Send Me Three Supermodels

NewYorkPost – Which artist, after a long recording session, demanded that three supermodels be sent to his bedroom? The sleeping beauties were awakened and dispatched to the hotel with a promise that they would be featured in his next long-form music video.

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32 comments to Send Me Three Supermodels

  • FornitSomeFornus

    Long-form??? Gotta be Kanye.

    • davew

      Kanye West was my instant thought. I wonder if they were wearing glasses…! :)

    • Snarkaluffagus

      I like this guess. Kanye’s insane sense of entitlement is written allllll over it.

      Also…I love your username!

    • jenb


      • ME AGAIN

        But not an example of men’s ego and morals stooping too low???? Anyways,I would of gone with the Kanye guess if I actually believed he truly liked women.

    • rayodeplata

      My one and only guess.

  • sheshe123

    My favorite, Prince!

    • saucykitty

      Prince is a hardcore Jehovah’s Witness. He’s apparently become quite the prude, so I don’t think this is him.

  • Bobolots


  • Ralphie

    Got to be Kanye or Usher. Who even makes videos anymore?

    • Mumumumu

      And I thought Kanye was g.a.y.

      Oh, wait… are there any male supermodels? The blind is not gender specific.

  • saucykitty

    Also, I’ll put the guess of John Mayer out there. Yep, what with guessing him, Brangelina, and Russell Brand for today’s blinds, I’m really rocking the boat. 😉

  • clink

    How about R Kelly? Really have no idea what he’s up to music wise at the moment but long form music video made me think of him. Wasn’t the song trapped in the closet made into a mini-series or something? They don’t mention the ages of the supermodels. lol Either him or Kanye

  • pepperk

    Puff Daddy…. Sean combs

  • stolidog

    John Mayer. I hope those supermodels knew the hot mess that was in store for them.

  • Scorpio13


  • cindyl

    I’m going to say Chris Brown. “Long-form” referring to the famous pic of him in the nude.

  • melba

    This is so incredibly gross. It is so gross it has to be Kanye.

  • ivyleaguer

    Supermodel is over used and misused word. there were very few real supermodels in existence: Linda, Naomi, Christy, Cindy, Claudia, and Kate. Sure you can call Giselle one perhaps, but I doubt whoever this was was calling any of these women to his hotel room.

  • dolceracer


    This was an open item in a gossip blog.

    They also mentioned that he had no use for three female models since he prefers the company of men. Shocker!!!

  • CoCo

    I guess those women deserve what they get!

  • dee123

    Whoops! stupid phone, i mean Kanye.

  • apple martini

    Kanye. Makes you wonder if he actually did anything with them or if he’s just trying to keep up appearances. 😉

  • redstilettos

    ‘Supermodel’ is a term thrown around describing any moderately successful model. It could mean any woman at a big agency. The era of the true supermodel is over. When I think ‘supermodel,’ I think Cindy, Claudia, Linda, Christy, Niki, Tyra, Naomi, Shalom, Amber V, Stephanie S, Kate Moss, Elaine Irwin, Helena, Heidi Klum, etc. Basically no one who has come out in the very late 90s-current day. Supermodels were celebs in their own right and other than Giselle (who I’m so sick of seeing), can really claim that? The Supermodel went south when mags started putting celebs on 90% of their covers rather than a professional model.

    • rayodeplata

      I think now they call someone a “supermodel” based on name/body/brand recognition rather than true talent… for example, when Bar Refaeli was with Leonardo Di Caprio and hit the cover of Sports Illustrated everybody knew her name, but only because of those two facts. Same thing with Victoria’s Secret Angels, everybody recognizes them, but are they really that important in the whole fashion industry?

  • jokerjim65

    I don’t understand this action at all. With all due respect, why do women do these things? I am not preaching from a moral background or anything; I just do not understand how/why a woman would do this. Not at all against sexually open or even promiscuity, but why allow yourself to be so openly used?? Not a judgement, just curious as to why anyone would do this. Hope it is not offending anyone, it is not meant to be.

    • saucykitty

      Some women wouldn’t consider this being used. Publicity and fame may be what they want, and if the guy is good-looking enough, I’m sure they wouldn’t consider se*ytimes with him a bad thing.

      How is having sex with someone being used if both parties are getting something they want out of it? And if the models in question were men, would you think they were being used?