Brunette Beauty’s Bad Rep

This TV-star-turned-film-star dumped her husband. Now she is trying to sleep her way to the top. The brunette beauty is getting a bad rep for her one night stands with some of Hollywood’s sexiest men.

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53 comments to Brunette Beauty’s Bad Rep

  • melmac

    Olivia Wilde for sure

  • ImWearingVersace

    Courteney Cox?

  • apple martini

    Yep, co-sign on Olivia Wilde.

  • tracking

    Yes, someone with some ‘Wilde’ oats to sow.

  • Furfle

    I wonder if her rep extends to those who really hold the power in Hollywood. Only actors of a certain status have say in decision making.

  • Lassie

    I don’t understand, for the millionth time, how this works.
    One night stands with Hollywood’s sexiest men might be a hella lot of fun, but how would that get her career to the “top”? The REAL men who could get her good parts are NOT sexy. (and even so, I still don’t know how banging someone insures success in career.)

  • redstilettos

    This does have OW written all over it–she always rubbed me the wrong way for some reason. So sad to throw one’s husband under the bus so a starlet can work the casting couch.

  • dee123

    Olivia Wilde, easy peasy lemon Squeezy.

  • Steel

    Has anyone else ever noticed that Olivia Wilde is always one of the first “stars” on red carpets? Emmys, SAG Awards, any awards show she could possibly be at, she’s there early. I guess it secures her an interview, since there’s usually no one else around.

    • Mumumumu

      How true.

      Always wondered what this horrible actress is doing at award shows. The last award she won was the Vail Film Festival “Rising Star” back in 2008. Sounds more like the kiss of death award.

  • bhar48069

    If it’s Olivia Wilde, she’s screwed her way right back to “House.”

  • melba

    Why do chicks who like to bang always get accused of doing it for the career? I do think this is Olivia Wilde, but I also think that if I had been married since I was 18, happened to be one of the hottest women on the planet, and was ready to get out there and enjoy my fame and my immense beauty, you can bet I’d be lining them up and knocking them down one by one – starting with one Mr. Ryan Gosling!

    • Bambi

      Haha, agreed.

      And at least she dumped her husband and isn’t doing it behind his back…

    • Miss Chernobyl 2011

      I guess I’m the odd woman out on this one. I’ve had way too many friends end up with STDs and unwanted pregnancies so I’m quite paranoid about casual sex. I need to trust and have a relationship with a guy before I sleep with him, and the only way I could MAYBE justify sleeping around is if I were getting a big _ss career boost for it.

    • Cecilia

      I completely agree. If I was her I would be doing the same thing … “The brunette beauty is getting a bad rep for her one night stands with some of Hollywood’s sexiest men”
      OMG so terrible!! xD

  • ecksor

    Any other ideas?

    Olivia Wilde is a natural blonde. Also she doesn’t exactly need to sleep her way to the top, she got her family to lean on for support. All Cockburn-friendly media including HuffPo and Maxim have been propping her up like there is no tomorrow. Her face is beautiful, but her body is not (unless long waist-less chest-less torso and short stumpy legs are considered hot). While severely lacking in the talent department, she’s got good head on her shoulders. I just don’t see it being her, unless she is in it for the sports.

    • melba

      He he. Cockburn.

      Okay, I’ll see myself out.

    • gippercat

      I found her face too beautiful for her to be believable as a doctor on House. Don’t women that stunning generally get “discovered” as models when they’re 14 and maybe get a GED one day, when Paris and Milan are through with them?

  • Orion

    Throwing other guess: Emily Blunt!

  • Poketlynnt

    First post ever…

    How about Eva Longoria?

  • Marissa

    For variety’s sake, I’m guessing Elizabeth Moss. She recently divorced Fred Armisen & keeps getting larger roles in the movies she does while not on Mad Men.

  • Apple

    nice to know the double standard is still alive and well in Hollyweird.

  • pushpins

    Eva Longoria?

  • CrossingTheLine

    Katherine Heigel or Eva Longoria

  • lifestinks

    I’ll say it’s Olivia Wilde also. The clues all seem to be pointing to her.

  • lindseyann

    Olivia Wilde.

  • eharvey101

    First time poster, but it always gets my goat when folks slight a woman for being as sexual free as a man.

    Who gives two f* if it is Olivia Wilde, Oscar Wilde, or Gene Wilder………………if a person wants to sleep with the entire continent of North America it is not for anyone else to judge. That being said, if she is as bad a lay as she is an actress these incidents are ONE-night-stands for a reason.