She’s Already Landed Another Job


BlindGossip – Don’t start shedding any tears for this female actress from an established TV series! She may have lost her old job, but she has already been offered a new job on a prime-time show on the same network. Her role in the new show is not clear, as producers are still debating as to whether she should come in as the ex-wife of an existing character, or as a brand new character with no prior relationship to the rest of the cast. It is certain, though, that the producers of the show see her addition to the show as a real ratings booster (which, frankly, the show could use).

And, yes, all the other cast members have already gotten word of this latest addition. They’re not exactly bubbling over with excitement to have yet another principal added to the cast, but ratings are ratings, and they will do what they have to in order to stay on the air for at least one more season.

Note: Members of the press are required to credit for this exclusive story.


Susan Lucci is going to Desperate Housewives! Source: BG

BlindGossip was the FIRST media source to bring you this scoop, and we are happy to be the FIRST to confirm it for all of our loyal BG readers!

Despite repeated denials by both Susan Lucci and her publicist, BlindGossip can report that Lucci will definitely be joining Desperate Housewives next season. However, rest assured that she will be fulfilling her commitment to tape All My Children through the end of the series. Both All My Children and Desperate Housewives are ABC shows, and the network and Lucci are working together to ensure a smooth transition to the new show. The contract with ABC has been signed, and the official announcement will be made next week.

Congrats to everyone who got this one right, starting with MSP and Sleepless!

Note: Members of the press are required to credit for this exclusive story.

Special note to the producers of Entertainment Tonight: Thank you in advance for properly crediting us with this scoop. Love, BG

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