He Screamed at Her to Leave Party

NewYorkPost – Which New York book agent screamed at a literary lioness he loathes to leave a private party in front of a gob-smacked crowd? He then upped the ante and told her to leave New York City.



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13 comments to He Screamed at Her to Leave Party

  • Ralphie

    I’ll go with Mary Higgins Clark for the lionness. She’s been around forever. Has a recent release. In spite of her age can still be quite the diva. Not sure who reps her anymore…

  • smd1004p

    kitty kelly is the lioness for sure…kitty kat…and she is not necessarily well liked at times

  • Hampton

    It certainl is Mehta h’s much to class so it must b a thrid rate agent. Ther hav ben several ladies lncheons to support the NY Pblic Library. Nora phron was hostess and Heronine Le was a kenote speaker.Lulu de Kwiatowski just had a book party with lots of celebs so this must have been a private affair and if this was from page 6 the clues should have been better.

  • dee123

    I hate when my friends do that!

  • ou812

    What the what the is a ‘gob smacked crowd’?!

    • 4six2

      “Gob-Smacked” is a British term for “Jaw-Dropping” or basically means something was shocking to the people witnessing it.

  • jinx

    According to Urbandictionary.com – Gob-smacked crowd means

    Completely dumbfounded, shocked. From the Irish word “gob” meaning “mouth”

    So Hampton typed without proofing or English not their first language – not that big of deal! is it? lol