The American Idol Girl And The Gay Actor

[CDAN] One of my favorite American Idol castoffs was at it again the other night. Running from red carpet to red carpet to earn a few bucks and stay in the spotlight, she did spend some time hitting on this becoming very popular very quickly B list movie actor who is definitely not a bad looking guy. When he told her he was gay and not interested, she told him it did not matter to her. She thought they could help each other out. Well, he did help out someone else a few years ago.

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37 comments to The American Idol Girl And The Gay Actor

  • racmwil

    Pia Toscana

  • AchebeToMe

    I’m so sad to even suggest this but perhaps Chris Evans? He is rapidly shooting to stardom with Captain America then his new romcom flick coming out. Then with dating Jessica Biel in the past could be the person he was helping out if her rumors of swinging the other way are true. He hasn’t dated anyone that I know of since Biel. So American Idol person, were any of them at the New Balance party recently?

  • AchebeToMe

    Ooh also want to point out Chris Evans brother is openly gay and sometimes that can run in the family (purely opinion but with some scientific backing) I personally believe it is genetic and while not substantial back up, know of a family with three gay brothers.

  • dee123

    So let me see if i’ve got this right. This desperate AI girl was after finding out this guy was gay offered to be a beard.
    What’s interesting about this blind is that the last line kind of implies HE bearded for someone. That’s kind of rare isn’t it?
    Did Amber Heard ever date anyone famous before she came out?

    If all of this thinking is wrong then I’ll just go for the default answer of Taylor Lautner.

    • karaduff

      I don’t think it is mean to mean that he was a beard for a lesbian. It sounds like more of a fake relationship for publicity like this unknown idol chick is trying to do.

  • Rafael

    Bradley Cooper and…?

    I say this because the guy from the season the pic is from is seriously Coops twin!

  • Quinnie88

    Pia Toscono? i think thats how you spell her name.
    Cant think of anybody else right now and i feel like its a new american idol cast off.

  • Cuddlebutt

    Kimberly Locke? Caldwell?

    • wykkyd

      I think this is Kimberly Caldwell, frequently does hosting jobs for red carpet events. No guesses for the actor, could be any one of a thousand.

  • Sterling

    Kristy Lee Cook or Katherine McPhee for the idol castoff.

  • cocobeannns

    I’m going with Taylor Lautner for the actor. Who he helped a few years ago, Taylor Swift. Their “relationship” helped boost both of their careers.

    I’ll go with Hailey for the Idol girl.

  • Summer70

    So I am guessing, this cast off was from this season? I don’t think it is Pia, at this point she doesn’t need it.
    The one who fits is Kimberly Caldwell from season 2 or 3.

  • Rowena

    Clay Aiken and?

  • wfreshie

    it says the idol cast off is “at it again”, they have done this before so I think it is someone who from an older season…

    kristie lee cook

  • wfreshie

    the american idol tour is still going on right now so wouldn’t pia and haley be too busy with that?

    kat mcphee has a new tv show coming up this season and she is married to some old rich guy, so I think it’s not her

  • wfreshie

    it says the idol is a she, so no clay!!

    if the pic is a clue… 11 on tour, 13 in the pic, the other 2 are karen rodriguez and Aishthon jones

  • angelcake

    Definitely Pia Toscano and someone else. (her first stunt with Mark Ballas, who also dated another idol contestant for publicity.)

    I am going to take a stab in the dark and guess Dane Cook, who is also a movie actor in addition to a comedian. He dated another AI contestant.

  • wfreshie

    how would pia have time to run to all these red carpet events if she is still doing the idol tour??

    but cook is good guess for the other person!

  • jokerjim65

    I can not see Pia doing this, she has pure talent. I think her voice will keep her relevant.
    It also says, “at it again”, seems like it is an ongoing issue, so maybe someone from a couple of years ago. Not familiar with any attention craving losers, by name anyway

  • CosmoMan

    There is no way that a closeted B lister would admit to an Idol cast-off fame * that he is gay. It was probably someone who is out but the singer is too dumb to know.

  • KWDragon

    This makes me think Kelli Pickler. I know she does casino shows and fairs. Red carpet and desperate? Check! As for the actor, I have no clue.

  • nywizard08

    I dont know the American Idol girl, since i stopped watching it after season 2, but the guy shouldnt be hard to guess…..Chris Evans has an openly gay brother, he definitely seems straight to me..the clue is helping someone out, so he must have “bearded” for someone in the past and it doesnt say whether he is out or not. I assume not, since otherwise itd be obvious…Bradley Cooper is a good guess, since he bearded for Jennifer Aniston and Renne Zelwegger or Zac Efron, since he was with Vanessa Hudgens

  • ivyleaguer

    would it be easier to make a list of American idol winners who have been doing a lo of red carpet evens unrelated to their own projects, lately. that might narrow down the AI alum at least.

  • ivyleaguer

    ^^that’s “lots” and “events”… the fingers get lazy at 2 am, I guess. LOL.

  • Rmvman

    Pia Toscano and Chris Lowell

    Pia is currently promoting her new single ‘This Time” which gives her reason to run from ‘red carpet to red carpet.’ Toscano performed the single on So You Think You Can Dance on August 4, 2011, Good Morning America August 12, followed by a performance on Regis and Kelly August 16.

    This may be a coincidence, but ‘Running from RED carpet to RED carpet to earn a few bucks and stay in the spotLIGHT,’ may be a reference to RED LIGHT Productions, the agency that currently manages Pia.

    Chris Lowell is definitely a guess, b/c he isn’t considered a B-list actor. However, constantly using the word ‘help’ in the blind, leads me to think that the actor is from the movie ‘The Help’. Chris Lowell acts in ‘The Help’ and ‘The Help’ debuted on August 9th, the same time Pia was making her red carpet rounds. Chris Lowell acted in Private Practice for 3-4 years.

    Last Chris Lowell ‘dated’ Kristin Bell, who is currently engaged, however was surrounded by lesbian rumors because of a comment she made about her possibly becoming a lesbian after working with her beautiful female costars from Burlesque.

    Just a guess…