BFF Engagement Drama Becomes Nastier

[BuzzFoto] In our last blind we told you about the celeb cheating with her best friend’s beau. This weekend the B list actress from a popular movie adaptation,was so angry about the recent engagement of her BFF and her lover that she broke into her lover’s apartment and stole her best friend’s engagement ring while the two were sleeping. The BFF is beside herself and her fiance is too, since the ring cost over $12,000.

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  1. plum says

    so Nikki Reed is the best friend ,her guy is the cheater but who is the B list actress?

    • redstilettos says

      Nikki was wearing her ring at the Much Music Awards. Also, Kristen pings lesbian on most people’s gaydar. Unless Nikki’s BFF is someone non-famous, I don’t think this is her.

      @Plum: I don’t think any of Ashley’s exes have gotten engaged.

  2. Newtsgal says

    Who is Mila Kunis’ BFF?
    the reason I’m asking is cuz she is in Wizard of Oz prequel…. that is a popular adaptation

  3. chica says

    Is Nikki Reed the one engaged to that dude from American Idol? Would he have 12 thousand dollars for a ring?

    • Fairbanks says

      I think she is engaged to the AI contestant. I don’t know how much they get paid for AI but I would imagine it’s probably not a lot, most likely not enough to drop $12k on an engagement ring. I don’t follow Nikki so I don’t know, is it possible Nikki paid for part/all of it?

      • ladymarmalade says

        I don’t think they get that much for being on AI, but Paul MacDonald was in a fairly successful band before AI. Still, 12 large for a ring is a helluva lot of money to most people.

        BUT, I am not sure I believe this is KStew and Nikki. I never really got the impression KStew was into guys.

      • Lozza says

        I think it is Nikki Reed with Ashley Greene or Evan Rachel Wood as the BFF. More likely Wood, who let’s face it, is no stranger to sleeping with other people’s men.

    • chica says

      Hmmm could actually be her then because usually you pay about half of the appraisal price so 30k could be the appraised “worth” and 12k what they actually paid. Who knows though I know nothing about the Twilight people lol…

  4. waxDiva says

    I have no idea who this is… but, there are blue and yellow specks in the diamond and the pictures always hold clues. Blue and yellow make green. Is there someone who just got engaged to someone named Greene? Just tryin’ to help…

    • apple martini says

      I think photos are really only clues in the BG blinds. Otherwise it’s just stock art.

  5. apple martini says

    Still have no clue who it is, but I don’t think it’s anyone from Twilight. A shade too obvious, maybe?

  6. ria says

    im still going with Kate Bosworth..the breaking in is totally her MO. She behaved the same way a few years back with Orlando Bloom and has been “showing up” where Skarsgard is recently….
    very conveniently in town for tonite’s TB premiere…she was at the premiere of BFF and baby(HELLOOOO)(now named Life Happens) on Saturday and looks REALLY bad…

  7. ria says

    also…..since the movie that was premiered involves the BFF(Nadia Connors was a writer in the project, and her BF is Walter Coggins)KB would know what hotel they were in, room, or home..probably did it at an afterparty of some sort…she is also conveniently featured on JJ today hugging Kat Cioro(who is pregnant, interestingly enough) after sure she is trying to divert the obvious…we’ll see if she is at the TB premiere……

  8. amagod121 says

    Whoever it is, I’m sure she’s got some ‘splainin’ to do today, after this article was published.

  9. hooldoog says

    I read recently that Nikki Reed is friends with Evan Rachel Wood. She’s an arguably B-list actress.

    • Rock90210 says

      Well yeah – 8 years ago they were in the movie “13” which Nikki Reed wrote. Just read about that….?

  10. Zackster says

    I’m not sure I even believe this story. This actress broke into their apartment and stole the ring while they were sleeping? Is she a ninja?

  11. AKM75 says

    I’m with you, Zackster. This whole story is so over-the-top that I’m having a hard time believing it. It sounds like the plot to a Lifetime movie, actually.