A Surprise Booty Call

[BuzzFoto] The day this C/D list star criticized her ex for a magazine interview was the day she hooked up with him again. She did the tell-all interview and then popped on over for a booty call. Are we supposed to feel sorry for her?

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28 comments to A Surprise Booty Call

  • SouthJerseyGirl

    Denise Richards and Charlie Sheen?

  • Norcalgal

    Kat Von D and ex-fiancé Jesse James.

  • Ralphie

    Kelly Osbourne? I’d like to think she has more sense than that!

    Denise has been so careful not to say anything about Charlie so that’s why I’m reluctant to guess her.

    • jinx

      You are so right Ralphie – Denise does not “talk” about Charlie. I think he has many many secrets about her that she doesn’t want known. They have a deal I guess.

      I do like the Kat guess though.

      • mrsjaymack

        Good point. I think her not speaking is more out of fear of him than anything, though. She always looks scared to death when his name is brought up.

      • leerey

        yup, she was supposedly a high price call girl back in the day. I’m sure that was a turn on for Charlie Sheen. I don’t suppose this comment will make it through. Oh well, worth a try. :-)

    • Danielle

      Has Kelly done a recent interview about her ex? I only remember her lashing out on facebook or something.

      • Ralphie

        I’m not sure…but she has been over in UK for a few weeks now mourning Amy Winehouse…I thought maybe it might have to do with proximity.

  • musicthatswhatsup

    What about the bachelor peeps? Emily and Brad

    • gippercat

      They’ve only been saying kind things about each other in the press, how they still love each other but “it just didn’t work out”. Now that I’ve outted myself as a Bachelor/ette fan, I would like to say Vienna’s new nose looks good.

  • katgirl476

    Didn’t Heidi and Spencer breakup for a hot minute and she talked out about him?

    • cocobeannns

      Yeah, but that was all just a PR stunt. They didn’t actually break-up and were never going to get divorced.

  • CheshireKitty

    If this is a past incident, I’m going Jessica Simpson and John Mayer after his infamous skeezy interview on his exes.

    • cocobeannns

      I like this guess, but unfortunately I do believe Simpson is more than a C/D list. Based on name recognition alone, I would say she’s at least a B lister. The picture could be a clue however, with the brunette male and the blonde female!

  • wonderone

    Has to be Denise Richards and Charlie Sheen.

  • TxGal

    Jennifer Lopez

  • gippercat

    How about Holly Madison and Hef? (Insert illustration of ancient man.)

  • Outlineboy

    Bree Olson and Charlie Sheen. She just dished on him in the latest Playboy.

    • Mustela_Nivalis

      Except for two things, the first is that Bree said nothing but good things in her interviews. The second is that she has been in Fort Wayne and on the East Coast (up until two days ago) for two months while Charlie has been laying low in LA. I like the Denise Richards guess.

  • lindseyann

    To be honest, I don’t consider Denise Richards C/D list. She’s like a B- in my book.

  • ImWearingVersace

    Courteney Cox?

  • pookie

    The picture looks like Pam Anderson. LOL

  • mrs mars

    Dear BG,

    Consider this as SOLVED by checking out this post (from Perez Hilton) of confirmation ( even though we don’t think we need one) :

    Jesse James And Kat Von D Reconcile — The Two Are Engaged Again!

    Filed under: Love Line > Twitter > Jesse James > Kat Von D

    Really? Why?!?
    Earlier this month we stated there might be a chance that Kat Von D and Jesse James would get back together.
    Well, it has happened!
    Jesse has confirmed the news and the engagement is back on. He reveals:
    “Sometimes you are only given one chance in life. It was up to me to open my eyes and see it. That girl is my chance. I will never stop fighting and striving to hold on to her. Showing her how special she is, and how much I love her.”
    James even took to his Twitter and posted the photo above showing the two of them kissing with the caption “para siempre” which in Spanish means “forever.”
    What do U think about Jesse and Kat getting back together???
    Posted: Aug 18, 2011 at 10:17 pm

    —A similar post from (CDAN ) at 9:40 am Aug 19,2011: Kat Von D & Jesse James having ex sex

    On the day TLC showed mercy to the world by canceling Kat Von D’s show LA Ink, it was also announced that Kat and Jesse James were engaged again. I don’t really believe they are engaged again. I think that Jesse was having a hard time finding an Aryan in Texas to have sex with so called up Kat and the only way she would let him have sex with her is if he said they were engaged again. I think as soon as Jesse finds his Eva Braun, then Kat will be sent packing again. It is obvious that she is way more in love with him than he is with her. That is always a recipe for disaster, because the one person usually will do anything to save the relationship and that is not an equal thing which relationships need to be. Jesse is just using her like he uses everyone in his life because he is a selfish prick.