He Took His Young Child On A Run

[BuzzFoto] This married C List actor with kids from a hit network show is so addicted to pain meds that he took his young child on a drug run with him. His guilt got the best of him because as he approached the dealer, he told him he couldn’t go through with the transaction. The dealer then revealed himself as an undercover agent and would have arrested the star if he had made a purchase. 596

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23 comments to He Took His Young Child On A Run

  • Sterling

    Wow, a NARC revealing himself? Very interesting. I was thinking Eric Dane. Wasn’t he supposed to be in rehab for prescription drugs?

  • Clare

    I’m not quite sure, but this is really sad.

  • gippercat

    RE. the photo — are those what one might call ‘dad jeans’?


    my question is as follows: How the hell do they find out about this stuff, like I doubt “daddy dearest” is bragging about this to everyone?

    • dingopop

      I thought about that too.

      But for the fun of it: Justin Chambers?

    • ferrd69

      he told someone who told someone who told someone who told someone who told buzzfoto (without it necessarily even being that long a line.)

      or the narc told someone who told someone who… you get the picture.

      stuff gets around.

  • LeahLynn28

    I admit i don’t know who this actor is,but what he did was very sad and scary.This child won’t learn anything good from this sad situation,not even him.I just hope the actor searches for professional help asap,because if he took his own child with him when he went out to buy drugs,he really needs help.He was lucky the dealer was an undercover agent and recognized him,or he would be in trouble now.

  • cincinnatikate

    Its worded creatively ..i thought it read as: he had kids on a show and took younger kids with him to get the drugs… and undercovers would reveal themselves in an attempt to stop and embarrass this guy. And I totally seeing cops discussing this at the precinct after the fact and some clerk overhearing as well.

  • allie

    no an undercover would not reveal himself. Most of the cops I know have other jobs or side businesses and don’t usually say they are cops. They also usually live in a nearby town and not work where they sleep.

  • jokerjim65

    No chance an undercover cop reveals himself. WAY to dangerous.

  • Summer70

    I second this.

  • FamousPeopleDoStupidThings

    I wonder, too.

  • waxDiva

    Celebs read BG. Could this be so vague as to be just about anyone… as a warning? Just a theory.