Oscar Guy Is A Street Busker

[NationalEnquirer] Which Oscar-winning actor has a new hobby playing blues guitar on street corners? The good-guy actor – looking grubby and disheveled – picks a random location in the Santa Barbara shopping district and then wails for hours while collecting money from passers-by. At the end of the day, he donates his take to local homeless shelters.

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35 comments to Oscar Guy Is A Street Busker

  • Outlineboy

    Hey, good for him!

    Jeff Bridges. I’m pretty sure he lives up in that area.

    • pumpkin

      Great guess.

    • sbgirl

      Hi BG! First time poster… Loooooong ime lurker. Love your site!

      I live in Santa Barbara and will be keeping my eyes out for this guy! In the meantime, I think Jeff Bridges is an excellent guess. At our Summer Solstice celebration a couple of weeks ago, I heard he got on stage with the band that was performing and sang a few songs with them.

  • kelno

    Jeff Bridges is an excellent guess!

  • apple martini

    I’ll also say Jeff Bridges. He has the skill, he lives around there and he can also look disheveled when he wants. He also seems like the type to do something like this.

    • AKM75

      TOTALLY sounds like Jeff Bridges! Isn’t he known for being a super-nice guy and doing a lot of charity stuff, plus his music? That would fit.

  • malkatz

    Does Johnny Depp live around there, when he isn’t in France?

  • julianne

    Good for him! I wish these good blinds could be revealed too… We need more good stuff!

    • Munchkin

      If it is Jeff Bridges he does do more profitable things for charity as well. Can’t he do both?

      • Kate

        Why not? Guy wants to sing, wants a small audience, gets a take and gives it to those who need it without making a big deal out of his name.

  • treyc

    Great guy, whoever this is.

  • Mumumumu

    Wow, that’s so cool. Wish I knew who he is.

  • iheartthis

    Joaquin Phoenix? I’m not sure if he is an Oscar winner though the all black reminded me of Johnny Cash – could be reaching

    But I also like the Jeff Bridges guess

  • Thunderlips

    Could be Forest Whitaker or Cuba Gooding. Forest was a music major in college, and Cuba was in a soul band.

    • 4six2

      Aren’t they both bald? “Grubby and disheveled” makes me think of dirty, longish, messy hair. Harder to disguise yourself bald; though I guess a hat or wig could always help…

  • campblsoupgrl

    What about Jake Gyllenhaal? Recently, according to Rolling Stone Magazine, he hopped aboard the Mumford & Sons train on their Railroad Revival Tour and stayed with them a week with just the clothes on his back. Now there was a press release saying that he will be on Man vs. Wild for six weeks? After hearing about these two incidents I think I can see Jake go this route.

  • dee123

    He waits hours? Who isn’t making a movie right now….

  • sinamin

    What about Sean Penn? He is a big do-gooder.

  • 4six2

    I like the Jeff Bridges guess. My first thought was Depp, but without the win, it seems to narrow the field down. Also, as adorable as Jeff is~ he can easily look grubby and disheveled.

  • fallen

    Billy Bob Thornton

  • DreamyVelvet

    Russell Crowe

  • Junior Mint

    seems like Jeff Bridges. I’m seeing him perform songs from Crazy Heart with a backing band called The Abiders (haha!) this summer

  • Orion

    So this seems to be a Keanu Reeves. I posted a commented with his name and it disappeared. Not a oscar gu really, but whatever. He seems homeless all the time. Or Sean Penn, the queen of *.

  • Orion

    Sean Penn, because of the moderation?

  • Orion

    No idea, really!

  • benthebook

    Whether this be about Sean Penn or Jeff Bridges, I think it’s the nicest story I’ve heard in a while. There’s a big difference between those who get out their cheque book and those who actually go out and get their hands dirty, so to speak. Not that the cheque bookers are bad, I hasten to say, far from it. I applaud whomever this may be, Sean Penn, Jeff Bridges or someone else entirely, it’s just a good thing to do.

  • WeRTheSquirrels

    Oscar winner? Check.
    Musical Ability? Check.
    Jamie Foxx.