Girls Are Mobbing The Wrong Singer

[CDAN] This foreign born multi-platinum selling R&B singer who is barely out of his teens was getting mobbed the other night by adoring female fans. What they did not realize is that he has been having an affair with a much older man for the past three years.

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62 comments to Girls Are Mobbing The Wrong Singer

  • cassand

    justin beiber and usher

  • Ralphie

    Let’s say Sean Kingston.

  • cocobeannns

    Bieber? Bahahaha. Isn’t he like 18? R&B might be a strech, but given his collaborations with Usher and Ludacris, this could be about right.

  • Emmelina

    Drake… is 25 apparently.

  • acancan123

    He still caters to a teen market, eh? And he’s honestly the only multi-platinum foreign artist that I can think of, but that doesn’t mean much….

  • CatGrant

    I would say Sean Kingston – because he’s 21 and I thought Jamaican – but I guess he was born in Miami and moved to Jamaica at age 6. But maybe CDAN made the same assumption I did.

  • Bill Simmons

    Drake is an R and b singer? I thought he was a rapper who sings in some of his songs.

  • Bill Simmons

    How about Iyaz?

  • Yeahyo

    Beiber and Usher. Gross

  • Elfie

    Was going to say Trey Songz or Mario Dewar Barrett.. But I think they are both americans…

  • cocobeannns

    Music artists make more than one kind of music. Many artists crossover into other genres, such as Drake. His music is very much R&B. Even if he does rap.

  • LeahLynn28

    Is Bieber an R&B singer?Justin is almost 18 and is canadian,so he fits in the “barely out of his teens”.But if this boy is Justin…with Usher like some said here?I hope not.That’s gross and criminal,but would prove the rumors that say Justin is gay.I don’t know if that’s Justin,but it would be possible,gross and disgusting,but possible.
    Again,is Bieber an R&B singer…?

  • Tru Tru2

    I don’t care, enough for me to say Bieber..
    Ive heard Usher is the man.

  • yepimbored

    Justin Bieber
    -he’s 17
    -sings pop/R&B
    – he was at the Do Something Awards yesterday, so no doubt a lot of his fans were there.
    “older man”- Usher (signed JB in 2008)

  • apple martini

    I don’t see how it can be Bieber when Bieber is very much still in his teens. If Drake being 25 disqualifies him, so does Bieber still being 17. “Barely out of his teens” implies someone who is, you know, actually out of their teens, like 20-22.

  • lindseyann

    Justin Bieber and Usher?!?!?!

    In a recent interview, Usher was talking about how Bieber wanted a Porsche for his 18th birthday and Usher replied that Justin “knows what he’s got to do” to get it. O.O

    • PandoraWolf

      By “knows what he’s got to do” I hope he means go down to the Porsche dealership and write a check. The other implied option is a wee bit creepy since Justin Beiber hit puberty like what, two weeks ago?

  • cincinnatikate

    I refuse to argue if ” barely out of his teens” could refer to a 17 year old.

    My qualified guesses are, Mario, but don’t know what older man he’d be doing, and my better guess is Marquez Houston and Chris Stokes….OR Omarion and the man would be Jermaine Dupre

  • i8mytoes

    Guys… key words here:
    *OUT* of his teens
    Bieber’s age is seven*TEEN*

    If the writer of this blind meant Beebs, then that person is not familiar with the meaning of the word “out.”
    Going out on a limb. I DON’T think that’s the case.

  • GyThanksGd

    So talent means nothing unless the fans think you are straight?

    • GoesInCircles

      Sad but true. Welcome to America my friend.

      • GyThanksGd

        But is that the opinion of the general population or is it just the fears of producers, etcetera?

      • janesmith

        I think you got it, gy. Then there’s the part of the country that would be horrified by the simple fact he’s gay, but not as many as i think all the handlers panic about. In many cases, it’s not the gay haters they worry about as much as the women who will have trouble fantasising about a gay teen idol and therefore won’t go to his concerts thinking she can actually hook up with him, or buy his posters, or swoon over him in movies.

        I say, look at captain jack from Torchwood, the hottest thing ever imo, who’s out and proud. He’s doing just fine, thanks. All these people living a lie drives me friggin nuts. just be who you are and stop with your bearding and lying, people!

      • GoesInCircles

        Right on!

  • Kym

    What about Chipmunk? He’s 20 (barely out of his teens, born in London and his first album went platinum.

    Only problem with this guess is that he might not be that popular in the States to warrant a ‘fan-mobbing’. Could be quite well known for his single with Chris Brown though.

  • dee123

    There are exceptions to the rule like Ellen or NPH but 99% of the you are correct.

  • obladioblada

    I thought CDAN was a Canadian site?? I was going to guess Jeremih.

  • cincinnatikate

    I now, say Sean Kingston, at the ickelodeon awards (Typo, and it stays) is where he was mobbed. Foreign & he is 21.

  • ImThinking

    Bruno Mars. He always activate my gaydar.

  • elleandbee

    Tinie Tempah?
    British, 22, has a big single out right now (Written in the stars)