Celebrity Couple Going In Different Directions

[BuzzFoto] This celebrity couple have been trying to make it work for several years now but can no longer keep it together. He likes her only for her exhaustive sex drive but cares very little for any of her hobbies, other talents or opinions. Since she’s started to be more inclined towards philanthropist pursuits, he’s been really turned off by her. He wants dr*gs and partying and she wants to change her life. The two will be in splitsville soon, and we’re sure his selfish ways will be revealed. As will the numerous tapes of the two having s*x that he’s secretly recorded. 563

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90 comments to Celebrity Couple Going In Different Directions

  • Stacy C

    Brad and Angie?

    • caren with a k

      Don’t think it’s Brad — he’s involved with many philanthropic activities.

    • Iwonder

      Absolutely not Brad and Angie. He’s also in to her because of her philantropist envolvement.

      It says celebrity couple, not necessarily actors. Maybe a reality couple? I have no idea.

    • luvprue1

      Yes,Yes yes. I think it Brad and Angie too.

    • Miss Chernobyl 2011

      Why do people want Brad and Angie to be the answer for every blind about failed marriages? They have 6 children together. Why route for a family to break up?

      Anyway this aint them. As many others are saying, they are both BIG time philanthropists.

      I like the Demi and Ashton guess. Demi has been in the news just this past week for her charity work involving the sex slave trade. Everyone knows their marriage is on the rocks and his infidelity made news not so long ago. Plus he married her so young, he’s probably bored with her now and missing being young and single.

  • Scorpio13

    The guy’s a total douche bag.

  • CoCo

    Faith Hill & whatshisname.

    • treyc

      Possibly. This weeks NE reports that they are having problems. He doesn’t cheat on her but she doesn’t trust him on the road. What philanthropic projects is she involved with? The NE states the main cause of their trouble is that his career is in demand and hers itsn’t.
      This is about an actress who may have had a * or airhead reputation and wants to turn it around. Can’t be Angie, she has been involved in charities for 8 yrs now.
      Ben Affleck and Jennifer Garner.

    • ivyleaguer

      his name is Tim Mcgraw and he’s insanely hot. how could anyone forget his name.

      • cocobeannns

        Lol. My thoughts exactly! Not only that, but he’s been in the spotlight more than she has in the more recent years!

  • CatInTheHat

    Naomi Watts and Liev Schreiber come to mind…..but I really really hope I am wrong….

    • Orion

      I second this guess.

    • buttercup

      Mmm…I just don’t think he’s a huge partier and I also don’t think they would’ve had children together if they were into partying so much. He’s a very serious actor, director, and producer, so this just ain’t ringing true for me.

    • Jonez

      oh no, I hope not. I always thought there was something really interesting about him.

    • luvprue1

      oh I hope it not them. However I heard that they have very little in common, but some how make it work. I hope the blind is not about them.

  • noms

    “celebrity” – speidi

  • noms

    johnny depp and vanessa paradis?

    • CheshireKitty

      Definitely not; Johnny is huge on children’s charities, to the point of ticking off studios blowing off junkets to do Make A Wish type visits.

    • benthebook

      Unlikely, Johnny Depp does a lot of charity work, especially for children’s charities. While they were filming POTC4 he got a fan letter from a little girl asking him to help them mutiny their teacher at school. He turned up to the school, unannounced, in full costume and advised the kids they were probably best listening to their teacher.

  • cocobeannns

    Not alot of clues to go on here. I’ll get behind the Brad and Angie guess, but I really doubt it’s them. I just want it to be. Ha.

    If it were them, there would probably be some references to their A list status, Hollywood power couple, etc.

  • Junior Mint

    Nicole Richie and that Madden brother?

    • 4six2

      I absolutely agree!!! She has really been changing her “Paris” image and she and Joel have been doing a LOT of charity work lately, even starting their own foundation.

      Maybe he’s bored with the charity work/goody-goody image and he’s ready to get back to his rock star life.

    • plum

      great idea

    • cocobeannns

      I could see this being them.

    • amagod121

      Agree. Of all of the celebs named here, Nicole Richie is the one who’s worked the hardest to turn her reputation around and has become a better person. It’s not a stretch to imagine that she’s evolved even more and wants to do charity work.

    • WheresMyHalo

      I think this guess fits the clues best – kudos if you’re right!

    • phcalef

      This is the best guess.

  • aeduko

    Josh Duhamel and Fergie.

    • irishgirl71

      I could see this, he seems like a douche anway..same with Demi and Ashton

    • Fairbanks

      I don’t think it’s them. Either yesterday or the day before Josh was on twitter and made the rounds doing call-in interviews urging people to help the people of Minot, North Dakota however they can.

      In one of the interviews he sounded emotional, almost like he was crying, as he was talking about Minot and feeling like he should be home there rather than in Moscow(?) doing PR for Transformers 3. He mentioned that his sister is likely going to lose her home.I know that’s only one instance but it does seem to indicate he’s not a totally selfish a*s who’s only interested in partying and sex.

      What about Sophia Bush and Austin Nicholas? I don’t know much about him, other than that he’s another on-screen love interest, so I could be totally off base, and he’s just as involved as she is. But it seems like she’s gotten very involved with various philanthropic endeavors and become quite vocal on various issues over the past couple of years. IIRC she even had some philanthropic trip planned to Afghanistan during her break from OTH filming this summer but it was cancelled due to safety concerns after the SEALs got Osama.

      • somethingoriginal

        I don’t think he’s with her for the sex as he gets that from Jake

      • Lozza

        Snort. I don’t think Austin and Jake are together any more. But, you’re right: he’s not sleeping with Sophia.

  • msp96302

    Antonio Banderas and Melanie Griffith

  • hush

    Please, please, please let it be Brad and Angie……but it probably is not…….

  • sleepless

    Demi and Ashton. Wasn’t there a blind awhile back about them not even being married? She’s really gotten into the human trafficking issue and I’m sure that since his cheating allegations came to light they have been struggling as a couple.

  • Ralphie

    Tobey Maguire and that jewelry designer wife of his. I think that “poker game” is the tip of the iceberg with his skeletons. Her father is a studio exec and I know she’s been big on charity work, even more so recently.

  • shopgirlnola

    Gwyneth Paltrow and Chris Martin. LOLLLLL

  • Tracy

    I agree with Speidi….

  • Ralphie

    After reading the recent Rolling Stone, this could be Avril Lavigne and Brody Jenner.

    • chica

      I like this guess. I always wondered what he saw in her. She’s not very attractive and seems annoying to me.

    • pat362

      I’m inclined to think that this could be Avril and Brody after reading a little more of what Avril has been up to lately. Of course I’d be more impressed with her if she dumped Brody for being such a douchebag rather than him dumping her because the sex isn’t worth all the hassle.

    • CheshireKitty

      Avril has always had a small interest in philanthropy, but it’s definitely increased. I could see this… except several years suggests more than two to me, and how long has Avril been with Brody?

  • Peace247

    Its not Brad and Angie. Angie has been doing charity work for years and shes gotten Brad involved in charities, flying planes, and even getting tats.

    Maybe Demi and Ashton.

    • MommyPalooza

      Agree, and Brad’s very much involved in rebuilding New Orleans. Not on drugs, the rumors are that Angie is back on heroine, though. This isn’t them.

    • Mumumumu

      The wording on this blind “to be more inclined towards” is to clearly throw people off. It means she is doing more of it. Decided to increase her efforts.

      Not that she started, like from the beginning. Wording is not: “starting to have an interest in.”

      I do believe is Brad and Angelina.

  • noms

    anna paquin?

  • apple martini

    I don’t think it’s Pitt and Jolie. He’s nearly as into philanthropy as she is. It seems like someone younger, what with the taping and all. Th blind also points to a couple who isn’t married.

  • gopher

    It’s totally Demi and Ashton.

  • kellyj

    There have been rumors of Warren Beatty & Annette Bening breaking up for some time now. He may be a little old to still maintain his hedonistic lifestyle. But he was a first class player back in the day, maybe the old tiger’s stripes haven’t changed!

    • meme

      The story is that they are breaking up because they are not on the same page when it comes to their child. Not to mention… multiple s*x tapes of them (even if they are 20 years old) = gag!

  • KWDragon

    I’m on with the Demi and Ashton guess.

  • Peachy

    OMG! This is totally Obama and Michelle….

  • Layale

    I’m going with Nicole Kidman and Keith Urban.

    • ChiChiLaRue

      For some reason…. Nicole doesn’t seem like the type with an exhaustive sex drive…

      I like the guess above about Brody and Avril.

  • lcl22

    I think Demi and Ashton also Demi is doing something on human trafficking right now and Ashton did have that cheating story come out a few months back.

  • Quinnie88

    On board with Demi and Ashton guess!! Im calling a break up between them within 6 months.

  • dee123

    Agree 100% Quinnie!

  • Mumumumu

    Demi and Ashton. They look miserable in their pictures. And pictures say a 1,000 words…

  • CheshireKitty

    Demi and Ashton for the win: have definitely been together `several years`, Demi’s increased her involvement in philanthropy lately, and they don’t seem as mushy-gusy. With Ashton starting Two and a Half Men now, seems like a good time for him to bail financially (given all his recent flops).

    • lea724

      If it is Demi and Ashton (which I’m inclined to agree with) and the sex tapes are going to be released, poor Chuck Lorre for picking another “winner” to be on Two and a Half Men!

      • CheshireKitty

        Maybe that’s why they chose him: Ashton=Sheen minus massive drug problem and “bi-winning”? 😉

  • chicagogal

    Oprah & Steadman! Can you imagine THAT s*x tape? ..LOL!

  • stolidog

    Izzy from grey’s anatomy (doing it just to improve her image) and her useless rocker husband.

    Ok, I’ll say it, Katherine heitler.

  • great one

    Giada and her husband Todd Thompson. In interviews Giada is saying that she would like to get involved with schools. Todd is only with her because she makes more money than him. She is supporting their life style. And based on previous blinds she loves to have sexual relations.

  • Rocks

    Just for someone different, I’ll go with Jessica Alba and Cash Warren. Father’s Day she, her daughter and her mom went to lunch together. Just seems that usually celebs are careful to observe holidays as great ‘Awwww, how cute’ opportunities, and no CashWarren.

  • jinx

    No way this is Brad and Angie. A guy that is like 47 years old doesn’t have 6 kids then decide he wants just wants to party. He had plenty of time for that before getting involved with AJ. Also, he has been so involved in the New Orleans – Make it Right initiative that he started.

    Ashton on the other hand is pretty shallow and still quite immature. He married Demi when he was still very young and I bet he feels like he missed out. The sex was enough in the beginning since he had obviously always had a thing for Demi but by now he is just feeling trapped.

  • cincinnatikate

    David Arquette and Courtney Cox.

  • CosmoMan

    Christy Turlington & Ed Burns. Just read an article written by her on Huffington Post. She seems to be very into world issues. Didn’t he have a rep as a hard partier before they got married?

  • PlayItAgain

    Couple doesn’t necessarily mean married, though. I’d laugh my ass off if this was Rob and Kristen. What a turnaround in their personas!