Newscaster Pays For It

[BuzzFoto] This famous news broadcaster has now fired one of his staff members after the staff member witnessed the newscaster trying to pay for sex in New York City. We’re not sure what his wife would say about it, but maybe we’ll see a tweet about it? 560

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  1. tbonekitty says

    the only newscasters that are known for tweeting for piers and keith O…..oh and anderson but it says “wife” so not him

  2. Scorpio13 says

    I hope the staff member gets the last word. That was totally dumb on the news broadcaster’s part.

  3. grovegirl says

    What about Bill O’Reilly of Fox News, he seems the type to can someone.
    If they get close to his truth!

  4. amagod121 says

    Oh I wish wish wish it were Olbermann but he isn’t married, alas. I just can’t stand his pomposity.

  5. ZigZagZoey says

    ☻ This is so Ron Burgundy! ☺
    I could see Bill O’Reilly doing this, and the firing!
    Geez, can’t they just go thru an escort service to save themselves the embarrassment of someone seeing them? DUH.

    • Tia C says

      LOL @ Ron Burgundy!

      ITA about Bill O’Reilly. He seems like the uptight, repressed type who would do something like this.

  6. Norcalgal says

    Ed Schultz. He took a forced leave of absence for calling a female columnist with whom he disagreed “a *” on camera. Sounds like he has issues with women.

  7. georgiamommy says

    Long time lurker on this site, & I finally felt like I could submit a good guess for one of these posts!! I think this is George Stephanopoulos from Good Morning America. Monday during the show they kept talking about how his wife (Allie Wentworth) tweets about everything the family does. He gives me the creeps, I could totally see him doing this!