• ohhaiHolli says

      Or maybe one of the ones from Miami! I was never into that group of women, but it seems like they’re more likely to do that.

    • AKM75 says

      Kelly’s actually been quite calm this season and she’s often been the cool-headed voice of reason, amazingly enough. I don’t think it’s her.

    • Barry says

      nah, that is genuine mental illness.
      this could be any of them except Jill. she has the dough to buy her own illegal drugs. the rest are as broke as can be.
      as for Atlanta – could be any one of those broke women. any. one.

  1. kittymommy says

    Ill say same thing, do u guys think something is up with sonja & ramona, acting sneaky all the time? They seem extra hyper, extra nuts, and are alwayssneaking off camera. I heard someone, im thinking ramona, takes addrerall to “stay thin” & her behavior sort of fits with that. I know they’re both drunks but plus something else??
    kelly for the “sleeping with”–such an air headed ditz

  2. Marissa says

    I don’t watch NYC, so I’ll go with one of the NJ wives. Teresa always acts kinda out of it, but I’m convinced she’s just that stupid. Jacqueline Laurita has lost some weight & I know she didn’t have stomach surgery like Caroline Manzo, so she’s a good candidate for drug abuse. Melissa Gorga has an “open marriage” so I could see her sleeping with a crew member. So Jacqueline or Melissa…

    • kellyj says

      Jacqueline’s been saying she wants to lose weight. Maybe she’s looking to some uppers to help curb her appetite.

      Of course, if Danielle was still on the show, she would have been my first guess!

      • Marissa says

        Yup. I’ve read it on various gossip websites. A blog dedicated to the Real Housewives had an interview with someone close to the Gorgas/Guidices – they said it’s been common knowledge for a while. It’s part of the reason why Teresa hates Melissa – according to the source, Melissa also gave Joe Gorga herpes because of a fling she had with a former boyfriend named Butch. I think it’s gross they would sleep around after they both have herpes.

  3. mrsjaymack says

    I like the Sonia guess…could totally see this being her. Kelly, unfortunately, is cuckoo without the help of drugs, and she seems so weirdes outbu sex that I don’t think it’s her.

  4. rebellious contrary and nice says

    Thank God, this site exists! I no longer want to give CDAN anymore clicks. The sanctimonious drivel in every story irked me to no end.

    Bring on the blinds and gossip!

  5. gossipmom says

    From the East…Hmmm.

    Jersey Guess
    Melissa (attention w*)

    New York
    Ramona (spazz deluxe)

    Kim (who hasn’t she slept with?)

  6. Newtsgal says

    I hope it’s Ramona, that chick needs some meds for those wacked out eyes….lord knows a Valium or 2 wouldn’t hurt either!

  7. GERSEYGIRL says

    I think it’s Ramona Singer!!!She talks about Pinot Grigio like it’s a person. I hope she goes to rehab and gets help.. Also Melissa Gorga, now thats a thug in a cocktail dress, I think she is mean and would sleep with the crew to get what she wants!!!

  8. yinyang says

    Totally agree w Sonja or Ramona guesses! They both are acting more crazy this season! Ramona’s eyes are freaking me out and she is def on something besides her Pinot! Train wrecks!