She Had A Secret Lover

[CDAN] Old Hollywood: This actress had one of the longest careers ever. She starred in what is considered by some to be the best movie ever made. She was also an Academy Award winner/nominee. The thing about our actress is she never got married. She also never really had that many relationships. Maybe one or two that might have happened when the whispers got louder. Oh yes there were whispers about something. Why would I write about something if there were no whispers. It seems that our actress did have a lover. A lifetime lover actually. Not so strange or whisper inducing right? Well, it is if your lover is also your sister.



It’s Lillian Gish and her sister Dorothy! Source: CDAN

From Wikipedia:

“Gish never married or had children. The association between Gish and D. W. Griffith was so close that some suspected a romantic connection, an issue never acknowledged by Gish, although several of their associates were certain they were at least briefly involved. For the remainder of her life, she always referred to him as “Mr. Griffith.”

She was involved with producer Charles Duell and drama critic and editor George Jean Nathan. In the 1920s, Gish’s association with Duell was something of a tabloid scandal because he had sued her and made the details of their relationship public.

She maintained a very close relationship with her sister Dorothy, as well as with Mary Pickford, for her entire life. Another of her closest friends was actress Helen Hayes; Gish was the godmother of Hayes’ son James MacArthur.”

Congratulations to Plum, who was first with the correct answer!




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    • sleepless says

      I think you may have it plum. Lillian Gish starred in Birth of a Nation, considered one of the best movies of all time and received an Oscar nom for Duel in the Sun.

      But, if true, this is soooo ewwwwww.

      • Miss Chernobyl 2011 says

        Dorothy was 5 years younger than Lillian, not 15. Also the blind said the actress never got married, not that the lover had also never married.

        Anyway I agree with the others, this is the Gish sisters. They remained very close their entire lifetime and so many clues point directly to them. Even the picture looks very much like either of the Gish sisters from when they were young, with the long curly hair.

    • La Llorona says

      This was in the original Hollywood Babylon, so I’m not surprised. Wasn’t it debunked?

  1. chillenout says

    I also heard rumors about Claudette Colbert, but I don’t know if she had any sisters

  2. malkatz says

    Widely considered “best movies:”

    Citizen Cane
    Gone With the Wind
    Singin in the Rain
    It’s a Wonderful Life

    • chillenout says

      You forgot one of the best screwball comedies ever….. It Happened One Night.. Double indemnity,Sunset Boulevard, The Postman Always Rings Twice,African Queen, Philadelphia Story & A Star Is Born with Fredrick March & Janet Gaynor are also in the list of “the best movies”

    • caren with a k says

      She was married in the 30’s I believe, but the marriage was short lived.

    • Rafael says

      Its quite widely known that she had been having a long love affair with Spencer Tracey. I’m not sure if he left his wife for her, but I believe he did divorce her. I don’t think they ever married, because he was very conservative, and didn’t want a scandal.

      lol. I watch too much TCM.

      • HotTea says

        True but there are also rumors that Tracy and Hepburn were both gay and very good friends and the studio had them act as a couple to beard for each other.

        But caren with a k pointed out that she was married so I guess the BI isn’t about her.

      • Sedulous says

        that was in Hollywood Babylon. I have no idea if it was true but it’s been published.

      • Rock90210 says

        Agreed – and the Hepburn/Tracy romance wasn’t really secret. So it’s not her.

      • YoGo says

        I get really tired of people who moan they are tired of hearing this and that and yet come looking for it on blind sites.

        Any insider will tell you the bisex went on and still goes on a LOT in Hollywood.

      • goldieb says

        Spencer Tracy did not get a divorce; that was his whole schtick, the Good Catholic.

      • jenb says

        Tracy didn’t divorce his wife, because he was catholic, his wife even prevented Hepburn from going to his funeral.Everyone back then knew about spencer and hepburn, but his wife believe she was a myth.Watch the movie “Guess whose coming to dinner”, and you could see the way spencer said some of his lines, it was directed to hepburn.I saw my grandmother watching that movie and she said sit down, and watch a real movie that has meaning it was funny, and touching.Sidney Poitier was brilliant as well, now that was a classic movie.Guess what my grandmother was right I cried, when spencer was saying his lines, and HEPBURN WAS

    • Outlineboy says

      I’m sure most of the viewers of this site are on the younger side and I’m probably older than most, but it struck me sad that people have to go to wikipedia to see what the “best” movies are. Not only could I name them myself, I’ve seen them all. You all should too… and quit wasting time with crap like Transformers.

      We now return to our regular programming.

      • waxDiva says

        Yo, bangbang… I’ll bet you there’s more ‘grandma’ on here that COULD give you life lessons. Sounds like you need some…

      • La Llorona says

        And you don’t think the original comment was kind of an unneeded derail? And rather classist to boot? I speak as a cinephile myself, those “best movies in the world” lists that are compiled by mainstream publications like Entertainment Weekly are normally put out there to boost DVD sales and nothing more. Also, they have a western bias. It’s as if people forget there’s another side of the world and that movie industries don’t exist outside of Hollywood.

      • chillenout says

        I couldn’t agree with you more…I’d rather watch a great old movie from the 30’s & 40’s before I’d watch 90% of the * thats in theaters now….

      • LooLoo says

        Definitely. I showed my kids Duck Soup a few weeks ago, and they were absolutely in love with it. Can’t say that about anything that has come out in the last two or three years.

      • rebellious contrary and nice says

        LOL. Saw nothing wrong with your post. You were just “referencing”!

      • La Llorona says

        Pfft, if by older you mean you were in your twenties during the 70s, I highly doubt you grew up on half of the films on those lists. Don’t kid yourself, this is a gossip site, not IMDb.

      • blinx says

        I read that Joan tried to be gracious to Olivia, but her older sister snubbed her.
        This happened after Joan won her oscar when her sister was also nominated. Then when Olivia won, Joan reached out to congratulate her, and was rebuffed in front of many hollywood insiders.

    • sleepless says

      Garbo never married, her sister died in the 1920’s and her career was only about 20 years long.

    • chillenout says

      I was just going to add Greta Garbo too. She was never married and had a sister.

  3. chillenout says

    I was just going to add Greta Garbo too. She was never married and had a sister

  4. jokerjim65 says

    Lillian Gish, the pic is reminiscent to many of the ones of Gish and similar hair.

  5. apple martini says

    I also think it’s Lillian Gish. “Birth of a Nation,” though extremely controversial, is still a respected film, craft-wise. Her career lasted more than seven decades, she never married (which automatically disqualifies the vast, vast majority of actresses in that era) and she’s noted for being close to Dorothy, her sister.

    • jenb says

      This reminds me of Angelina Jolie and her strange relationship with her Brother.Ewwwwwwww

      • Outlineboy says

        No, it’s not. Blind says the actress hasn’t had many relationships while DK certainly has.

    • apple martini says

      The subject of the blind is hinted to be dead. Keaton is very much alive. And I don’t consider her to be “Old Hollywood.” To me, that’d pre-1960s, if not earlier. She’s too modern.

  6. mindless entertainment says

    That’s sick ! My first thought was Lillian Gish . I hope they tell us who it is dying to know .

  7. GERSEYGIRL says

    Greatest movie ever, The Godfather !!! Diane Keaton never married, 3 sisters!!!!!

    • Outlineboy says

      Agree with the Godfather, but Diane has had two very long public relationships with Al Pacino and Woody Allen.

  8. Who me says

    Since the actess is referred to in the past tense, I assume that she is dead. Why is this a blind gossip item?

  9. dee123 says

    Yuck. Agree with Gish, the ‘award winner/nominated’ is a big clue because she got an honorary Oscar.

    • Outlineboy says

      Yeah… but you don’t “win” an honorary Oscar. It’s something bestowed. You win when you compete against others.

      • Outlineboy says

        On second thought, I may be splitting hairs and the blind writer doesn’t care about the difference. It’s probably Lillian Gish.

        But it’s not like most of the people on this board have really heard of her, so…

      • La Llorona says

        If no one had heard of her, her name wouldn’t have been brought up as a clue.

    • dee123 says

      Sorry. Should of explained better. She was nominated once and didn’t win yet she’s still a winner? Has to mean the honorary Oscar.

  10. sinamin says

    Just to throw something else out there – Faye Dunaway, starring in Bonnie and Clyde. Remember the scene from Chinatown? “my sister, my father”, when Jack Nicholson kept slapping her?

    • Outlineboy says

      Faye has been married…. most notably to Peter Wolf, lead singer from the J. Geils Band.

    • YoGo says

      It’s not ‘sick’ imo. Times were different. You can’t help who you fall in love with. Plus, they were adults and not bothering anyone else, that’s why it stayed secret. They couldn’t have children together so no problems there. It was their business and they managed to keep it that way until someone has gone and told years later.

  11. jonesing says

    If Johnny Depp were my brother I might think about it. EEEEWWWWW all you want.

  12. laili6 says

    Kenneth Anger’s Hollywood Babylon talks about a rumour that Lillian Gish was having a life-long affair with her sister Dorothy.

  13. Robb Ess says

    That rumor concerning the Gish sisters is pretty old, and everyone involved is dead. Also, a lot that of the rumors and stories first appeared in Anger’s book, so who knows what’s true and what’s made up.