She’s Already Landed Another Job


BlindGossip – Don’t start shedding any tears for this female actress from an established TV series! She may have lost her old job, but she has already been offered a new job on a prime-time show on the same network. Her role in the new show is not clear, as producers are still debating as to whether she should come in as the ex-wife of an existing character, or as a brand new character with no prior relationship to the rest of the cast. It is certain, though, that the producers of the show see her addition to the show as a real ratings booster (which, frankly, the show could use).

And, yes, all the other cast members have already gotten word of this latest addition. They’re not exactly bubbling over with excitement to have yet another principal added to the cast, but ratings are ratings, and they will do what they have to in order to stay on the air for at least one more season.

Note: Members of the press are required to credit for this exclusive story.


Susan Lucci is going to Desperate Housewives! Source: BG

BlindGossip was the FIRST media source to bring you this scoop, and we are happy to be the FIRST to confirm it for all of our loyal BG readers!

Despite repeated denials by both Susan Lucci and her publicist, BlindGossip can report that Lucci will definitely be joining Desperate Housewives next season. However, rest assured that she will be fulfilling her commitment to tape All My Children through the end of the series. Both All My Children and Desperate Housewives are ABC shows, and the network and Lucci are working together to ensure a smooth transition to the new show. The contract with ABC has been signed, and the official announcement will be made next week.

Congrats to everyone who got this one right, starting with MSP and Sleepless!

Note: Members of the press are required to credit for this exclusive story.

Special note to the producers of Entertainment Tonight: Thank you in advance for properly crediting us with this scoop. Love, BG

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84 comments to She’s Already Landed Another Job

  • msp96302

    Susan Lucci on Desperate Housewives?

  • sleepless

    Susan Lucci and Desperate Housewives?

  • scarymer

    Is Susan Lucci going to Desperate Housewives?

  • obxmoxie

    Susan Lucci to Desperate Housewives!

  • mc0107

    how about susan lucci joining desperate housewives.

  • Yeas

    Someone from AMC or OLTL going to Greys Anatomy

  • Picnick

    Susan Lucci??

  • VinylDestination

    Hmmmm… I am thinking Susan Lucci (sp?) For Desperate Housewives. I think she would be a nice addition. Even though I don’t watch the show.

  • bluenoser

    Susan Lucci (Erica Kane) from All my Children to Desperate Housewives? Seems like a perfect fit and too easy, unless I’m wrong

  • hush

    Just for fun, I’ll guess Susan Lucci

  • habsgirl

    Paget Brewster from Criminal Minds

    • JamesAA

      Paget Brewster has been cast in an NBC pilot, “My life as an Experiment”. Criminal Minds is on CBS.

      Which shows are struggling to get another season?

    • Christyd

      That is my same guess but I don’t know who.

    • cocobeannns

      Desperate Housewives? They recently had their lowest ratings ever. However, not a guess for the actress…

  • hush

    Oh, and on Greys Anatomy

  • MaryQuiteContrary

    Susan Lucci on Desperate Housewives

  • FzFz

    It has to be a big name for the producers to expect it to be a ratings booster. I’m going to say Katherine Heigl to Desperate Housewives.

    • cocobeannns

      I immediately thought of Heighl too. However, it’s well known that the reason she wanted out of her contract so badly was to pursue a film career. I can’t see her going back to television. Not yet anyways…

      • FzFz

        She’s already signed on for that HBO movie, The Knitting Circle. I figure a network tv show is the next step.

      • FzFz

        I don’t know who she could play an ex-wife to though, not many primetime shows have men her age

      • Skater Boy

        Maybe it is the cougar trend. I guess it also depends how they decide to use her if it is Lucci – she could play someone over 50 (or 60 since she is 64) or in her forties, heck late thirties. I think there were jokes about her and Eva Longoria how they could be sisters but Lucci is like 30 years older.

  • MamaCat

    Susan Lucci

  • Noisht

    I don’t think its Paget Brewster; she has a comedy pilot for NBC and if that doesn’t go to seriers Criminal Minds has an option to pick her up on ABC.

    I would guess Susan Lucci from AMC to Desperate Housewives.

  • candycane

    I’m going with Susan Lucci on this one.

  • fallen

    Susan Lucci to Desperate Housewives.

  • Rafael

    Susan Lucci on Desperate Housewives?

  • FzFz

    Susan Lucci to Desperate Housewives

  • Britt

    Susan Lucci for Desperate Housewives.

  • AuntieM

    Susan Lucci. Desperate Housewives.

  • Denise

    My guess is Susan Lucci going to Desperate Housewives.

  • Agammar

    Susan Lucci and Desparate Housewives

  • JamesAA

    By TVBytheNumbers’ renew/cancel index, my guess is Elizabeth Mitchell (V more likely to be cancelled) to Brothers and Sisters (toss up between renewal and cancellation). As of right now, Desperate Housewives is listed as certain to be renewed and it’s way above the network’s average ratings.

    • Addictedtotext

      I like this! But who in B&S would she be an ex to? Tommy’s Ex Julia (replacing Sarah Jane Morris with a switch-er-oo?)

    • ivyleaguer

      V is not an established show. And don’t the ring the deathknell on that show yet, PLEASE!

  • Pinkley

    susan lucci / desperate housewives

    • Pinkley

      rethinking desperate housewives as I believe it’s safe for renewal, and the blind item mentions that the show hopes to stay on the air for another year. The way it’s worded (“a prime-time show”) seems to imply that the actress previously wasn’t on a prime-time show, and since All My Children (an established TV series) was canceled today and will be gone by September, I’m going with Susan Lucci. As far as the prime-time show she could be joining: Brothers & Sisters, a show with a large cast that could use the ratings boost that would come from Sally Field sparring with Erica Kane.

  • Dana5570

    Susan Lucci to Desperte Housewives? She would be too old to be an ex-wife of any of the established male characters though.

  • Marina

    Susan Lucci/Desperate Housewives

  • Miss Dixie

    susan lucci. desperate housewives.

  • gopher

    Susan Lucci and Desperate Housewives????

  • electric33

    Susan Lucci for Desperate Housewives

  • Sleuth

    Susan Lucci? Desperate Housewives.

  • mehallokitty

    Susan Lucci going to Desperate Housewives.

  • Scarlett

    How about Susan Lucci to Desperate Housewives?

  • Ralphie

    I think this is Susan Lucci going to Desperate Housewives.

  • boomboompow

    Susan Lucci

  • clairbear

    Susan Lucci

  • ATXKitty

    What about Susan Lucci? With All My Children being cancelled today and she being so well known, it could be a good match for an ABC drama ratings boost.

  • Lee196

    Susan Lucci and Desperate Housewives.

  • Scorpio13

    Susan Lucci-Brothers and Sisters for something different.

  • dee123

    There is NO male character on Desperate Housewives old enough to play Lucci’s ex. Wasn’t Saul from Brothers & Sisters married to a woman back in the day? That or Elizabeth Mitchell is moving to Wisteria Lane.

  • FamousPeopleDoStupidThings

    Hmmmm… Let’s see here. Could it possibly be… Susan Lucci? Stab in the dark. Lol

    • msp96302

      LOL…no kidding…this is starting to become the “Redmond O’Neal” default guess.

      • Danielle

        hahaha i think it’s because sometimes the comments don’t get put up right away so people think they’re first. I only say this because it happened to me with the redmond o’neal guess and i ended up looking like an idiot

  • tequilafish

    Desperate Housewives is going to Susan Lucci.

  • Angel

    Patricia Arquette, don’t know the show tho….

    • Addictedtotext

      that opens up an interesting question as to what channel since Medium was on NBC but moved to CBS… No idea of a show though…

  • shannonhumphreys

    I don’t care WHAT the show is, I just really really hope the actress is Susan Lucci. I cannot deal with her NOT being on tv.

    • Dont Know For Sure

      Yes, whatever show it is will have a new viewer, namely me cause I love me some Susan Lucci. Another guess to piggy back on the Rebecca Budig by treyc would be on Castle because I know she guess starred on an episode (I didn’t see it so I don’t know what happened with the character or if it’s possible to bring her back on).

  • treyc

    For something different I am going to go with Rebecca Budig from All My Children joining Housewives or Grey’s. Brian Frons has a h— on for her and probably used his influence to cast her on a prime time show.
    Most likely, though, it is Susan Lucci joining DH

  • SayItAintSo

    I agree with Susan Lucci on dh. Maybe they will have her hook up with paul.

  • Tru Tru2

    I thought Desperate Housewives was ending the torture??

    aren’t they done after this??

    geeze, I love Susan Lucci but not enough to let the desperate housewives to drone on. smdh

  • royal eduardo

    I’m going to guess Susan Lucci on Desperate Housewives with the majority

  • Calypso

    Well, I saw that Parenthood on NBC is struggling to secure a third season. I do tend to agree with everyone else, though….Susan Lucci to Desperate Housewives. It’s a perfect fit :)

  • Skater Boy

    How do they find out this gossip is what I would like to know. I do not think it would be a star from V. The person who looked at the choice of words pointed out some interesting facts. It did make it sound like the actress was moving to prime time tv and All My Children is an established series. But the thing is the gossip said the actress was supposed to bring in ratings. Also, AMC is on ABC as is Desperate Housewives and Brothers and Sisters both formerly strong ABC shows that could do with a little life. Good point about how old Lucci is but maybe she was a Cougar when she hooked up with someone on DH or it could be a new role or something. Likewise for Brothers and Sisters. Somehow I think DH rather than B & S. No one has that bite since Nicolette Sheridan left. Lucci or Erica Kane (people seem to like or want Erica Kane) would add some zip. But Brian Frons ABC honcho loves Rebecca Budig. Also, if Lucci is going to prime time – how did they do it so fast. AMC just got cancelled. And is Lucci a big enough name to bring in ratings. She has not done a prime time move in about 15 years folks. Even then it was Lifetime tv I think. Granted ALL of her tv movies have done well with most in the top ten and a couple in the top twenty. Age (though she looks great) and star power is the big issue.

  • kelly g

    CONGRATULATIONS BG!!!! That’s your third big scoop this year!!!

  • Yuolala

    OMG! Congrats Bg! BG is moving on up!

  • La Llorona

    *Hi Fives BG* Way to go!

  • noms

    I don’t know if ET will get it right, but I told my hubby I heard it here first!

  • ILoveDlisted

    Congrats BG!!!

  • Skater Boy

    Huh? I don’t understand? This is so confusing??? How in the heck? This is like deja vu. Lucci has been telling the world (and she has been everywhere)that she has not signed on with DH although she has been coy as she didn’t say it was a possibility. Then on another report a so called insider said Lucci wasn’t even considered for a role. This was after it was pointed out that AMC would still be filming while DH started filming. I thought that wasn’t a big problem because well wouldn’t it take a while to write her in unless she was like a maid or something in the back ground. EVeryone has been denying it. Some saying she is too old. Some saying the other actresses would not be thrilled. Really though how much competition is Susan Lucci to the ladies of wisteria lane. She is at least 20 to 30 years older them. I think she is “fatter” than Teri Hatcher but fair enough she may give her a run for skinniness. And more importantly, how did BG do it? How did they find this out when everyone else other than that Tony nominated lady said Lucci wasn’t going to DH? And didn’t anyone see Entertainment Tonight preview for Monday May 9. Lucci already gave an interview to them. It would be “shocking” to think ET already knows and that we will be “shocked” on Monday that Lucci instead of keeping up the front she is not going to Wisteria Lane and not even a hint of discussions is suddenly on DH. It appeared from the preview the interview was already filmed.

    On the other hand, I am thrilled for soap fans, DH fans and the world of fairness and justice if such a classy, talented, loyal person gets a job in spite many believe she is too old. Let’s hope BG is right. I would love to see the faces on those housewives on Wisteria Lane when whatever character Lucci shows up. (Does anyone know is Lucci “fatter” or bigger than Longoria? it would be hilarious if Longoria’s character felt she had competition from an older petite lady)

  • ivyleaguer

    how could Susan Lucci raise the ratings for any show if she coudln’t do that to her own cancelled show? The young demographics advertisers crave don’t know who she is.

  • Skater Boy

    Is anyone reviewing my comments???? Does anyone have confirmaton Lucci got a job on DH? Because on May 9 MNBC said no she won’t be going to Desperate Housewives.

  • Tia C

    I love Susan Lucci, but bless her heart, she really can’t play anything other than Erica Kane. I guess that works for Desperate Housewives though. Can’t believe that show is even still ON. Who watches that crap? The first season was fun, but it veered off into Sucktown after that. And that was a LONNNNNG time ago!

  • ivyleaguer

    well the season is almost half done and she hasn’t shown up.