Actress Is Trolling Craigslist For Paid Dates

[BuzzFoto] This D list ‘actress’ that was really made famous for her work on a drama/sitcom in the late ’90s is finding it hard to pay for her pill habit. To fund her dangerous and dark habit, she has been meeting people on Craigslist for money. 593

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61 comments to Actress Is Trolling Craigslist For Paid Dates

  • wee niknak

    heaher locklear…gotta be

  • jokerjim65

    wow,if this is Heather Locklear, that is really sad. Isn’t she higher than D list??

  • chillenout

    I don’t think it’s Heather. She became famous in the 80’s when she was on Dynasty.

  • lcl22

    Heather is definitely higher than a D-list and she’s famous for several shows dating back to the early 80’s.
    I’ll guess Kristen Johnston from 3rd Rock from the Sun.

  • Scorpio13

    Mischa Barton

  • Who me

    Just a wild stab in the dark….But, the picture could be a reference to the TV show “Silk Stockings”, that used to come on USA channel. So, possible names for the actress….Mitzi Kapture, Tyler Layton, or Janet Gunn.

    • Smoke

      I loved Silk Stalkings! Liked it better with Mitzi and Rob Estes.

    • Bekah

      Lisa Robin Kelly (Eric Foreman’s older sister on That ’70’s Show) had a role in an episode of Silk Stalkings. She was also arrested for DWI in 2010 and looked h-a-g-g-a-r-d.
      Whoever it is, this is really sad :(

  • gippercat

    I’d guess Pam Anderson but she’s probably C list

    • Lil Debbull

      I think you got it! Man, I feel silly for not immediately thinking Pam Anderson- it has to be her. She’s not exactly an actress, she’s definitely D list and she is broke. And, I wouldn’t be surprised at all if she had a pill problem.

      • gippercat

        Yeah now that I remember she’s basically a Playboy model beyond anything else (Baywatch hired her to bounce around in a bikini, not to ‘act’), I like my guess better. AND we know she’s hard up for cash.

      • MzDb

        She was also on Home Improvement.

      • Lassie

        (quibble) she wore a one-piece red tank suit, it wasn’t a ‘bikini’ show, rescuing people. She has Hep C, she can’t be popping pills, it would kill h er sooner.

      • gippercat

        Rescuing people with her big floatation devices… ha. OK moving on, I guess the Hep C could rule the Pam guess out? Or is she that self-destructive?

      • vorpalswrd

        If you honestly think having Hepatitis C will stop someone with dependency issues from continuing to use you are sorely mistaken.

    • Ralphie

      The problem with Pam as a guess is talent or acting ability aside, she’s too recognizeable to pull this off. She can’t exactly pay anyone hush money if she’s as broke as the blind implies, and no guy is gonna keep his mouth shut if he’s * her.

      • FamousPeopleDoStupidThings

        Agreed!!! And even if she was unrecognizable, it just seems as if Tommy would take care of her. Regardless of their problems there seems to be a real love between them.

      • cincinnatikate

        she didnt have to pay Kid Rock to stay mum..or Tommy Lee… people will keep that secret if she continues to be willing…

      • Rock90210

        Pam was NOT principally known for a “drama/sitcom” in the 90’s. She’s known for alot of stuff.

    • MzDb

      I’m guessing this one too. A few years ago she paid off some gambling debts by doing sexual favors for the ex-husband of E.G. Dailey (sp?). Turning to Craig’s list seems up her alley.

    • pumpkin

      I just don’t see Pam Anderson as D-list, in only because of her name and face (and body) recognition.

    • luvprue1

      Pam has two kids and likely receive money from her ex-husband. Plus if she needed pills I sure Tommy ,or kid rock could easily score some for her. Beside If it was her, it really wouldn’t be a blind item, it would be front page news.

  • Lindsay Bluth

    Lisa Nicole Carson (something like that) from Ally McBeal maybe? My first thought was Natasha Lyonne but she doesn’t fit the sitcom/drama clue.

    • EvaDiva

      And it’s known that she has a drug problem. I like this guess.

    • Ralphie

      Natasha Lyonne is ALWAYS a good guess for a D list clue about drugs!

    • AmeeVee

      I agree – she’s who came to mind too. Not many shows can be classed as real drama/sitcom hybrids, but Ally McBeal. There was a blind a few months back about an actress from a 90s show who was trolling a bus station somewhere and I thought it was her too. Very, very sad.

      • c729

        Where is her family???? I thought her drug problem was a result of her self medicating due to either bipolar or schizophrenia? I do believe this is her and it’s tragic.

    • dee123

      Ooh that’s a very good guess.

    • jackedup

      I’m going with this one! She pretty much fell off the face of the earth and the “actress” could be a reference to the fact that she hasn’t done anything at all since then…

    • luvprue1

      It very well could be Lisa Nicole Carson. She has a drug problem,on top of being bipolar.

  • hazel

    I’ve love to say Jodie Sweetin, but that was late 80s.

    • LooLoo

      That was still on well into the 90s if I recall correctly. I remember this one dork watching it when I was in college in about 1995.

  • stan

    What about one of the girls from “Sex and the City”

  • Ralphie

    Actress is used loosely…what about Vonda Shepherd? Got very popular for Ally McBeal as the l

    • Ralphie

      Ugh…comment posted before I finished…

      As the lounge singer at the club they frequented and sang the theme song. Didn’t watch it but know the name. Would qualify as D list.

      • rdmtimp

        Doubtful – she’s primarily a singer/songwriter, not an actress. She still records and performs, and she’s married to record producer Mitchell Froom.

        Personally, I’m on the Lisa Nicole Carson train – she was fired from both Ally McBeal and ER for various issues. Shame – back in the day she was smokin’ hot.

  • CosmoMan

    Question – why is the word actress inside quote marks. Is it because she is so bad that she might not be considered an actress or is it someone who was on a show even though she was not really an actress?

  • jeannie

    I think this is the girl that originally played the older sister on That 70’s Show. She has a known problem with drugs, and “actress” might be in quotes because she hasn’t acted in anything since. I can’t recall her name right now and I’m on a cell phone so I can’t check right now, but she’s my guess.

    • Ralphie

      Oh Lisa Robin Kelly? Hmmm she was replaced for suspected drug use and had a DWI.

      But That 70s show wasn’t really a drama…

      • jeannie

        The blind said drama/sitcom, which I took to mean (as a slash usually does) as “and/or”, so if that’s the case That 70’s Show and that actress work. If not, I have no guess!

    • Bekah

      She was also in an episode of Silk Stalkings.

  • kday

    Maia Campbell. She has a drug problem, and did TV in the 90s.
    Jodie S didn’t do drama, and was more into meth and alcohol as per her book.

  • Quinnie88

    I actually thought of Shannon Doherty from Bev Hills 90210 she got noticed from that show and i could see her having a pill problem maybe?

  • wfreshie

    but shannon has that reality show coming up, that will follow her as she plans her wedding

    don’t think it’s her

  • Quinnie88

    oh never heard about shannon in a long time had no idea she was even engaged lol

  • rhchapin

    It cannot be Heather Locklear (she has her own $$ and worked A LOT throughout the 80’s & 90’s and early 2000’s) or Pamela Anderson (she could find a sugar daddy if need be).

    It has to be someone who is on the verge of obscurity but still looks good enough to get paid the kind of money she needs to support her habit.

    What was a drama/sitcom in the late 90’s? To me, D List means a show on a minor network like TBS, WB or CW network or she was a minor character.

    • Stinkweed

      According to Celebrity Net Worth, Pam is only worth $5 million dollars. That’s really not a whole lot of money, considering what it cost to live in CA and keep up the celebrity lifestyle.

  • jackedup

    I’m going to through this one out there…Vanessa Marquez. She was on ER as a regular character AND she was on A&E’s Intervention albeit for non-drug related addictions and phobias. She is bipolar and unfortunately, quite a few people with that disorder try to self medicate.

  • amagod121

    Pammie’s the one who’s known for being broke in Hollywood. And she looks so old and hard for 41 that I really have to wonder if she isn’t hooking and doing pills to look so worn out.

  • tidho

    Most of the actresses mentioned don’t fit the drama/sitcom model.

    Ally McBeal is a reasonable guess for the show though.