The Bigger The Better


BlindGossip – Some guys are leg men. Some are ass men (Kramer). This famous athlete is a breast man. If you don’t have them, he will date you, but he’ll spend a good part of the relationship pressuring you to get a new pair. He’ll point out other women and comment on what great breasts they have and how perfect you would be if you only had breasts like her. This strategy doesn’t just work on regular women. It has also worked on two of the famous women he has dated, who both got plastic surgery when they were with him. Expect to see his current girlfriend with a new pair soon.


It’s Alex Rodriguez! Source:

ARod likes all his women to have a similar body type. He likes them very lean, very muscular, and with boobs. If they are not the way he wants them, he harangues them daily and makes them feel inadequate until they change.

It’s amazing to us that slim, healthy, athletic, self-assured women like Kate Hudson and Cameron Diaz got breast implants while or shortly after dating him.  Why would any woman let a man she’s dating dictate her body type?

Here are ARod’s ex-girlfriend, Ella Magers, and his current girlfriend, Torrie Wilson.

See the pattern here? We know you do.

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