Gay Star Gets Closeted Man’s Attention

[EOnline] We love Hildago Van Buren, the out star of many different talents. Not only can he hold his own, singing, dancing and acting, he can also hold his latest costar’s p*nis—and does he!

Oh my, what the hell happened? Put the kiddie fans to bed and find out:

Recently Hildago signed up for a big production. You know, one of those shows with row upon row of deluxe dressing rooms. And it was inside one of these private star residences that Hildago got propositioned.

In itself, it’s not so shocking. Van Buren’s a super charming, über-talented guy. No, the shocker here is who made the approach—somebody with hundreds of thousands of teeny-bopper fans, somebody who would probably not work again (at the same level to which he’s become accustomed), if word got out he was rubbing his privates up against Van Buren behind closed doors!

Did Hildago bite? No, surprisingly. But he’s also no fool:

Before Hildy decided to let his surprise suitor down, telling him he wasn’t interested in a quickie, he did take the time to feel up the guy’s goods.

How the hell often to you have the chance to check out the family jewels of one of the world’s biggest stars?

Like, never!

(Van Buren remains impressed.)

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