Fall TV Star May Be Replaced

[CDAN] This primarily television actress was probably up to a B a few years ago, but has since dropped down to C. This happens when you disappear from the public eye. Never really catching on, she has a new series starting in the fall, but producers are thinking of replacing her as the star with someone more publicity friendly. The reason? The show is so difficult to get into they need someone who will come make people watch for a few weeks.

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79 comments to Fall TV Star May Be Replaced

  • LisaNYC

    Sarah Michelle Geller

  • Clare

    Sarah Michelle Gellar? She’s in “The Ringer” on the CW this upcoming season.

    • Smoke

      That’s who I thought of. Another guess might be Christina Ricci in Pan Am, but I don’t know if she’d be primarily tv.

    • pat362

      I tend to agree with you because the blind doesn’t say that the actress is in any way a bad person but that she prefers to stay out of the plubic eye. Seeing as the show was first produced by CBS and then went to CW might mean some less than thrilling poll numbers. The only problem with Sarah as the blind is that hse’s the executive producer of the show. I can’t see her wanting to hire someone other than herself for the main role.

    • Sanguine

      Sarah was television A-list back in her Buffy days. Having her as the lead for “The Ringer” is also the best thing for that show, all the Buffy fans are going nuts about her return to T.V.

      • melba

        I’m a raging Buffy fan. Well, pretty much anything horror/sci fi, and I spend some time in online fan communities (push up glasses), and you are totally right. Publicity for The Ringer is currently riding on Sarah Michelle Gellar’s cult status. She is an ICON in that community, and us nerds are loyal.

      • OKay

        And soap fans love her too!

      • Camembert

        Kendall on All My Children! (Not to mention her role on Swan’s Crossing.)

      • melba

        DOH! My other comment is in mod, which makes me think this may be correct. As a loyalist, if SMG is replaced, I will not watch one second of that show. I will even turn the channel during previews. I will click away from any website advertising it. Seriously, do not underestimate nerd loyalty. We are frakking crazy.

      • crazycatlady

        LOL! I’m with you Melba. Only reason to watch the show is SMG.

      • luvprue1

        The only reason most of the people will tune in is because of SMG. Half of the world do not even know what the show is about, but they do know SMG/Buffy.

    • CatGrant

      Sounds like SMG – but I can’t imagine her being anything but a positive for the show with her cult following.

      • catgirl

        I agree. While she may fit the clues, I think replacing her would eliminate a lot of the potential audience. Particularly those who are willing to stick around for a few weeks while the plot gets good.

        I think (hope) it’s someone else.

      • Lozza

        She’s known for being a bit of a cold fish. Wasn’t there a blind about an actress on a new show who was being even more of a massive b* than she was on her last show.

  • cindyl

    Debra Messing

  • farleece

    Kim Delaney

  • melmac

    Rachel Bilson

  • memememeee

    Katherine Heigl

  • Delia

    Seconded. Rachel Bilson, tv show being Hart of Dixie.

  • JMU00

    I’m thinking Mischa Barton is sitting C list…or maybe lower….

  • TakeMeBacktoNewOrleans

    Am I the only one who does not understand the last line of this?

    • rebellious contrary and nice

      Sweetie Darling,

      That blogger needs someone to proof his/her ish. You here me?. I’m guessing that the show is for thinkers and not someone just wanting to be mindlessly entertained for thirty minutes. Maybe it’s a show like Twin Peaks for example.

    • amagod121


      I’m glad that you asked because I didn’t understand the oblique wording either.

      That being said, all of you SMG fans had better voice your considerable disapproval to the network airing this show, in an attempt pre-empt the firing, if it is, indeed, her. I would think that hearing from a lot of fanatical fans who watch the show strictly for SMG would help her cause.

    • AKM75


      I was confused, too.

      (OT: BTW, are you a Cowboy Mouth fan?)

  • jake

    Ally Walker? Is her new show called “The Protector”?

    • UncleEntity

      Ooh…I really like this one. I’ve heard rumour that she’s very difficult. I liked her on the Profiler YEARS ago, but she’s pretty much disappeared since then and the show isn’t even in syndication. There’s a story there somewhere.

    • gimli5

      I doubt it — she had a pretty solid run on Sons of Anarchy last season, and they’re already running Protector promos with her in them. But I totally believe that she’s no joy to work with.

  • tmixinc

    I originally thought SMG but her show is getting a lot of buzz & people want to see it. Rachel Bilson is cute but doesn’t have the fan base.

    • FzFz

      I’d imagine viewers of the CW would be more familiar with Rachel Bilson & The OC than Sarah Michelle Gellar. SMG’s prime was about 10 years ago.

  • rebellious contrary and nice

    I don’t believe this is SMG. Buffy has solidified her fan base and has caught on per se. Buffy fans would watch at least for a few weeks.

    SMG is so loaded that she doesn’t need to hustle like so many other actors. Those syndication checks gotta be nice!

  • ohhaiHolli

    Maybe Laura Prepon? She’s set to star in Chelsea Handler’s new show on NBC.

    • Marissa

      I’m on board with LP. She was well known for That 70s Show, but dropped out of the public eye after that. Wasn’t there a blind a while back about her getting drunk at a press event – maybe that’s what they mean by “more publicity friendly”.

    • ImThinking

      That’s the first person I thought.

    • Outlineboy

      Uck…. I used to work on a show that shot near the “That 70’s Show” stage and she was the only person in the cast who wasn’t friendly to talk to. (btw, Mila was the nicest)

    • foofie

      First person I thought of as well. I’m thinking they would have to get someone a little more well-known to play someone like Chelsea who has such a strong fan base.

      • treyc

        Chelsea Handler is the new Joan Rivers, she has a huge fan base, best selling author, now movie star. People are going to watch this show and I doubt it would be hard to get into.I don’t think this is LP.

  • ohnohedidnt

    I would only WATCH the Ringer because of SMG

    Is KHeigl coming back at all?

  • lahteb

    Debra Messing on that musical show

  • Tracy

    I think Bilson

  • Rafael

    What about Becki Newton and that show “Love Bites”?

    • Addictedtotext

      love bites isn’t going to be anything more than a summer show. everyone got other jobs so it’s a one “season” thing. I like that though. Makes it more special that way.

  • ImWearingVersace

    Raven Symone ?

  • No Kidding

    Jennifer Morrison. She was B-list when she was on House a few years back. I would definitely call her C-list now. She primarily does TV, but has some other side projects like theatre and independent films too. She is also the lead in a new series, Once Upon A Time, for ABC this fall.

    I really can’t see JM as a lead. She’s a nice girl and all, but she is not compelling in the least.

    I can also see a show like Once Upon A Time being something that would be difficult to get into since it is based on fairy tales.

    • JamesAA

      But she hasn’t disappeared from the public eye, she was on How I met your mother this past season

      • ecksor

        Her stint as Zoe on HIMYM apparently went disastrous. Her character was universally hated, and fans held parties to celebrate her exit. I don’t watch HIMYM, just came across lots of negative reviews this year. She does pose a certain risk. Also, after the previews second-billed Ginnifer Goodwin received much better press.

        I agree with No Kidding, they need someone more charismatic to keep people tuned in.

      • kalinner

        Her character in House was universally hated in the first seasons when she was in the forefront and just tolerated when she was used as wallpaper. And i´ve never seen such amount of negativity around a character as i´ve seen around her Zoe from HIMYM. Ratings went totally down and everybody despised her. A lot of her scenes were cut and producers were scared as hell. Her arc in HIMYM was described as “the worst arc in TV history” by Sepinwall.

        She is not the best choice for a lead at all. She lacks personality and that´s why all her characters are so annoying. And the lack of chemistry with the lead man doesn´t help either. It was painful to watch Hugh Laurie trying to give the best of him around her and failing all the time. His acting was the weakest in his scenes with Cameron. And Josh Radnor looked like an inanimated object in their scenes together. She is not inspiring at all.

        Casting her as a lead it´s a totally show killer. So yes, she is my guess.

      • meme

        Glad to know I’m not the only one who totally hated that character and story line. I didn’t really buy that my HIMYM friends would actually want to hang out with her.

      • benthebook

        Oh god did I hate her as Zoe on HIMYM, I mean I seriously HATED her. I really liked her in Urban Legend 2 and didn’t mind her in House, but her stint on HIMYM was just awful. The one good thing about her was introducing The Captain, who should have had tons more screen time because he was hilarious.

    • endust

      Yes, I’ve heard the rumor during the upfronts that the producers were unhappy with their choice of Jennifer Morrison as the lead, but they were running out of time and the price was right. If they find ways to overcome these obstacles, the Anna/Emma part might get recast. The stakes are too high, they need someone who can bring in the viewers. Statistically, Jennifer Morrison is not that person.

      • JamesAA

        where did you read this rumor, please? I like Jennifer Morrison so I hope this blind item isn’t about her

      • endust

        Sorry, I didn’t mean to upset you. I heard it from a friend, he writes about TV and attended the networks upfronts last month in New York, as well as parties afterwards (that’s where all the good stuff comes from).

      • JamesAA

        you didn’t upset me, at least you’re being respectful, thanks

      • kalinner

        So you are basically saying that Jennifer Morrison was casted because there wasn´t a lot of time left and she was a cheap option but that after a little research the producers are getting scared due to her unpopularity.

        To be honest at this point i don´t think they have time to find someone else. The only thing they can do is trying to make her character as much likable as possible because she is incapable of turning a weird character into something watchable and trust the supporting cast.

      • JamesAA

        She has a fanbase too, just because you don’t like her it doesn’t mean she’s universally hated and some people loved and still love Cameron, enjoyed Jennifer’s character on How I met your mother and are eagerly waiting to see her on Once Upon a Time.

        I’ve read several reviews and they’ve been positive about Jennifer so get off your high horse

      • endust

        Sorry to be the bearer of the bad news, didn’t want to upset anyone. Of course, Jennifer has a fanbase. I tried hard to like her on HIMYM and couldn’t, but it’s just my perception. The thing is, for the guys in suits it’s all about the math and statistics. Her alleged string of unsuccessful projects, some unkind press and generally negative viewer response translate to their numbers being no longer bright and shiny, nothing personal. It might be too late for drastic changes, so let’s just hope for the best. :)

      • JamesAA

        No problem, endust. I just contacted someone who works on the show and they’ve no idea what you’re all talking about, it’s definitely no her, in fact they’re more than happy to have her on board and they assured me she’s getting positive reactions from early screenings 😀

      • endust

        It’s a gossip site and it’s supposed to be fun for everybody, so I better shut up. Don’t want to put anyone in defensive mode, it’s simply not worth it. Let’s pretend that I didn’t say anything and look forward to watching great new shows!

  • Zippity

    I’m with the Jennifer Morrison guess. “Once Upon A Time” looks complicated but intriguing, but I don’t need JM to get interested; the concept alone is enough.

    And it’s not Sarah Michelle Gellar. As soon as “Ringer” was announced the buzz off her returning to television was HUGE!

    • catgirl

      I like this as well. The preview I saw for “Once Upon a Time” does make it seem like it’ll take more than one episode to really develop, and I’m not sure that Jennifer Morrison has the built in fanbase that SMG has.

  • Layale

    My guess is Fran Drescher.

  • dee123

    It’s not SMG she is also a producer of Ringer, what she’s going to axe herself? It’s also not Messing, sure Will & Grace finished but there was The Starter Wife & other things. I think it’s Parminder Nagra, B list from Bend It Like Beckham & E.R, she’s in now in J.J Abrams new show Alcatraz which probably is “difficult to get into” judging from his past shows Lost, Alias, Fringe etc.

  • maggie may

    Emily van Camp in Revenge?

  • scojjtoe

    my immediate thought was maria bello in prime suspect. she was definite b list a few years ago in the movies and is now not so much. she’s starring in prime suspect, americanized version of british hit series. buzz on this series hasn’t been so good and the fact that it’s a series that is “hard to get into” would mostly fit this kind of drama.

  • CheshireKitty

    The blind doesn’t add up for SMG – she’s done a lot of movies, enough that she’s not ‘primarily TV’. I don’t think a show where we immediately have Sarah jumping into living as her twin is a slow plot that takes a while to get into, either. She’s also B+ still for sure just on Buffy infamy.

    Now, Ally Walker, I’ll buy. I don’t think even in Profiler’s heyday she went above B, and she’s mainly TV and coming out in a new series.

  • tidho

    If its Bilson, maybe they can get Rob Morrow to replace her.

  • gilda34

    How about Poppy Montgomery from Without a Trace. She has a new show in the fall.

  • cannibeth

    Christina Applegate

  • Queenie

    Kathryn Hahn