From Sculpted to Preggo

NewYorkPost – Which famous beauty who spends endless hours and energy toning her sculpted body is now concentrating on trying to get pregnant? She’s been undergoing secret fertility treatments in LA.

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73 comments to From Sculpted to Preggo

  • cocobeannns

    Jillian Michaels.

  • cindyl

    Cameron Diaz perhaps. I wonder if A-Rod knows. LOL

    • Miss Chernobyl 2011

      I really like this guess. Cam’s looking buff and sculpted lately and was the popular guess in the blind about an actress who’s thinking about opening a chain of gyms with her athlete boyfriend. And I agree with some of the others saying that she’s probably feeling maternal being around his kids all the time and also probably very aware that her clock is ticking and time is running out.

      For those guessing Jillian, it is widely reported that she’s trying to adopt from Congo, so why would she be taking fertility drugs? Also who is her partner? Isn’t she a lesbian?

  • Noisht

    amy winehouse!

    I’ll go with jillian michaels too, but is that really a blind, since she’s been vocal about wanting to have children.

  • farleece

    Jennifer Aniston

  • SayItAintSo

    I thought Jennifer Aniston too when I read it. Jillian Michaels is in the process of adopting I read.

  • Ralphie

    Never heard her being maternal before, but maybe being around ARod’s little girls caused Cameron Diaz to think about mommy hood. She’s pushing 40 isn’t she?

  • ecksor

    Dita Von Teese

  • tracking

    Sounds like Aniston.

  • Addictedtotext

    I’m guessing Aniston as well.

  • cocobeannns

    Aniston is a good guess! I change my guess to her. Lol.

  • Smoke

    I thought of Anniston too, but who’d be the dad? Justin Theroux? “Secret fertility treatments” means what, exactly?

  • Anaishilator

    hell naw is it anniston. Jenn dont want kids, period.

    hmm, it says famous beauty so, that rules out jillian micheals. famous she is, but not for her beauty. I almost want to say january jones, but we already know she is preggers.

  • Tia C

    Much as I like her, and even though she is known for excessively working out, I wouldn’t describe Aniston as a “beauty.” She’s cute, but a beauty? Really? Nor Jillian Michaels, for that matter. Sculpted, yes – beauty, not so much. Having said that, I honestly cannot think of anyone who fits the description who would be having fertility treatments other than Aniston. So by default I guess I’ll reluctantly go with that vote. Until something better comes along…LOL.

  • cocobeannns

    Everyone has their own definition of beauty. I think Aniston looks very good for her age.

  • ZigZagZoey

    Hmmmm I think Cam Diaz is way too selfish for that. She doesn’t even like the idea of marriage, so I can’t see her wanting to commit to having a kid.
    I don’t think it’s Jen either.
    Useless post ~ Because I don’t have a guess!

    • Jilliterate

      I think not wanting children (or marriage, for that matter) doesn’t make you “selfish.” It makes you aware that parenthood isn’t right for you, and bringing a child into the world just because societal values encourage you to would cause more harm to the child in the long run.

      • Violet

        Ditto, Jilliterate. Just because someone has different values than another doesn’t make them “selfish.”

      • becky towers

        Actually, i think coming to terms with this is the contrary of selfish. why should you marry or have kids just because it’s expected?

      • Lassie

        Selfish??? I think it’s swell that she isn’t just mindlessly cranking out a kid because its the thing to do. People who don’t want to have kids and don’t have them are to be admired! Should be more of them….

    • ZigZagZoey

      Well, excuse my opinion then. I didn’t mean to offend anyone.

  • RealMrsWillis

    Long time lurker first time poster. Love the site!
    I gotta go with Jane Fonda on this one.

  • yepimbored

    Cameron Diaz has been in England filming so it can’t be her.

  • nyc711

    What about Kim Kardashian? She’s NY based now, and is vocal about working out…

  • dingopop

    Jessica Biel?

  • FelicityJ

    First time poster – *love* this site :)
    I’m going with Aniston as well. The woman in the pic has a ‘Rachel’ haircut and she’s toting a water bottle – Jen is featured in SmartWater campaigns.


    Leann Rimes or Bethenny Frankel!!!!!!

  • apple martini

    I’ll also say Aniston. “Beauty” may be subjective but she’s pretty famous for keeping her body in shape. She’s also getting to the age where she’d be more in need of fertility treatments.

  • fallen

    It doesn’t say first time pregnancy. I’m going with Gweneth P.

  • Quinnie88

    Im actually going with Fergie (Black eyed peas ) with this one ………not the obvious i know but i have heard they were trying before and she works out alot .

  • madeinanarctica

    Quinnie88 beat me to it. Every interview she does she talks about how crazy her workout routine is, and she’s been hinting awhile now that she and Josh D. want kids. She’s mid-30s and meth may have messed up her system, hence fertility treatments.

  • Quinnie88

    But Fergie looks like a man so maybe it is JA although she aint a beauty either??

  • Tru Tru2

    Its not Cam, she is not beauty, her face is slowly sliding down. not meth face Fergie..ot Leeane Rimes –cause she not beauty, inside nor out.

    I’m going w/Jenn A.

    • Ralphie

      Jennifer Aniston isn’t a beauty to all for the same reasons you dismissed the others. Some find her pretty…I think she looks like a man.

  • Tru Tru2


    everyone have a nice evening!

    ps. Arnold is lower than I thought he was, smdh

  • Jonez

    Im sure its Aniston. Good luck to her!

  • ernesta

    Renee Zellweger maybe?

  • tinyxtinks

    Newbie here hii :)

    I like a lot of everyone’s guesses here. I was just thinking that maybe it could be Tracy Anderson? Just a guess I don’t know too much about her though.

  • Uh, hell yeah, Anniston’s a beauty – fine me another early 40’s girl who looks like her. She has always been hot – even girls like her.

    This is a New York item so it sounds like a New York person who is going to LA to get “secret” treatments.

  • VinylDestination

    Yeah, I wouldn’t say she’s a famous beauty too. And if she is indeed the person in the blind, I just picture her screaming at her baby to GET OOOOUT when she is in labor.

  • EastSideGirl

    demi more?

  • Dani

    Well…someone’s gotta say it, so I will. Betty White FTW! :-)

  • Quinnie88

    Everybody mentioned isnt a beauty . Fergie looks like a man yes and so does micheals, but everytime a magazine or website takes a photo of Fergie shes refrered to as a beauty.Why i dont know but we might not think so but some people do .

  • Quinnie88

    Jen aniston has a very manly face and bone structure i know im not alone here, and i dont think jen wants kids, i just think she wants everybody to think she does cus its the norm and shes asked way to often. Fergie all the way!!

  • Mipippin

    First time posting. I’d bet money it’s Jessice Biel though

  • t.fanty

    I think they’re implying that she’s famous for being beautiful, which means probably not much else. That likely rules out people with talent. Therefore, I agree with the Kim K guess. She’s not famous for anything really, other than being glamorous. And she could get a LOT of publicity out of a baby.

  • Penguen

    How about Catherine Zeta Jones? Maybe her husband’s recent health scare prompted her into it? And she is older, so that might warrant fertility treatments.

  • knickers

    My heart says Cameron Diaz, but I’m pretty sure I have heard on some TV show that Jillian Michaels had hopped on the baby train.

  • Wow — she really has fallen off of the A-list. Doesn’t this scream Gwyneth? She is famous for her face, she does prattle on and on about her hours of exercise, and at 38 she might have a little trouble conceiving naturally. She doesn’t seem to have a lot of acting work, and I think one can only pretend to be a lifestyle guru for so long before it becomes boring. The Paltrow/Martin marriage has never seemed very solid, maybe another baby would help?

  • nony NeedsALongerName

    Gotta add that I think it must be Jennifer Aniston. She looks pregnant recently and fuller-figured, plus she’s got her new man…I had to look this blind up, and it just fits.