Let’s Crush This Celebrity

BuzzFoto – This Blind today is brought to you by a foreign, non-acting Celebrity who has a strange f*tish. An illegal one. This Celebrity has too much money and must be evil, because they are allegedly figuring out ways to buy and film animal cruelty f*etish films, ones that involve high-heeled women crushing small animals. If the source is right on this, there is already an investigation under way. 544

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  1. istillhavesarcasm says

    Disgustingly cruel. This person better get what’s coming to them.

    I have a hunch it might be someone British…maybe one of the pop stars?

    • katie201 says

      this is an awful story but your comment is too funny…. i think they really just might!

  2. sleepless says

    What’s even more despicable….the fact that there is even a market for this kind of pornography, because that’s exactly what it is to people who are into fetishes.

    This celebrity has too much money AND time on their hands. REVEAL this to the world please! So we don’t unknowingly support such evilness by buying tickets to their shows, their books, their music or whatever.

  3. michaelboston80 says

    Must be someone from Japan, S Kora, or China, that’s where these videos are quite popular.
    Maybe the singer/dancer Rain?

    • Aceticle says

      This is a good guess. I think it’s still legit even if Rain has been in a movie, since he’s primarily known as a singer.

      What an odd thing to have a f3tish about.

  4. dee123 says

    That’s gross on so many levels, just a feeling but maybe some in the Fashion industry?

  5. Ralphie says

    Absolutely vile.

    The way it’s written sounds like an intro to Sesame Street. I’d venture a guess that it’s a celeb who guested on there. People will have my head for guessing this but I’m going with David Beckham. Something has always struck me as “off” about him.

    • mrsjaymack says

      My first thought too. I could totally picture him watching these films while stroking his furry nipples lol.

  6. Danielle says

    This is absolutely horrible and disgusting. I would love to get a huge high heel and crush this stupid celebrity. Please reveal!!

  7. No Kidding says

    Disgusting. My guess Gordon Ramsay, of Hell’s Kitchen. It’s all over the UK news that he ate a live snake heart while in Vietnam – yes, it was still in the snake and still beating when he ate it. Ugh.

    Foreign. Check. Non-acting celebrity. Check. Animal cruelty creepo. Check.

    • t.fanty says

      No, that’s just a chef trying to shock. Antony Bourdain ate a still breathing fish for his show, and that happened in a restaurant in Manhattan. Some cultures view such thing as a delicacy, and chefs just like to show they have a set.

      Plus, in Ramsey’s UK show, he kept a turkey in his garden before having it killed by a butcher for Christmas dinner. He couldn’t stop crying.

  8. Mmmmyeahyouwantme says

    I vote for Jamie Oliver. He was apparently filmed killing baby chicks…just cause.

    • inmichigan says

      Well, he supposedly killed them to show the cruelty of factory farming. I would be shocked if it were him.

  9. Iwonder says

    This is horrible. I hope they have enough evidence to put him away for a very long time.

  10. Outlineboy says

    I’ve heard this story before years ago… I may be wrong but I’m going to suggest this is an urban legend that’s making its way around again. Apologies to BG if it’s legit but I know it’s an old one. Unless of course it’s the old story that’s being referred to.

  11. malkatz says

    I unfortunately saw stills from one of these videos- the victim was an adorable grey kitten. I want to cry thinking about it. (It was an accidental find back when MySpace was relevant.)

    Sorry to waste my first post on a non-guess, I just wanted to confirm these are real, circulating and have a market. I don’t know if everyone gets off to it, sexually, or is simply excited by the sadistic nature, but ugh.

  12. Dont Know For Sure says

    People who like things like this may be a potential danger to humans, IMO.

  13. Mmmmyeahyouwantme says

    @inmichigan – Nothing like putting a dirty deed out there to “show” the cruelty of factory farming. What a crock. There are better ways to educate the public if that was truly his intention. Still not buying it.

  14. dorothea says

    Unfortunately this ia a big thing right now. I belong to the group STOPCRUSH.ORG. This is the most disgusting thing I have ever heard of I believe and anyway who does this, buys the movies or whatever is the devil incarnate. There are some very seriously ill people in the world.

  15. mindless entertainment says

    There are these horrible videos out of china that were going around facebook . I could not watch it . My friend called me in the middle of the night crying and described what she saw . I have no clue as to who this monster is who is funding this sick crap . All I hope is that he gets crushed by a high heeled shoe as the poor kitten did . SICK !

  16. Marissa says

    What about creepy uncle Karl Lagerfeld? It seems like something he would do & call it “high art” or something ridiculous like that.

    • dorothea says

      OMG that does seem so Karl Lagerfield. He looks evil and like he would torture anything and anyone…..he seems so bitchy anyway. lol

  17. PrettyTarheel says

    BG-Can I make a request? Maybe more of a very clear warning when we’re going to get a blind featuring animal deaths? I realize animals were tagged, but I had no idea what to expect when I opened the blind-I was playing with kittens on a farm just last night, and the idea of someone stepping on one ACCIDENTALLY is heart-breaking, but the idea that there is an individual who wants to watch small, fluffy animals murdered for their sick, sadistic perversion is disturbing me in so many ways. Kind of like the blind where some careless bitch locked her dogs in the closet and they died, it just breaks my heart. (Can anyone believe Paris Hilton has a pony? I wish animal control would investigate)

    That being said, I’m going to GSK or Julian Assange. They both seem like the type to enjoy crushing helpless things.

  18. lindseyann says

    I know this is really wrong, but Naomi Campbell was the first person who came to mind.

  19. jinx says

    I just brought home a new puppy on Saturday after suddenly losing our beloved dog last week. I cannot even think about someone doing this to an innocent animal. Sometimes I just hate people

  20. blah says

    I’ve seen a clip of the kitten video and I just can’t understand why somenone would get turned on by something as disgusting as that.
    Also, I wanted to let you all know about a Finnish artist Teemu Mäki, who was convicted of animal cruelty for one of his “art” pieces in which he tortures and kills a cant he got from a local shelter and then masturbates on the carcass. Just wanted to let you know that some people actually do consider stuff like this art :(