Swallow These Lies

BlindGossip – We’ve provided you with some juicy details about the hot, hot, hot affair between these two celebrities. Well, after our last post, their agency/agencies decided to grill a bunch of employees who had witnessed the couple’s meetings and phone conversations and sneaking away to private bedrooms. They quickly realized that there was way too much specific info out there, as well as way too many witnesses. They were going to have to get serious about putting these stories to bed. The agents decided on a strategy and held separate Come-to-Jesus meetings with each of the celebs.

The female celeb was instructed to completely cut off any communication with or about the male celeb, because her family image – which is worth millions – is in serious jeopardy. The goal was to make her cry at the meeting. She did.

The male celeb was given an equally serious dressing down, and was ordered to never talk or write or sing about the affair ever again… except for one interview that is already scheduled. The purpose of the upcoming interview is to “clear the air” about his “life” (basically, to clean up his image). If the topic of the affair comes up (which they believe will happen), he must recite the same talking points that have been provided to all of the agents and managers and publicists involved: The rumors are ridiculous, outrageous, and completely false. The couple barely knows each other. They have never spent any private time together. The female continues to be very happily married.

Gee, do they really think people will swallow these lies?

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