Music Guy Has Two Big Secrets

BlindGossip – This recording artist has had a very successful solo career for the past few years, and has also collaborated with both black and white artists on other projects. At least one of his albums has been #1 on Billboard, and he has had multiple Grammy nominations/wins. But while he may be a great artist, he’s not a great guy. He has had legal problems in the past, but there are two secrets that he has managed to keep from the public.

The first big secret is that he is in the habit of hiring hookers, having sex with them, and then beating them up. This is one seriously angry guy. The second big secret is that these are male hookers he’s been hiring, not female. Yes, this recording artist is gay.

Not 50 Cent.

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167 comments to Music Guy Has Two Big Secrets

  • Shaliza

    The “seriously angry” part makes me think of Chris Brown.

    • florida

      Good guess. I think you nailed it.

      • florida

        But I can’t find any information regarding grammy wins.

      • blissfulight

        Chris Brown is still in. (Literally.) It’s worded ‘multiple Grammy nominations/wins’. Three should be enough to make a multiple.

      • smoothcriminal

        perhaps.. when i listen to the lyrics of “only girl in the world” it sounds to me like Rhianna might be rug munching on the down low. first line of the song “want you to love me, like im a hot guy”.

        Perhaps rhianna & CB were bearding for each other while they secretly bumping uglies with people who have the same rude bits?

        These are the things that keep me awake at night.

      • Emmy

        These are the things that keep me awake at night.

        It’s a slippery gossip slope. 😉

      • meme01

        pretty sure it says hot ride

      • Kayla

        I thought it said “Want you to love me, like I’m a hot prize”

      • WheresMyHalo

        Misheard lyric from Jimi Hendrix: “Excuse me, while I kiss this guy”

      • jenb

        Most rappers are always on the downlow.

    • luvprue1

      I think Chris Brown is a good guess. I think it’s him too.

    • YoGo

      Could be. Rihanna is bi or gay too if you believe the bi’s? Maybe they were bearding for each other?

      The other candidate could be Busta Rhymes. Same scenario I have read though it is only gossip. He is out of the spotlight but I have read that about Busta.

      • mush

        I say Chris Brown due to the ‘black and white’ reference, didn’t Chris do a tribute to Michael Jackson on a music awards show last year??

      • Wembley1

        He and Beiber are buddies. I think Beiber is white.

      • HollyG

        Highly highly doubt it’s Busta. I used to live in his apt building in Brooklyn and (a) he was a nice guy and (b) if he was bringing in guys and beating them up there’s no way the building people wouldn’t have let it slip. He kept an escalade idling on the curb 24/7 so he wasn’t exactly flyng below the radar.

  • smoothcriminal

    flo rider? akon? that derpy guy? drake? they all seem pretty gay to me.

  • classynogin

    Why must people always rush to blame Chris? Past blind items leads me to think it’s Jay Z. I hate to think his marriage is a sham, but like I said past Blind Items have told this story using a famous wife in the post as well.

    • algernon

      whoa there. Why are you taking a Chris Brown guess so personally? But I somewhat agree. The anger problems sound like Chris and the ‘past legal’ issue(s) fit BUT the fact that they’ve pointed out success as a SOLO artist leads me to believe he was previously apart of a group act… still thinking…

    • Sammi

      I thought it was Jay-Z as well, since he collaborated with Linkin Park, and his best friend is supposedly Chris Martin from Coldplay. I don’t remember Chris Brown doing that (Then again, I don’t listen to his music.).

      I also heard that he worships the devil, but that’s another story.

      • Sammi

        Also, if you listen to the song “Ether” by Nas, he makes a lot of homo comments towards Jay-Z. Yeah, he’s not happy with him, but I did find it a little strange that he went on about it more than he needed to.

      • jenb

        Jay z is said to loved tranny’

    • jenb

      jayz is another good guess

  • Gemini850

    I believe this is Chris Brown. There have been rumblings for the past couple of weeks in the urban world that Chris Brown is gay. Also this guy who is the CEO founder of a music company Downtown record said on twitter, YESTERDAY that CB was gay and that you heard it from him first. It has been reported on a lot of urban blogs.

    Also his new album FAME went number 1 on billboard this year. Also he has been grammy nominated 3 times.

    • cincinnatikate

      you have VERY good points to back up your guess, very much appreciated! but I have to disagree, I think its LL Cool J, This has been circulating since the 90’s. Mad TV even poked fun at his homosexual nature publicly. A book came out in march 2011 detailing time spent with a transexual, and the tran took a polygraph on good morning america. And quotes like this caught by TMZ on camera.. LL Cool Gay? |
      Mar 6, 2009 … Pap : “If you get hit on by a gay guy, does that change your nickname?” LL Cool J : “No, just expands your options.

      • mrsjaymack

        I saw that whole thing about LL being gay just the other day, and that’s actually the first time I’ve heard gay rumors about him.

        I thought of CB and Jay-Z as well, but they’ve always been solo artists. I also thought of Nelly cuz he’s worked with Tim McGraw, but I’m pretty sure he’s always been a solo artist as well.

      • Laurlyn

        Nelly used to be the member of a hip hop group, the St Lunatics (they were from St Louis). He has two Grammys and his first debut album Country Grammar went to #1 on the Billboard but that was all the way back in 2000. He has worked with Justin Timberlake and Kelly Rowland. Could be a decent guess!

      • Alex

        i like your facts.

      • Gemini850

        I get what you are saying cincinnatikate. I thought about LL Cool J too especially since that tran*y came out and said he was a customer. The only thing is that I can’t picture any legal trouble LL has been in.

      • cincinnatikate

        yes, In the late 90’s LL was caught with a hooker and did an article in Vibe about it.. also was arrested for swinging his male parts during a concert–but I think you are right, and have changed my mind… and when I re-read, legal problems, I thought of tax evasion..

        Ja Rule… is headed to prison for tax evasion soon but he never had a Billboard #1 ALBUM

        and I saw this : Jermaine Dupri – This wizard behind the desk is the youngest charting producer in the history of music. Also he’s the responsible for the sub-genre known as Kiddie Rap, which vaulted such pre-pubescent acts as Kriss Kross and Lil Bow Wow to the top of the charts. Back in 2002, Dupri got raided by federal agents. They confiscated furniture, computers and cars. His debt to the IRS was reported as $2,541,865. (could he have produce a billboard #1 Album for another artist to make him a valid guess?)

      • Angua

        I think it’s a long way from merely being gay to hiring, having sex with, and then beating up male hookers. So while LL Cool J may well be gay, I can’t see the clues fit him. He’s also an actor – wouldn’t the blind be worded slightly differently to mention that as well?

        That said I have no idea who this might be.

  • eap124

    what about Nelly? He was a solo artist, but has done duets with Justin Timberlake, Tim McGraw, Kelly Rowland, Ashanti, and others. For other projects, he starred in The Longest Yard. Also, he announced that the next album he releases will be entitled, 5.0, which could tie in the 50 cent clue!

    • QnsNYC

      Hopefully he won’t have one of his tantrums at me for guessing him. :)

    • rayodeplata

      I like this guess, Kanye fits the “recent solo career” because he was a producer before. And I’m certainly scared of him.

    • Iwonder

      That was my first thought as well.

    • ChiChiLaRue

      I like this guess.
      There is lots of speculation that he’s in the closet and we’ve definitely all been witness to some bizarre behavior out of him, from the infamous Taylor Swift incident to his bizarre twitter rants.
      He’s definitely collab’d with white and black artists, had a #1 album on billboard AND had multiple grammy noms and LOTS of grammy wins, actually.
      Plus with his “genius artist” image, I can see how he would want to keep a scandal like this out of the press.
      My money is on Gay Fish for sure.

    • MaryQuiteContrary

      Gotta be Kanye

  • shelaur22

    Has Eminem ever collaborated with a white guy?

  • Elfie

    I think is Jay Z too, only because, for me, he is one of the biggest rappers. I don’t know much abot the genre, but I believe he is one of the most successful rappers. But I could be wrong. BTW, I’m assuming is rapper becase of the 50 cent photo, it only says artist.. 😛

  • hush

    I hope this is not lil’ wayne……

  • mrswright

    I’m thinking Kanye…….He has anger issues and was rumored to be Gay as well?? Just a thought.

  • nywizard08

    Brown is out, hes been nominated but never won a grammy, even though it sounds like him, i personally do not think hes gay, at the very most hes bi, which is possible..him and rihanna definitely seemed to be having a sexual relationship..

    I wanted to guess Busta Rhymes but he has never won a grammy either, so hes out..

    I was also going to guess nelly but hes never been reported to have legal issues, hes out..

    Nas has an ex wife and kids, without any legal issues, so hes out..

    Drake is rumored to have been a stripper for men before hitting the big time, but again no legal problems, he is out..

    Ne-Yo is a possibility, he has won and been nominated for grammys, he was arrested for reckless driving driving but he has children with prior relationships, so the gay charge is tougher to say, he could be bi but gay, eh its shaky

    Bow Wow has never had any legal issues or won any grammies, hes out..

    Lil John is married, hes hes probably out..

    Lil Wayne has like four kids with three different women and has had legal issues and won and been nominated for a bunch of grammys, but four kids with 3 women, doesnt smell gay to me, bi maybe, hes out

    JZ has been rumored to be gay or bi for sometime, but personally i think hes at very most bi, plenty of women have alleged to have hooked up with him in the past and he is married to Beyonce and has never been arrested, i think the blind isnt about him, hes out..

    I dunno, none of these guys are good fits

    • kmddje

      This is amazing nywizard08. Thanks for all the info :) You have much knowledge.

    • Tia C

      Good research, nywizard! However, I would say that Chris Brown is most definitely not ruled out. The blind says “Grammy nominations/wins,” – so it’s not just wins. It could still be him.

    • lindseyann

      “Drake is rumored to have been a stripper for men before hitting the big time.”

      I really doubt that this is true. Drake, who is really Aubrey Graham, was a child actor on Degrassi before hitting the “big time.” I think he was stripping on the side we would’ve heard about it. Degrassi’s not that big of a show, but it definitely would’ve been celebrity gossip news seeing as he probably would’ve had to be a minor at the time the “stripping” would’ve happened.

  • Yuolala

    Solo career?

    So he was in a group before he went solo..

    Hmmmm I wonder who it is

  • treyc

    Will.I.Am? Snoop Dog? Justin Timberlake( lol)

  • Salmana
    Don’t know why but he just popped into my head when i read this blind.

  • classynogin

    Ok some of you made me rethink the Jay Z guess. But the GREAT ARTIST can not be said for many in his field. My 2nd choice will have have to be Diddy. Great artist, I disagree but some may think so because of his hits music and TV. I like the Lil wayne guess. But if we are talking about a man getting beat up, is he capable of that?

  • mindy

    If he’s beating these guys up why aren’t they going to the cops and pressing charges and suing him for a load of cash? It seems like if this were true it would get out.

  • cincinnatikate

    Quote: “but four kids with 3 women, doesnt smell gay to me,”

    If that doesn’t reek of a man trying to prove his manhood I don’t know what else to tell you. Definitely a common factor of men who are still in denial about their sexuality. The rumor of him being molested by his “mentor”
    “Baby” is RAMPANT.

  • malkatz

    Omarion? I’m not familiar with his work, but he claimed to have been raped by a male (which may contribute to his violent sexual interests) and used to be in a all-male music group.

  • shaj

    This is Busta Rhymes. The nomination/wins means either or; or both. BR fits all other clues…. has 5 nominations; once was part of a Group Called Quest; has at least one solo #1 CD, has played with Linkin Park and Eminem, and has several court cases still pending, one of which involves smacking a gay guy who made the mistake of speaking to Busta in public. He also has an open case involving throwing a drink in a woman’s face who sat too close to him at a club. Everyone knows he is on the downlow and has a terrible temper.

    • mrsjaymack

      Rumors about Busta have been going around for years…could be him b

    • t.fanty

      Really? That just makes me sad. Not about the downlow issue; I just always imagined him to be such a nice guy.

    • cincinnatikate

      Busta has never had a billbopard #1 ALBUM. I thought of him too..but he doesn’t fit that clue.

      oooh WHAT ABOUT DRE’?? Dr Dre!!!!!!! for the win!

      • shaj

        Busta has had a #1 CD.

        “His seventh studio album, The Big Bang, became the first #1 album of his career. The CD sold over 209,000 copies in its first week to earn the top spot on The Billboard Top 200.”

    • Faye

      I’m with you. Word on the street is that he is “SUPER gay” as in if you ran into him on the street he actually speaks in a lisp and has a “limp wrist”. I’ve heard him described as “very flamboyant” before and that people in the industry pretty much know this.

    • cincinnatikate

      Nope, just checked Dre, best album, 2001 made it to #2 on the Billboard chart and the Chronic (epic album btw) only made it to 3.

      I thought you had it.
      Back to the drawing board.

  • malkatz

    Cee Lo Green. He gives off a closet-case vibe to me, and has admitted to torturing animals for pleasure.

  • CrossingTheLine

    P Diddy? Even though he’s more of a mogul but so is Jay-Z and everyone is still guessing him. It’s probably Kanye though. Or someone like Ja Rule or otherwise under the radar-ish.

  • dee123

    Justin Timberlake LOL!

  • NVgirl

    I am just going out on a limb here. Trent Reznor. Records with both black and white artists, Atticus Ross, Saul Williams, etc.
    Has a successful solo career, he is basically NIN.
    He has had many Grammy nominations/wins,”Nine Inch Nails has been nominated for twelve Grammy Awards and has won twice.” Wiki
    Lastly, leagal issues. He was sued his manager and counter sued him,John Malm Jr.
    The only thing that dosn’t fit with the info above is he never had a #1 billboard album, I think the closest he has had is #2.

    Anyhow…that’s my guess, just to be different.

    First time poster! Hi BG.

  • krys

    other than the 50cent as a not; does it say anything about the artist being a rapper or black? why are all the guesses rappers/black men?

    i dunno, i might have missed some clues that help narrow the playing feild cuz a lot of singers have numbers ones or noms/wins..

    • Tia C

      Hey good point, krys! I don’t know why I assumed it was a rapper – I guess because of the photo of 50 Cent. But you are right – it just says “recording artist,” so it could be anybody. How bout John Mayer? LOL

  • Kayley

    I think it is Eminem. He worked with Dido, Rihanna, Elton John, Marilyn Manson, D12..all sorts of people. He seems to have an anger problem and always had demons. He stays out of the spotlight a lot, so you never know what he is up to

  • Chinny2

    How about LL Cool J? check out this article on Perez:

    The hooker kiss and told, and is a tranny! But nothing about being beaten though…. But…

    LL has won multiple Grammy’s and has been nominated multiple times, his first album went number one on billboard and he has worked with multiple black and white male and female artists over the years, oh and his latest album “Exit 13″ was released in 2008… that’s a few years ago.

  • kmddje

    What about Suge knight? (sp?) He has legal problems out the wazoo and is a very angry man. HOWEVER, he is not a solo artist per se’

  • Redladyj06

    I think it’s Nelly

    Group: St. Lunatics check then went solo
    Rumored to be broke
    Former manager started leaking secrets
    #1 on the Billboard Chart = #1, name of a hit song of his
    Has collaborated with Tim Mcgraw for the white artist and several others as well as black ones

  • B0SS

    50 cent!

    There was a blind 2009/2010 about a rapper that rec’ bj’s at clubs then beat up the “giver” yelling about not telling anybody & how he’s not gay. (roid rage)… another blind he fits along with. Plus the fact he, Dr. Dre, Timbaland, Busta Rhymes and Mary were outted for their use.

    I wish I could find it now! He’s also thee most angry person in music, hence the nickname “the mad rapper” stickin’ since Pac died.

  • ILoveDlisted

    Seal? His wife has that show, Seriously funny kids? Just a guess

  • VinylDestination

    DR. DRE

    I hate to say it, but it seems that it may be him.

    Music Guy: He produces for others mostly rather than himself like 50 Cent, Eminem, Snoop.

    Grammys: Producer of the year and Best Rap Solo performance.

    Solo Artist after being in N.W.A.

    The only part that makes me doubt partially that it could be him is that BG states “at least one of his albums has been #1 on Billboard”. His albums The Chronic (Chart position #3) and Chronic (2001) (#2) didn’t peak the Billboard Album Charts, but they BOTH did go to #1 in the Billboard Hip-Hop/RnB Charts.

    “Has a habit” – We all know he smokes greens!

    “And then BEATing them up” – Beats by Dre headphones.

    If it didn’t specify that he’s a solo artist, then I would have thought C. Brown.

    • Gemini850

      oh those gay rumors have been out for years. I mean years even Tupac called him out.

      • VinylDestination

        Even the Pet Shop Boys wrote a song call him out on it! Of all groups, they did.

        Also, might I add, Beats by Dre SOLO are also a type of headphone from his headphone line.

    • mrsjaymack

      Good guess. There have been rumors about Dre for a long time.

    • Mumumumu

      Dr Dre has 4 kids with 3 different women.
      Jenita Porter – son
      Michel’le – son
      Nicole Threatt – son and daughter.

      It used to be 5 kids, but his oldest son died 3 yrs ago.

      • cincinnatikate

        but no #1 album for Dre.

        What about Fabolous?
        legal issues- check
        gram noms- check
        #1 Billboard album-check and it debuted at #1 ONCE
        refuses to marry or even acknowledge his girlfriend of 6 years….

  • NYtoLA


    Trey Songz or Akon

  • tonyc1

    I concur. I remember CDAN doing the same thing with a Xtina blind where they list a single not, when in fact that is the answer. I remember that blind. I think Nelly was the second most popular guess. Also, the whole dating Chelsea Handler smelled of beard.

  • Cecilia

    this sounds like Eminem. I think he is gay so this could be him, besides he is good friends with 50 and they work in the same record label

    • La Llorona

      Seriously! There have been gay rumors about him for years. He’s worked with Dr. Dre, Skylar Grey, Dido, Three Six Mafia, etc. His legal problems include his custody battles/restraining order with his ex wife, public spat/dispute with Christina Aguilera, his problems with his mother, the list goes on, Eminem is a LOOSE cannon. He was recently performing “I need a Doctor” and “Love the way you Lie” at the Grammys and he has won in the past (I think he won this year too). Given what we already know about him over the years, I wouldn’t doubt this is him. The only problem is that there’s so many matches for these clues. You kind of could use this to say anyone in Hip Hop. Mhmmmmm…..

    • Bambi

      Eminem might be bi but I don’t think he’s don’t write hundreds of psycho rhymes about a woman you don’t love and get crazy jealous with her every move.

      Plus this sentence ”this recording artist has had a very successful solo career for the past few years” doesn’t sound like him at all. He’s been really successful from 1999-2004 and then he was out of the spotlight for 5 years. It was only last year that he became mega successful again. The BI makes it sound like it is about someone who used to be in a group/band and has only been a solo artist for the last couple of years.

      Cee Lo would fit but he hasn’t had a number one album.

      I’m guessing this is Kanye. He was never in a group but he used to be ”just a producer” where he collaborated with artists on other projects.

  • Tru Tru2

    Em–has some serious issues he continues to hide, him and Dr. Dre.

  • oceanbilly

    This is Peter Gene Hernandez, aka Bruno Mars. Think about it…

  • jackhammer

    It is Ne-Yo or Kanye

  • tmrsn

    what about serial * R.Kelly?
    Debuted with a group – Public Announcement
    won 3 grammy awards for I believe I can fly.
    He has had five billboard number ones.
    worked with noted caucasian Kid Rock
    We all know he has had past legal problems
    and that he likes underage girls – certainly
    maybe he likes beating up hustlers also.

  • hazel

    Ug. Awful. I feel a *tiny* bit better that this jerk solicits men and not women, just because I hope one of these rent boys turns the tables and beats this guy down.

  • dolceracer

    CHRIS BROWN for the win. My Gaydar has always been a mile high with Chris Brown. I always thought Rhianna was a huge lesbian and their relationship was a huge PR stint.

    P>S> JAY-Z, her producer,…. gayer than a sequined clutch on TONY night.

    Speaking of… when are the TONY’s?

  • laili6

    That’s awful. There should be some kind of legal outcome to this.

    I think it’s Em.

  • flizoyd

    JAY Z had legal problems. He stabbed Lance” Un” Rivera and got probation in 2000-2001. Doesnt make it him but he isnt ruled out. I dont have Eminem beating up anyone he is too small. How about Dr Dre a tranny chaser and steroid user. Nelly is good too.Nellly had legal problems b4 getting signed. Dr dre hit DEE barnes and got into a fight in New Orleans or Vegas in his NWA/ Death Row Days.



  • malkatz

    Cee Lo Green. He gives off a closet-case vibe to me, and has admitted to torturing animals for pleasure, as well as beating people.

    • WheresMyHalo

      I don’t want it to be him, but I think you’re right.

      He has multiple nominations and wins, he does have a violent past by his own admission, he has collaborated with Danger Mouse for Gnarls Barkley as well as numerous black artists, and yeah I actually thought he was already ‘out’ because it just seems so obvious!

  • nywizard08

    R.Kelly, no way, hes all about the jail bait women. Cee Lo Green, maybe. But to be honest I don’t see him beating anyone up. And in my experience big chunky guys like that, Biggie Smalls etc tend to be skirt chasers. Kanye West def gives off a gay or bi vibe but beat someone up? He looks and is more the type to just drink his frustrations away. Dr. Dre is a business man, same as JZ, they dont want the rap, so what they do is probably discreet. I tend to doubt they are beating these guys up. We are probably looking for someone with anger issues, ie: Eminem or Chris Brown. But again Chris Brown never won a grammy and why beat Rihanna his beard up? It is just an arrangement.I buy them both being bi but not gay. The blind says this guy is gay. Brown is still at most bi.

  • BOLV

    I’m not sure what legal problems he had in the past, but this screams Cee lo to me as well.
    He used to be in Goodie Mob and Gnarls Barkley.
    He’s collaborated with black artists(Ludacris, T.I.)& white artists(Christina Aguilera,Gwyneth Paltrow)
    Has admitted to torturing animals & beating up homeless people
    In an interview, said that he sleeps with multiple women a day. Could some of those women be men dressed up as women?
    50 cent did a remix of his F* you single.
    F* You has been #1 on the Billboards and has had a Grammy nomination.

  • Scorpio13

    Puffy, P Diddy, P Duddle Dandy!

  • lisi

    Justin Timbelake?
    he was in a band, he’s been nominated and won Grammy’s. He’s collaborated with both black and white artists in movies and music…he fits most of the description. the only legal problems I can think of is the Superbowl incident, and his “problems” with the IRS on Punk’d.

  • CrossingTheLine

    What about DMX? Tons of legal troubles…super angry dude. I could definitely see this happening…

    Oh yeah, and with just about everyone else on the list too…

  • tweety

    Not Chris Brown. This is a BG item, so the picture has some relevance. Skipping over all of the CB guesses, I’m going with Dr. Dre. He’s had legal trouble, has worked with black and white artists and has been rumered to like the boys even though he’s married. Mumumumu, I’m with you.

  • HollyG

    I vote T.I. His first album was called I’m Serious; he’s collaborated with every single artist under the sun; he’s been to jail multiple times; one of his albums debuted at #1 on the Billboard chart; he’s won multiple grammys; and he’s gotten in fights publicly. He’s married but that doesn’t mean he’s not on the DL.

    ….thank you, Wikipedia.

    • meme01

      I tend to agree with you and I always thought the hookup with Ashanti was more for publicity ne way but what is the legal problems i think i read about a foreclosure maybe

  • jenb

    This is my guess, I don’t think this is chris brown at all

    Dr. Dre
    ll cool jay

  • meme01

    Key word being solo career i really feel we should be looking at someone who used to be part of a group even if its with just one other person

  • meme01

    Im guessing Lil Wayne it all fits

  • kelno

    Has anyone guessed Timbaland? He’s had a couple Grammy wins and multiple nominations. Had some legal issues with plagiarism…anyway, that’s my guess.

  • boobookittyluv

    DJ Mister Cee

  • justme

    Lol @ all the Chris Brown Guesses…it could be true though…But I am going to place my money on Busta Rhymes, I have been hearing DL gay rumors about him for the longest.

  • justme

    Oh and thanks Blind Gossip for taking my comments out of moderation :-) !!!!

    I love this site!

  • blah

    The Game.
    Was (or still is?) a member in G-Unit as was/is 50 Cent, hence the not 50 Cent. Has had two Grammy nominations and lots of legal issues.

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