TV Star Has A Surprising Dating Preference

[CDAN] This is an interesting one. This actress is C list. Yes, she stars in her own television show which should make her at least a B lister, but she just does not get the publicity or really have that special name recognition. Her name is easy to remember though. Anyway, our actress has never really been in the public eye which has allowed her to date who she wants. Her preference? She-Males. Yep. The actress from a conservative town has the craziest f*tish I have heard in a long time.

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  1. Ralphie says

    I was thinking Piper Perabo but she’s from NJ and we aren’t really all that conservative here…

    Mary-Louise Parker? She’s from South Carolina and while having had two higher profile relationships she never seems to be in the tabloids…

    • gimli5 says

      I remember she was in the tabloids for a while when Billy Crudup dumped her when she was 8 months pregnant…plus she’s won awards for Weeds and been in movies lately so I would consider her solidly B-list.

      • Ralphie says

        Yeah I think that’d why they said she should be B list.

        I never know what people consider conservative either. I’m from NJ and there are certainly pockets of conservatives here. Maybe Piper P isn’t as bad a guess after all.

    • hoydenista says

      Thank you! They regularly talk about drugs and poop and three-ways and people having sex through holes in sheets, and yet they find someone who has a dating preference for people of a non-traditional gender to be a crazy fetishist. Smug a#s%es

  2. jokerjim65 says

    I know she has won awards, but how about Edie Falco? Stars in her own show, her name is well known, do not ever recall her with a date, and in NYC, she easily blends in with the crowds. Not married and adopted her kids.
    She is from Suffolk County which is moer conservative than liberal for sure.

      • jokerjim65 says

        I agree, except she doesnt seem to catch much PR
        Rethinking it, I would guess that I am way off.

    • VinylDestination says

      Edie did cross my mind too! But I also think she is A-list acting wise, but not sure if large media exposure effects status.

  3. pat362 says

    It seems that she was born in Dallas, TX but raised in NJ. Technically the blind still holds and she did go to Ohio University so again that would be pretty conservative. Here is something that i found on IMDB and i find rather telling.

    “I think that you love who you love, and there are people who you love that people aren’t going to understand why, and that sort of doesn’t really matter.”

    • gimli5 says

      I like this guess for Piper…I mean, outside of Covert Affairs, the only thing people remember her for is Coyote Ugly which would put her in C-list territory, right?

      • CheshireKitty says

        I love Piper… and filming in Toronto for Covert Affairs, she’d have a LOT of access to that community. Bless her. Maybe I’ll run into her then in the Village. 😀

    • Ralphie says

      By she you mean Piper?

      She’s older than I am but I do know a few people who knew her here and she did go both ways in her dating so…maybe t’is her!

    • Ralphie says

      Blame Maury!

      And FWIW I agree…as long as someone is happy, who cares how they live their life or who they date.

  4. betchaaskt says

    “Her name is easy to remember?” made me think of alyson hannigan and “Say My Name” from American Pie

  5. yinyang says

    I hope it’s not Piper as my fiancé has such the crush on her & it would make him sad but better for me cuz Piper won’t like him!

    • pat362 says

      You might want to make sure he doesn’t see any of thse because even if it’s not her for this blind. There is a strong case for her prefering women.

    • cosmic says

      I too, am totally in love with Piper Perabo, but I have long reconciled myself that she is gay.
      Oh well !

  6. mu1444 says

    It doesn’t 100% add up but Kim cattrall. No show now but was in sex and the city and was born in Liverpool. It’s the picture that gave me the guess–she starred in the movie mannequin.

    • yinyang says

      I agree w u! Not sure why but the mann reminds me of her & also she was in that movie… Not sure if it adds up but for some reason I like this guess!

  7. gippercat says

    I like the Piper guess but how about Roseanne Barr, she’s from Salt Lake City? Now THAT’S conservative, right? Another idea: Toni Collette.

    • Jilliterate says

      I was thinking Toni Collette as well, but the blind says she “stars” in her own tv show (as in present tense), and United States of Tara is over now.

      Sidenote: This is the craziest fetish CDAN has heard of? Does s/he live under a rock?

    • Layale says

      Gosh, I love her, and the show! I don’t think her name is that easy to remember, though. I don’t know anything about Piper, but her name is easy. So, I am going with her.

  8. Tru Tru2 says

    soooo whoever, is dating she-males…is that a female that has had the surgery to look like a man EVERYWHERE

    2.a man dressed as a woman weilding a real pipe???

    3.a woman, that takes hormones and is masculine up top but has female parts down below and wears a dildo in her pants???

    don’t judge but I get all of this mixed up.

    • Sterling says

      I thought it was males with breasts, but then that would include all the contestants on “The Biggest Loser”. So I am not sure myself, but am too lazy to google it.

    • Camembert says

      A she-male, in the classic sense, is a man who has undergone procedure to appear as a woman, particularly breasts, while retaining his penis.

  9. jackedup says

    I’m going with Piper Perabo too. Mary Louise Parker’s dating life is out there. Piper Perabo’s dating life is extremely low key and has fallen completely off the radar. I get a bisexual vibe from her, especially after that movie with Jessica Pare and Mischa Barton.

    • gippercat says

      I like the idea. She’s from Ottawa, which isn’t very small-c conservative… BUT! It IS big-c Conservative after the Conservative Party of Canada scored a majority government in May. Not sure if CDAN would be referring to something that obscurely Canadian :)

      • nnicole says

        That’s ridiculous. Ottawa is a major city. Very un conservative in the true sence of the word. All that it means in your context is a government majority which could be as little as 21% majority for all you know. In Canada we have the Cinservative Party the Liberal Party, the NDP, the Green party, and the Marijuana party. all parties can have seats of representatives. So a conservative majority city or township means nothing.

      • gippercat says

        I stand behind what I wrote but will add that it’s unlikely this blind refers to Ottawa since the wording was “conservative town” and not “Conservative town”. Also, we in Canada have many more political parties than you name.

      • nnicole says

        I know that I didn’t list them all. I’m from Canada and I wrote that at 7:00 this morning watching Global news lol. I was just saying that I don’t think that a conservative majority means the people of a township or city are conservative.

        It’s like Florida being conservative with a republican majority…

        At least they aren’t an NDP City.

        Anyway, please don’t think I was writing that to be a jerk. I don’t even have a guess, so yours is as good as any. I just hate when where I live is classified by a majority vote. Sometimes we have to vote for our representative instead because he or she is better for the city. You know?

        But politics schmolotics!!! I love me some dirty juicy gossip!

      • gippercat says

        I know what you mean — I’m a Liberal at heart but felt I had to vote NDP last election to get rid of a Liberal MP who was doing a terrible job. Now, back to the celebrity gossip :)

  10. cassand says

    I immediately thought Maggie Q, but shes from Honolulu, which I don’t think is considered conservative

  11. DreamyVelvet says

    No idea who this is about.

    However, I do want to say that there are plenty of straight men who cross dress. Some tire of prosthetic breasts and get implants. Not a big deal. Doesn’t mean they want to be women or take estrogen to grow breasts, they just like the way they feel in femme clothes.

  12. hopefulromantic says

    What about Raven-Symone? She’s never in the news unless it’s about her weight-loss and she’s done several TV shows, including the one she’s on now. She’s from Atlanta.

  13. Anaishilator says

    Just googled, Perabo was born in Dallas and raised in Toms River NJ, which is a very affluent town in north jersey and would be I guess somewhat conservative given its waspish nature. The biggest scandal in Toms River I can recall was the guy with the picture perfect family who murdered his wife for the insurance money to cover up the fact that he was massively in debt….and because he wanted to be free to marry his mistress.It was a huge scandal and devastated the town.

  14. arrrrrogant says

    omg – ijust noticed the “preference” hint. could this person be a spokesperson for loreal preference. I don’t think cybil shepard or heather locklear have tv show now, and 30 rock couldn’t be considered elizabeth banks’s show. Gwen Stefani fits the bill, and anaheim (where she is from) is one of the top 10 most conservative towns in the us. ….but I get the feeling that this is a single lady. Can any of you follow this trail?

  15. dutchg says

    If they are using the term she-male this way; “he term she-male has been used since the mid-19th century, when it was a humorous colloquialism for female, especially an aggressive woman”, then it could be Piper P. but if they are using it the way most people do then it isn’t Piper P. I am pretty sure her long-time gf has always been a girl.