Llorona

    I wouldn’t say he’s a D lister though. Although I guess his fame qualifies him for that.

  • mcwmomma

    Larry David? yeh no I really got nothing else…..and I’ll answer my own question, that yes, he is above D-list….or at least I think he is?

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