How Actress Lost The Hosting Gig

CDAN – This C list mostly television actress has been known more for her beauty than her acting talent. However, she recently had a chance to land one of the most coveted positions that as available. With her current network show not doing so well, our actress as offered the host job for this talent competition. Pay? $250,000 per week. It as all hers. Then her manager in order to try and get more money said our actress was not really interested in hosting at this time. The job went to someone else, and our actress has no idea her manager cost her the job she wanted most.

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44 comments to How Actress Lost The Hosting Gig

  • Lozza

    Jennifer Love Hewitt? Is she B-list TV though?

    • Lozza

      Never mind – she’s not on a current network show. Ralphie’s guess is prob better. Not many clues though!

  • Chocadoodledoo

    Eva Longoria or would she be classed as B list..?

  • Ralphie

    Annalynne McCord?

  • davew

    The big clue is the current network show not doing well. Desperate Housewives? Vanessa Williams would be about C list on that show.

  • Wembley1

    ‘…most coveted positions that as available.’ & ‘It as all hers.’ as?

    Seriously, you couldn’t fix the typos?

    Just copy/paste?

    Do you even read these when you pluck them from other sites?

    • Bean

      Hi, Wembley1. Blinds are copied word for word because sometimes what looks like a typo is actually a cleverly disguised clue. So if you see a typo, try to think if it may help you solve the blind. In the rare event it actually *is* a typo and BG can verify, BG will come back and edit later.

      Hey, BG. You can take a break today. I got your back. 😀 Kisses!

    • Beans345

      are you seriously disrespecting the almighty BG?

      maybe the missing letters are clues.

    • Divide by Zero

      =/ maybe CDAN did the typos on purpose? How would BG know?

    • Jilliterate

      Wembley, in some cases spelling errors in blinds are deliberate clues as to the solution of the blind. I’m not sure if CDAN is one of those who practices this (Some other folks here are more familiar with how the hint-dropping is done than I am), but I assume BG consciously avoids altering the wording of any of the blinds because of this.

    • algernon

      You do know that sometimes said typos are deliberate right? You know clues? This is not just done once but 3 times. W seems to be missing… And Vanessa Williams fits. She’s definitely known more for her beauty (the first Afro American Miss America) than her acting and has the chops to host a talent competition

    • Wem – We saw them and left them in. If a couple of typos upset you so much, perhaps you should contact the original source. Love, BG

  • LS

    One of the many people who was running for the X-factor hosting job…

  • ItsAJ

    Eva Longoria?


    Vanessa Williams

    • kellyj

      Vanessa Williams is a great guess….She’s on “Desperate Housewives,” which is struggling. She was a former Miss America (known for her beauty). Plus she sings – Maybe she was up for the Jewel judging part on the show “Platinum Hit.”

  • UptightCitizensBrigade

    Maybe Cheryl Cole and all this singing show hiring drama? I don’t know if she’s ever acted, but “singer” might be too obvious. And she definitely looks better than she sounds. :)

    • benthebook

      Cheryl Cole is currently eating digestives and crying into her slime of an ex-husbands shoulder over Simon Cowel and her boyfriend dumping her in the same week.

      She’s never acted, though she’s unknown in the US, she’s A list in the UK so I doubt she’d take a hosting job after this debacle.

    • LS

      You missed out the fact that the BI said the actress was set to HOST the show not to judge so i guess she’s not the one. Also i dont think is Vanessa either.

  • chica

    Yea I think Eva is def higher than C list

    • CatGrant

      Agreed. For a while she was super over-exposed so her name recognition is high. Also, she’s a decent actress. Good comedic timing.

  • Sanguine

    I agree with the Vanessa Williams guess. DH’s ratings are low, and she was a beauty queen before she was an actress. But I hope whoever is the answer to this blind fires their manager, stat!

  • brainy

    Anyway, will someone take a stab at to which show and actress this BI refers? Maybe that could help solve the item?

  • dexterfan

    Nicole Scherzinger is set to replace Cheryl Cole for the US version of X-Factor.

  • Tracy

    Hi BG, 1st post!! :)

    Since the misspellings are all a/i, im inclined to think this is Vanessa Williams for AI? She’s really the only logical beauty queen/singer/actress…

  • dee123

    I don’t think it’s a Desperate Housewives cast member, i’m pretty sure they earn more than $250,000 an episode.

  • gossipmom3

    hmmm Does it appear that 3 W’s are missing to anyone else? Could that be a clue?
    no idea what the clue means if it is one.. just throwing stuff out there..

  • cmac15

    Olivia Mumm? Maybe just before “Perfect Couples” was cancelled?

  • huskies

    Cheryl Cole, X-Factor