People Had To Settle For Big Bucks

[PopBitch] Which embarrassing court case did the People have to settle for big bucks with A-list combatants when their lawyers discovered they got the story from phone hacking? Not surprisingly, they thought that sharing this with the court was probably unwise.

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49 comments to People Had To Settle For Big Bucks

  • SallytheSnoop

    Oh that Rupert Murdock “trouble” is going to affect his US interests soon.

  • SallytheSnoop

    oooh oooh… Sienna Miller, they photographed her and Balthazar (sp?) Getty during their affair for an entire month. They probably found out about it by taping her calls. AND they did settle the harassment claim by paying her damages & court costs.

    • gippercat

      Good guess! I’m on board.

    • Caz1310

      With regards to Murdoch-gate, the Sienna aspect is old news…her insistence that something was “off” contributed to the phone hacking being established in the first place. There would surely be more juicier cases due to come out…Sienna & Getty are hardly newsworthy these days. Posh n Becks? Tom Cruise? Gwyneth & Coldplay man?


    Like Poeple magazine? Im confused. I dont know something to do with Angie and Brad wedding?

    • zicca

      It’s not that recent and would have been someone resident in the UK (we’re still a few weeks away from the flood of US-based hacking revelations). Paul McCartney? Madonna?

    • Outlineboy

      Not People magazine. “The People” is a euphemism for the prosecution, meaning the public. I’m sure you’ve heard of court cases titled “the people vs. so-and so”.

      • the great chrysanthemum

        “Which embarrassing court case did the People have to settle for big bucks”

        I do believe it is a publication they are talking about, ‘People’ in capital letters seems to indicate that, otherwise why would the Public have to pay a settlement to those being hacked?

      • apple martini

        … It’s not People magazine. It’s a term for the prosecution. PopBitch is a British gossip site. It makes sense that they’d have to settle if they got evidence from phone-hacking, which is obviously a big no-no.

      • spike35

        Nope, it refers to The People newspaper a sunday tabloid in the UK market…

      • Lozza

        spike35 is correct. The People is a UK Tabloid.

  • goldieb

    Posh and Becks.

  • stan

    The Beckhams is the best guess for this however Don’t Rule out Jay-Lo

  • smartiep

    Popbitch is a UK site and the People here is NOT People magazine. It’s the Sunday People, a UK tabloid Sunday paper. And it’s not owned by Murdoch either – this is a rival owned by Mirror Group, his UK rivals. The only case I can find where the People settled was with Peter Andre and Katie Price (Jordan).Not sure A list is quite the right description for them but they are both very famous here (which makes me ashamed of my country!)

  • Megley

    I think People is capitalized as a proper noun, as in the People vs. (defendant). Don’t think this has anything to do with People magazine.
    That said, it’s the Beckhams.

    • zicca

      It’s a Popbitch typo. ‘The People’ in the legal sense wouldn’t pay a settlement on a civil case. In the UK we often incorrectly refer to People mag as ‘the People’ mag.

    • becky12

      It’s probably the Sunday newspaper the People, in the UK it’d be the Crown.

  • moonbaby

    That doesn’t make sense though. Why would a large body of people settle out of court for making libellous statements about someone? It is definitely about People magazine.

  • moonbaby

    that comment was to Megley by the way..

  • Sterling

    The Goopster and Martin

  • Outlineboy

    I don’t know for sure what the blind is referring to specifically (that’s why it’s a blind), but for clarity, “the People” usually stands for the prosecution or the state, as in “the People vs. So-and-So”.

    Unless the author of the blind is playing with words, I think in this case it means the prosecution is having to settle with the celebrity plaintiffs because the evidence was procured by phone hacking.


    Prince Charles and Horse Face, remember he wanted to be a tampon, inside her!!!(Gross)

    • kinibug

      Huh?Please elaborate!

      • tinker

        There’s not much more that can be elaborated tbh, it was during the Camillagate phone call (back in 1992 iirc) where Prince Charles told Camilla he wanted to be reincarnated as her tampon… for reasons I really hope I don’t need to explain.

  • Monky

    I believe the “People” is = to a prosecutor in the U.S.

  • bette

    i think as this is from popbitch, its definitely about the sunday people, a tabloid newspaper over here. but i don’t know what it is – popbitch might class katie and peter as a list meaning over here, so that could be a good guess!

  • WeRTheSquirrels

    I don’t know why, exactly, but “Tom Cruise Is Gay” popped into my head. Maybe in the same way that every time you see a McDonalds you inevitably think of those damn apple pies you burned yourself on when you were a kid. But I digress..

  • apple martini

    Good lord it’s NOT PEOPLE MAGAZINE. “People” is another word for the prosecution. And I think the Miller/Getty affair is a good guess.

    • becky12

      No, no, it’s really not. It’s the Sunday People newspaper. The prosecution would be the Crown, and this is a civil rather than criminal case anyway. It is definitely the Sunday People.

  • mysticpizza

    In this situation the celebrity the blind is referring to _is_ the plaintiff. “The People” would only ever be used to refer to the plaintiff. Since the celebrity and the entity settling with them out of court can’t both be the plaintiff, it’s quite clear that the blind is not using “the People” in the legal sense.

  • UncleEntity

    The clue implies People magazine. The word is deliberatly capialized. It has nothing to do with the “prosecution”. The prosecution would indicate a criminal act. A civil suit wouldn’t involve a proscecutor.

    We’re looking for a story done in People magazine, which may have later been retracted.

  • Brightonrock

    The People is a UK Sunday newspaper, similar to the News of the World (RIP). As people have pointed out, in the UK prosecutions are never done “by the people” but in the name of the Crown (eg R (Regina) v…).
    With regard to this particular case a number of high-profile people have been made aware they were the victims of phone-hacking inc Sienna Miller, Wayne Rooney and Cat Deeley.

  • Munchkin

    It’s always interesting to read PopBitch blinds on here, their blinds are targeted at a UK audience. To summarise
    People = UK paper Sunday People
    In the UK the prosecution is the Crown not the People

  • pookie

    The tag specifically states this is from the UK so it is not People Magazine. It says this was a court case, not a lawsuit, so wouldn’t this be public knowledge in the UK?

    • tinker

      Good point – the blind is seemingly about a story that was actually printed in the People newspaper, which was challenged after the fact by the A list combatants. Like Max Mosley and the News of the World.

      Guess wise, who knows. Chances are it’s a client of Max Clifford though.

  • Rach

    So I read all the comments and now People doesn’t look like a word any more.

  • dorothea

    where did my post and link go??????????????????????????

  • zicca

    With tonight’s BBC Newsnight exclusive on Piers Morgan hacking Mills-McCartney, I’d say this is solved!