1. imlopez458 says

    Nene Lekes – she was the one that had the BIG beef with Star Jones when they we both on Celebrity Apprentice!

  2. aammyy says

    is jersey shore considered a franchise? if so, the secrets leaked from that would be interesting (although, probably not too shocking)

  3. malkatz says

    Star Jones? She isn’t currently on a reality show, but she WAS on Celebrity Apprentice, and that would explain why “star” is capitalized.

  4. ImThinking says

    Situation or Snooki but what else can they do besides get drunk on national TV ?

    • cosmicgirl says

      Would either of them need extra publicity? They’re easily the most recognisable, if not popular, members of JS.

      Having said that, MTV has plans for two JS spin-off shows – Pauly D has one and the other is Snooki & JWoww. So maybe Sitch needs the $ and the attention more. I could definitely see him selling the others out to line his own pockets.

    • Scorpio13 says

      Ditto on the guess. He was interviewed on another site and he said he was leaving the show.

      • Keis says

        I agree with this guess. He felt like they weren’t focusing enough on his work or something…

  5. rollwithme_ says

    Vinny from the Jersey Shore was considering leaving the show… I think it’s about him. (first post!) :)