Politico’s Spouse Hits The Gay Bars

NewYorkPost – Which right-wing politician’s spouse bats for the other team? The pol’s Bible belting can’t keep the other half from the gay bars.

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61 comments to Politico’s Spouse Hits The Gay Bars

  • malkatz

    I sooo hope this is Todd Palin.

  • lindseyann

    Todd Palin.

  • nywizard08

    Doesn’t have to be a male spouse, that’s the problem with the blind, its so vague. Didn’t Todd Palin get busted getting some sort of sex in a massage parlor? I can see him not being faithful but he doesnt strike me as gay, then again you never know. Anyone know anything about Michelle Bachmann’s spouse?

    • witchmagpie

      Not all massage therapists are female….I would love for this to be Todd Palin for all the wrong and most petty reasons :D

      • O-Kay

        Right there with ya, magpie…and I’m not even American! LOL

      • eharvey101

        Maybe that massage scenario was to cover up a WORSE scenario. I would give my right kidney for this to be the Palin’s.

  • yepimbored

    Michele Bachmann’s husband Marcus.

  • GoesInCircles

    idk who it is but Minnesota is not part of the Bible Belt. I am from MN. I am not a Bachman supporter in the least but I don’t think it’s her husband.

    • jeannie

      I’m also from MN and I agree, we’re not part of the “Bible Belt”. That seems to be more of a Southern/red-state description. And I’m definitely not a Bachman supporter either!

  • ZixiofIx

    Michelle Bachmann’s hubby.

  • meme

    How great would it be if this is Newt G’s 3rd wife?!?

  • dolceracer

    TODD PALIN!!! All the way for the win

  • teresamac

    Marsha Blackburn’s husband? She is in the HOR and is from Tennessee. Here is a picture of Marsha and her husband.

  • Mumumumu

    Todd Palin. He always screamed gay to me.

  • auntmidgee

    How about Sally Kern from Oklahoma? Don’t they say the loudest protesters have the most to hide? She’s the outspokenly homophobic idiot that keeps getting elected down there.

    • auntmidgee

      Her husband is also a pastor at a local chuch.

    • Gitano

      I live in OK and, trust me, we seem to have an unlimited supply of idiots like her. I sometimes wonder why I bother voting at all since I’m always in the (very small) minority of the sane.

  • Nancy Droo

    Is SC governor Nicki Haley married? Or, on the other side of the coin, what about Mike Huckabee’s wife? He’s certainly a favorite of the Religious Right. Also, could “Bible belting” refer to singing? Is there a politico that’s into gospel music?

  • kellyj

    Could anyone be more unattractive than that right-wing tub-o-lard possible Republican Presidential candidate Gov. Chris Christie from N.J.? Having to look at his fat face and listen to his obnoxious voice day in/day out would send anyone running to the other team.

  • AuntieM

    What about the politician from Oklahoma who can’t keep her foot out of her mouth?

  • lslsmusic

    Omg that is too funny for those of you who said Sally Kern…..lmao…she’s probably totally gay – but CAN YOU SAY REPRESSED?!!! I mean one look @ her and you can see she wouldn’t have the courage to go to a gay bar….
    funny that the guesses on the Palin’s was for Todd…did you see the photo of Sarah on the back of that bike this weekend with some mamma driving???? I’m thinking it’s MS. PALIN the blind item seemed like a woman to me. Maybe Sarah and Hilary are going to be first couple now…lol….

  • Tom Paine

    If Todd cheated on Sarah, he’d be ”accidently ” shot while shooting moose.

    Just sayin’. That woman scares me. She’d kill her own children for power. And I work with politicians, kids. She’s the scariest of them all (oh, and it doesn’t matter what side you support, They’re All Liars).

    • GyThanksGd

      He would so have an “unfortunate accident” if he was a threat to her aspirations!

    • Tia C

      No doubt. She would not allow him to get away with that. And live.

    • pumpkin

      I don’t think she cares what he does, as long as he’s not caught by the media. So, if it’s him and it’s revealed, he’d better watch out.

  • Tom Paine

    I’m sorry. Usually I can spell ‘accidentally’.

    My bad. :(

  • icculus

    Marcus Bachmann for sure. He “un-gays” people as party of his therapy and is so staunchly anti-gay that he totally screams GAY to me. Plus look at one of his pics. Total bottom.

    • winona

      I’m so with you on this. i was watching some footage of him, and it SCREAMS gay – not that *I* have a prob with that, even if he does.

    • Cuddlebutt

      That is so sad. I had a co-worker years ago that wanted to be straight so bad. His fam was religious and he couldn’t accept the way he was. Broke my heart.

      • Tia C

        That is sad. Off-topic, but that reminds me of a gay couple I know who are so great together. I asked them if they ever thought about getting married, but they’re southern men and they told me they feel it would be wrong to get married because marriage is only for a man and a woman. Yes, a gay couple who are against gay marriage. When they told me that I felt so sad for them.

    • melba

      I am 100% on board with this. Anyone who claims they can “cure gay” is, IMHO, gay and trying to choose not to be gay. Come on, dude, don’t be a drag! Just be a queen!

      • Tia C

        Absolutely 100% agree, melba. When someone’s fighting that hard against gayness, there is definitely something going on.

  • malkatz

    Michelle Obama.

  • mskayty

    *prays on bended knee* Please let it be Michelle Bachmann…

  • KWDragon

    I gotta go with Governor Mitch Daniels of Indiana and his wife for this one. Indiana is TOTES Bible-belt. His wife, Cheri, has already left the family once (and reconciled). She is also cited as the number one reason that Daniels will not run for president; their personal history cannot withstand any public scrutiny. In the past she has cheated with men, but this could be a new phase in her life. Still, please be Todd Palin, please be Todd Palin, please be Todd Palin…

  • inmichigan

    Rand Paul’s wife Kelley?

  • LaVieDetoile

    If it’s refering to Canadian politics, I would say PM Stephen Harper’s wife. She’s had an affair with a female RCMP officer and she has a contractual obligation to do photo ops with the PM. That’s why she cried when he won the majority. Her contract got renewed 4 more years….

  • Addictedtotext

    I don’t care who it is as long as it comes out. I love when Homophobes get outed, it makes my day.

  • shaj

    This is Michelle Bachmann’s husband. He actually prances when he walks. And, for what it is worth, all personal who work as gay to straight counselors have either been gay or had those inclinations. It is part of the therapy that the counselors can personally relate to the battle.