Goddess Also Hooked Up With Oscar Guy

[BindGossip] Bree Olson, one of Charlie Sheen’s ex-Goddesses, co-hosted HOT1079‘s morning radio show in her hometown of Fort Wayne. After giving details about her relationship with Charlie Sheen, she mentioned that she has also been involved with a multiple Oscar winner who has starred in recent blockbusters:

Host 1: And was Charlie Sheen the only celebrity you’ve ever dated?

Bree: Dated…? Yes.

Host 1: Hooked up with…?

Bree: Yes, but man… if it got back…it would just be…I’m not the kiss and tell kind of girl…I will say he’s gotten a few Oscars and he’s been in quite a few blockbusters… recent ones as well.

Host 1: So, there is one!

Host 2: So you’ve seen his Oscars? Are the Oscars around while you guys are doing it?

Bree: I’ve never seen his Oscars. I’ve seen his one “Oscar”…

[Everyone laughs]

Host 2:… His most important Oscar.

Host 1: Is this like a private, jet-flying celebrity, or this a first class on a regular plane kind of celebrity?

Bree: A private, private jet. I mean we’re talking nice jet. One of the nicest jets I’ve been on for sure.

Host 1: In many ways? [Laughs]

Bree: In so many ways!

Host: You’re not gonna tell us [who it is], are you?

Bree: I can’t. I just can’t. [Laughs] Maybe this one will blow up too and I’ll be back here in a few months to tell you guys about this one.

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