How Comedian Gets His Material

BuzzFoto – We just got word that this C List comedian, actor, and writer goes online and trolls religious websites, political websites and gossip websites and purposely provokes people. He then watches for the best and funniest responses, writes them down, and they become one-liners in the hit show he works for. 531

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38 comments to How Comedian Gets His Material

  • CatGrant

    My first thought was Judah Frielander, but I don’t think he has a writing credit on 30 Rock, does he?

    • CatGrant

      My new first thought! – That guy from Community. Donald Glover.

      • Wetworks

        Donald Glover fits, but he’s more than C list. He’s a solid B in the comedy world.

      • Serena van der Woodsen

        Troy? He doesn’t actually WRITE for Community does he?
        If it’s someone from Community I’d say Chevy Chase – his character makes racist and generally politically incorrect comments all the time!

  • lizzylee

    No idea, but that’s hilarious.

  • plum

    Dane Cook or Danny McBride? i never understood their appeals

    • kelno

      I’m with you on Danny McBride. What is appealing other than the fact he’s friends with Will Ferrell?

  • ceetray

    Daniel Tosh!!

  • Newtsgal

    Really it sounds like someone from Chelsea Lately

  • Rafael

    I was about to say Kathy Griffin until it said he.

  • suedechik79

    its me! lol

    but really, daniel tosh

  • LilGator

    Seth MacFarlane?

  • t.fanty

    Dennis Leary? He stole all Bill Hicks’ material.

  • LavaMama

    Don’t most comedians steal material from each other? Whoever this guy is deserves points for at least not stealing from other comedian’s acts. He’s just stealing from general public. Oh well.

  • ladymarmalade

    I don’t know, but I sort of take this one personally. LOL

    As much as I hate to admit it, because I love the show, I’ve heard jokes on The Soup that were word for word taken from the comments on Dlisted. I’m guessing this is not that uncommon.

    • FamousPeopleDoStupidThings

      My first though was Dane Cook but now I doubt it. If you’re correct, I’m with you on The Soup but I can also see this being on Chelsea Lately.

    • ZigZagZoey

      Well, I read this on Friday, and the next night I was watching Tosh.0 and there was a picture straight from the D Listed Captian This contest, and he used the winning comments! I thought it was so ironic that I had just read this! LOVE D Listed.

  • Scorpio13

    Bill Maher

  • Britt

    Charlie Sheen?

  • Case

    It says he, but I’ll still go with Chelsea or someone on her roundtable. I remember when her show first came on, I’d read the comments on dlisted and the next week someone would say the exact same things on her roundtable.

  • dee123

    Like the Seth McFarlane guess.

  • cocobeannns

    I like the Dane Cook guess… Seems to fit the bill. C list comedian, actor and writer.

  • ugkman702

    Bill Maher?

  • laili6

    Isn’t that plagiarism?

  • Addictedtotext

    I wanna say Tosh, my roommate was telling me about some of the offensive things he says and gets away with. What about D L Hughley? I’ve heard some pretty icky things there too.

  • I’d be more likely to go with someone from Chelsea’s roundtable because it feels like a writing roundtable where a sitcom is rehearsed.

    Just in my experience with friends, we have come up with the same comments and thoughts on certain subjects, so unless a comedian is taking an entire 2-3 minute joke from a comedian (Carlos Mencia *cough*), someone coming up with a few lines similar to something on a website don’t really constitute stealing.

    • cannibeth

      Yes, my very 1st thought was Carlos Mencia. But when reading the other guesses I thought I must be way off. But I know Joe Rogan used to GO OFF about Mencia stealing material.

  • Serena van der Woodsen

    Alec Baldwin? He doesn’t have a writing credit but he’s one of the producers of 30 Rock so he might have a say in it?

  • How is it plagurism? How stupid a comment is that? (Like if someone copied that last statement? Do I have a patent or copyright on that?) Sheesh…it’s like having a conversation with someone. It’s the same thing.