• 4six2 says

      Oh, or maybe Chelsea Handler. She’s been willing to do some nasty things on videotape…

    • bumbletucky says

      Call me crazy, but I get incredibly turned on by Wendy Williams. I would spend a hot weekend in a hotel with her exploring that voluptuous body.

    • BrightStar says

      After seeing her “dance” on DWTS, I cry “no _____ing way.” As someone who is both a longtime social dancer (of swing, waltz, blues, etc) AND a former go-go dancer in a lesbian club (a friend and I, both straight, got hooked up with that job through a mutual gay friend who was doing it in gay bars; we mistakenly thought women would be more respectful of dancers than men — WRONG — women are JUST as skeezy), I feel like I can say fairly certainly…. NO to Wendy Williams.

      Maybe Mo’nique? Is that how you spell it?

  1. GG brought me here says

    I was also thinking it could be Chelsea Handler, with Sarah Colonna as the other dancer. But I put this guess only because Chelsea mentioned in her talk show a few days ago she’s been friends with Sarah for 12 years.

    I don’t know if this can give you more clues guys, but the photo used for this blind shows a Dutch model Doutzen Kroes posing for the French edition of Numero magazine. And the name for this editorial was “Private Dancer”, just like the name of Tina Turner’s hit. These makes me think it’s either about a black woman or a white woman with European roots.

    First time poster, love this site!

  2. funnygirl23 says

    I don’t think it’s Handler. I honestly think she would’ve told either in one of her books or on her show if she’d been a stripper. I’m going with Wendy Williams.

  3. kellybelly says

    Chelsea would talk about it. It wouldn’t be a secret. Im going with Wendy.
    Second week posting. Im addicted. Please add more solved items!!

  4. c729 says

    All of you Wendy Williams guess people need to rewatch her before she got the boot from DWTS. There is bad dancing and there is horrific, no rhythm, stiff, avert your eyes dancing. I had to change the channel every time she was up.