This Week On Animal Hoarders

[BuzzFoto] This elderly actor who was once A list in his day in film, allegedly loves animals so much he keeps a whole variety of different species in his home. His home is said to smell awful and have evidence of animals everywhere. He even loves his pets so much, it’s said he allows his pet ferret, several dogs, and sometimes even rodents to sleep in his bed at night. 600

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  1. Ralphie says

    It would have to be someone who is a widower or not married, no? I can’t see a wife or gf tolerating it. Which takes Ernest Borgnine right off my list.

    What about Martin Landau?

    • jokerjim65 says

      Just saw this, Martin Landau makes a LOT of sense!! Agree with all the logic, widowed, separated or gay makes the most sense.

  2. bigtexashair says

    Dick van duke.

    I bet he’s loopy in his old age.

    Long time lurker, I’m sad to waste my first time on something so non relevant and non-scandalous as this.
    Love love love the site. Total obsession.

    • SouthJerseyGirl says

      He’s the first person I thought of too but don’t think he would be thought of as an actor.

  3. digitallyspeaking says

    This might be Mickey Rooney. He’s worked with PETA and adopts animals. Remember early this year when he got a restraining order against his son-in-law for elder abuse and then appeared before a senate committee about it? Well, I just read how he voluntarily withdrew it 2 months later. He is still married to Jan, his wife (who denied the allegations), but something’s fishy. And sad.

  4. Hampton says

    Ed Asner is a good guess.Try Hugh O’Brien or Earl Holliman they were both A-list back in the 50s.Think of an A-lister either movie or tv from the50s or 60s.If anyone can recall -DorisDay had a local tv show and talked with celebs who loved animals.

  5. Lizzard1012 says

    I want all those puppies in the picture, SO CUTE!!!!!!

    As far as a guess is concerned I thought of Richard Gere when it listed rodents in bed…

    I don’t know who it is, but rodents and ferrets in bed is disgusting… Dogs, okay fine that’s normal, but a rat sleeping next to you, I THINK NOT!!!!!

  6. brynnette says

    Is Jerry Lewis still married? I think you can say he’s loopy. Either him, or I agree with the Mickey Rooney guess. (thanks BG!)

  7. Cosmo Topper says

    Hugh O’Brien and Earl Holliman were never A-list. O’Brien’s biggest success was on television with WYATT EARP. He was never very big in films or even on tv after that, although he worked regularly. Holliman was usually a supporting player. He was a good actor and respected but rarely billed above the title. An earlier blind item said that an actor is suffering from Alzenheimer’s. A guess that seemed apt was Jon Voight. He was A-list in the early 1970s, ebbed, and came back briefly in the late 70s. If he is the one that the blind item was talking about previously, he might be the one who has the animal obsession. I have no idea if her is married right now.