One Actor and 100 Animals

CDAN – I would call this actor C list, although if you saw him, you would immediately recognize him. He was previously on a hit network comedy, disappeared for a few years, and is now back on a different network in a middling successful comedy. Anyway, he is a huge animal lover and over the course of this past season, he managed to convince the cast and crew to adopt over 50 dogs and cats from shelters. This is in addition to the 10 he has adopted. He says it is his goal each year to get 100 animals adopted.

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57 comments to One Actor and 100 Animals

  • cocobeannns

    No guess on the actor, but how refreshing to see something positve. I think that this is an amazing and beautiful thing for anyone to do. Kudos to him for helping all these animals find homes.

  • Jason

    Matthew Perry?

    • lindseyann

      It says the actor is in a “middling successful comedy.” Mr.Sunshine got cancelled (even though it was quite hilarious), so I wouldn’t call it successful.. and Mr.Perry didn’t really disappear at all since Friends.. If you look at his IMDB page he’s done at least one project every year since Friends.

    • maybe21

      he is who i thought of too but i would not say he’s C list. who ever this is is awesome.

  • malkatz

    I was going to say John Corbett, from Sex and the City, but United States of Tara just got cancelled.

    • jonesing

      You mean it won’t be on for another season after this one? Ahhhhhh!!

      • malkatz

        I know. I am SO bummed. This season will end as scheduled, and there will be no new episodes.

    • ShhDontTell

      A show like that gets cancelled, and Jersey Shore gets a new season? In Italy?
      I think the world HAS ended. We are now in h*ll

  • malkatz

    Wait, wait, wait… could “middling” be a hint that it is a cast member of The Middle?

  • Lassie

    I dunno, but BLESS him.

  • malkatz

    Yup. I would say it’s Jan Itor from Scrubs, who is now in The Middle. BAM!

  • saucykitty

    Why do awesome things like these have to be blinds? Certainly it wouldn’t hurt the actor’s reputation, right?!?!

  • melokins22

    David Spade

  • becky towers

    This shouldn’t be a blind item. i love hearing about artists that really love animals and go out of their way to do something positive for them, instead of treating them as fashion accessories. so who is he????

  • Smoke

    I wish we’d find out who this is, I love this person! I’m a huge animal lover.

  • aeduko

    I’m with everyone else. Out this guy!!! Love hearing about someone doing good.

  • dee123

    Patrick Warburton

    • Pickle

      I’d love it if this were him but he’s kind of everywhere. I can’t think of any time where he’s disappeared. And he’s still on Family Guy, right?

    • shelaur22

      Is he David Putty from Seinfeld? currently on CBS’s Rules of Engagement? He’s my guess, too.

    • pumpkin

      I think he’s been working pretty steadily since Seinfeld, but he’s a good guess. You’re definitely on the right track with the c-list but everyone would recognize him thing.

    • Kate

      Known to be a really nice guy, professional; this definitely screams Warburton to me. Excellent call, Dee!

    • Gitano

      Eh, I think people are much more likely to recognize his voice than his face. He’s done a lot of voice over.

  • mrsdavis82206

    Matt LeBlanc

  • Newtsgal

    Ed O’Neil

  • benthebook

    I’m going to say it’s Johnny Galecki. He was in Roseanne and then did nothing for years and now he’s in The Big Bang Theory.

    • 4six2

      YES, BEN!!! He was my immediate first thought, though I could only remember him as “David from Roseanne~ now in Big Bang.” I knew I’d recognize his name as I scanned through the responses, and there you had him. I also think that the “middling” clue could reference that on “Roseanne”, he dated Darlene, the “middle” child.

    • digitallyspeaking

      I like him and I like this guess too.

    • Big Bang is a big hit. Not middling.

  • shabbychic

    Rob Lowe?

  • Ralphie

    Nick Offerman (Ron Swanson) on Parks and Rec. It’s critically acclaimed but not gangbusters in the ratings. Most people don’t know his name but recognize his face, and he’s been on Will and Grace AND King of Queens in recurring roles.

    I hope I’m right. Love him.

  • Salmana

    Neil Patrick Harris

    • malkatz

      I love this guess. He seems like the type. However, he disappeared from main TV roles for a looooong time after Doogie. I think the gap in time with this one is probably shorter.

  • CatGrant

    Johnny Galecki? Was on Roseanne. Disappeared. Now on Big Bang Theory.

  • gossipchick

    Ed O’Neil
    previous comedy=Married w/ Children
    new comedy=Modern Family

    • BrightStar

      Modern Family is NOT a “middling” successful comedy. It’s a wildly successful comedy.

  • MichelleFrom Amsterdam

    I wanna know who this is!!!! So I can add him to my ‘awesome people’ list!

  • malkatz

    If “middling” is a clue to it being someone from The Middle, who could it be other than Neil?

  • malkatz

    Another thought: Bryan Cranston was in Malcolm and the MIDDLE, and is now in Breaking Bad.

    • malkatz

      Maybe not. Breaking Bad is in that weird dramedy territory- is it a comedy? Is it a drama?

  • ibuprotein

    I agree Neil Flynn seems like a good guess, although he didn’t really take any time off after Scrubs, which also wasn’t really ever a “hit,” it just kind of persisted year after year. Could also be Billy Gardell, who had a recurring role on My Name Is Earl and is now the lead on Mike and Molly. Gregg Binkley was also on Earl and now has a semi-regular role on Raising Hope, although I don’t know if I’d call him quite C-list.

  • mytwocents

    Joey Lawrence

    • PrettyPoison80

      This is who I thought of, too. He’s very recognizable, “Blossom” is the hit network comedy, and “Melissa & Joey” is doing well. I like this guess.

  • digitallyspeaking

    haha, check out Kutcher’s facebook photos and videos. That’ll tell you what he cares about, and he has teenage step-kids if I’m not mistaken.
    He’s the perfect replacement for Sheen.

  • anon24

    awww this is sooo nice!!!, I’m going with the David Spade guess

  • belize

    I’m sure it’s Mark-Paul Gosselaar he’s a b/c list now but we all know him
    He was previously on a hit network comedy “NYPD Blue”
    and is now back on a different network in a middling successful comedy “Franklin & Bash” tv show on TNT

  • hooldoog

    What about Ray Romano? Men of a certain age is his new, middling show…